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  1. Here is a little video I shot last night of the display I created in Moscow. I had no idea what the display was going to look like and just shipped a bunch of lights and gear over there. I arrived on the 11th and lights where stuck in customs until the 19th. Working with a bunch of other artists over here and people this is what we created. Heading home tomorrow.
  2. Yes. I use the professionally-developed and -installed radios in my guests' cars that they tune to my FM broadcast. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  3. You would add 450 channels to each of the first 4 universes. Sounds like you are on track.
  4. Yes, you are missing an opportunity to see you display perform as close as real as I think you can with out actually putting up the lights. I have used the Visualizer from day one, yes it takes some effort to get it working, but the time is well worth it. Most of the common props have already been done and all you have to do is bring them in resize, place where you want them, assign your channels and go. I no this sounds simple (there is a little more to it than this) but I think you will like the results. One thing that can make it easier, take a picture of your house in the day time with your current props, import it and use that as a guide. This works if you don't do major changes to you display. Earle
  5. I have to admit I thought you were slightly crazy when this came out. I had seen random mouse movement stuff before, but not as bad as you described. Now with this new BIOS thing, I can fully attest that you are not crazy. At a minimum we are both equally nuts.
  6. There are 5volt controllers in the same pre-sale. http://www.diyledexp...products_id=186
  7. when running DMX... think of it like a "video".. all your channels are ALWAYS sent data ALL the time.. even if that channel is OFF it is still told to be off.. so in DMX the network effectiveness is measured in a "frame rate" or how many times per second was the DMX data sent to ALL channels.. the reason a DMX "universe" is only 512 channels is that DMX originally ONLY ran on RS485 and 512 channels was the MAX you could run and achieve a decent refresh rate... in DMX shimmer and twinkle are handled on the host computer.. technically ANY software CAN do shimmer and twinkle.. you could even build the effects in your LOR sequence grid esp if you are sequencing down to .1 or .05 seconds... watch what happens if you take a sequence and set intensity to 100 for every other box in the grid (set at .1 or .05) and play it.. you will see a nice shimmer type effect... think of DMX where its nothing more than setting intensities... and it sends that intensity level for ALL lights ALL the time.. the LOR protocol sends only the changes.. shimmer and twinkle are effects that are built into the controllers and the LOR protocol recognizes them as such.. thus why in LOR mode why you can unplug the control cable and your shimmer still works..... LOR protocol is also open to overloading very easily when sequencing very tight shows (grids to .05 seconds) with LOTS of changes each timeline.. and / or using large numbers RGB channels.... each change in your grid constitutes a command sent by LOR to the network... DMX is immune to this as it is limited to only 512 channels and simple intensity commands... E1.31 over ethernet allows DMX to handle MANY more channels as we have 100 MEG to work with in bandwidth instead of 56k (typical DMX baud rate )... I created several different shimmer and twinke type effects in MADRIX and they work beautiful over DMX. -Christopher
  8. Here it is! I must say thanks Surfing4Dough for the request, you should have seen the neighbors faces when they seen me hanging the Christmas lights outside... they thought I went nuts! Plus it was real eye opener to see these in action and decorating and seeing the house (even this much) inspired me even more for this season! Enjoy, hopefully it will help some of you here.
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