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  1. Ok, so last night before I got home I had a LUN on our SAN run out of space and it was a big one for production...its space ona server where client data is stored..anyway so I get home at like 630, stressed to no end.. have 30min to set up everything for the evening show..and a knock at the door...my wife answers it and I hear "blah blah blah...from FOX 13 News.." so I bolt to the door like wtf.... so there's this entire news crew outside...they ask if its ok if they shoot the house...and interview me, my wife and after finding out through conversation that my daughters bday is on halloween they wanted to interview her as well...she will be 9 btw. So everyones outside...all the neighborhood kids, about 30 or so...parents partying in the drive way next door...about 30 or so cars out front, 30-40 people just standing across the street...and the show goes off without a hitch, the kids are laughing, dancing everyones loving everything. I am getting prased to no end...they interview me quick, just asked how long, and how many lights, types an stuff, asked the wife what she thought... now here is where it happened... they wanted to interview my daughter alone...they ask her what she thought of this esp being that her bday is on halloween... She said "This means so much to me, My daddy worked so hard for me this year and it made me so proud, I love him so much for this and guess what, everyone in my school know which house is mine, and thats pretty cool uh?" I about melted and became a complete mush!!! Now mind you, im 5'10 240lbs and I almost lost it right there...just melted my heart..and thats where it happened and reminded me...[Foul Language Used] everyone else and the bullshit that they feel they have to pull...cause in the end...WHO THE [Foul Language Used] REALLY CARES!!! its about the kids...its about the memories we create for them...so if someone uses someone else [Foul Language Used] and doesnt feel the need to give them props..why should I care...I just wont share my [Foul Language Used] if I feel strongly about it... ANyway thought i would share that... and I am done posting on these forms. can't speak your mind without getting your hand slapped for speaking your mind on stuff so just wont speak at all. I will still be around and will talk to all through PM/conver...but no more public forms on this site for this guy..ciao
  2. Storage and easy setup are my two top things. Mini fit this very well. Now I need a mega tree that does not take 6 hours to setup.
  3. The issue is, Background effects should treat RGB channels as a whole, and not as three individual, underlying channels. If there is something in ANY of the three channels, it should not apply the effect there. That is, if the color is black, apply the effect, if it's anything else, skip it. This is how most of us would like it to work.
  4. scubado


    Did you read the above posts? That seems like a lot of waste, 1000' for 16 channels?!
  5. Don't mean to shock you Orv, but not everyone uses those devices. For those of us who don't use any/all of those, there's no purpose to spending more for the super USB485. If someone wants/needs a splitter in future years, LOR sells a repeater that does the job excellently.
  6. you need an adapter from lor,that one will not work http://store.lightorama.com/uscoad.html is what you need
  7. I made little sequince of a man banging and scratching trapped in coffin you will need to give your email for mp3 and sequence to big to post it custom made by deadman free to all will send
  8. This I had to share. So Sunday night was the busiest for my house so far, had about 30 or 40 people standing outside and about 10-15 cars lined up, about 15-20 kids in my front yard playing and dancing....that part was a bit stressful kept yelling at them to watch the wires anyway as it was winding down at about 845 or so, an old man comes walking up to the house and it’s me the wife and kids, a few neighbors an what have you, anyway he comes over and stand there silent next to us for a min....my wife greets him and he says, and I will quote this "oh...hi...not sure what's going on here but I have to say you confused me...for the past hour I did nothing but see all these flashing lights and hear all this commotion that I thought someone was getting killed...so I waited till it got quite but the lights kept flashing so I wanted to see what was going on...good job I guess, have a good night" and he turned and walked home... we all sat there for about a good 5 min in silence...an all started laughing... sorry, I thought it was funny and wanted to share that one! You can't make shizit like that up!
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