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    Droid E1.31 Testing App

    I can't understand why this hasn't taken off like a rocket.
  2. Will it hurt if you drop the enclosure on your foot? sometimes I love this at the end of the specs.
  3. Love Max Pauls responses to these types of posts!! Love it even more when someone is offended by the simple fact he is asking posters to think about what they post before posting and ask themselves... does this make me sound like an idiot or a newb? There is a thin line of difference here, but its there...
  4. Also depends if you went over budget yet! If not, get some shopping done and get those bushes covered in lights
  5. Hey kenton try to ignore the people that rip newbies a new one. I agree it does suck when people are new and instead of searching the forums for an answer first they just post, but i don't get all worked up over it (not saying u did this). We were all new at one point and all needed questions answered. The people who are afraid to make mistakes and ask questions excel at a much slower pace and end up suffering from it in the long run. If people are too busy this time of year to answer questions then why are they on the internet killing time! This is just the way i see it...people need to chill out and be nicer to one another....maybe i see it this way because im fresh and only 25 and not old/hardened/rotten/wrinkly/shriveled/grumpy or what some would call wise.....ha!
  6. This is our first video. It was way to windy to hover the UFO last night.
  7. I just did some playing around to get some specific colors on some dumb 5050 strips. Likely will not match the CCR exactly, but might give you something to start with. I ended up taking a laptop out to the front yard and remotely controlling the show computer and brought up the hardware utility so I could play with levels. This is what I ended up with for a deep purple R=100 / G=0 / B=50 Halloween orange came out as: R=100 / G=10 / B=0
  8. Agree with adding each year. Every year we have added and now are putting in a spiral mega tree for 2012. Addiction is the key to success!
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