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  1. I don't lose sleep over it but when I wake up I usually find myself scanning the yard to make sure all the containers are still there that contain my CCR controllers.
  2. Hi I am <Insert Important Sounding name here> I have come into a large some of money I want to give to you! Please send me your Name number address pin number(s) bank info....
  3. I put a few more videos on line for those of you into that type of thing. https://vimeo.com/user14951570/videos
  4. Do one of each, same number of channels and lights just two different trees, like George said. I did 2 trees this year, a mega and a spiral and see no reason to combine them.
  5. All my stuff is still standing. I built it all myself (about 50 bucks) lol. We had 45mph sustained with gusts over 60 here north of dallas. My 25ft tall tree is still up, along with my 11ft RGB tree. The 8ft star on the roof is still up too! I wasnt sure if they could handle that sustained wind..... but they did!
  6. I am not saying there is not a problem, but I running over 80 sequences. Channel count is 4,500 channels. My largest sequence is 160 meg, I have quite a few over 100 meg. My show has been running flawlessly. When I read about the memory leak and the update that came out, I didn't even upgrade, didn't want to take a chance on creating a problem that wasn't there.
  7. Sure, in theory you could add more memory and probably reduce the amount of crashes. But that's *not the point*. I shouldn't have to. That's like having a hole in my pool and you telling me to just keep adding more water.
  8. Steven

    DIY Controller

    Low power heat sinks don't have the holes necessary for mounting to the standard plastic cases. I realize you are probably not mounting them in a standard way.
  9. Keep posting your email address in forums and you'll be surprised just how many people will want to share all sorts of things with you.
  10. Personally, I tend to be very quiet about how many miles of extension cord are used. I have no interest in someone seeing $ for copper theft.
  11. How do you like your toilet paper? That would be your answer.
  12. This is my 3rd year for a Halloween Show and I'm up to 64 channels, lots of LED lights, but this year no CCR's or RGB's.... working on Christmas stuff http://youtu.be/1401F9Do3Hw
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