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  1. We have had a sleigh and several reindeer made from plywood for several years now, bought them at a garage sale so no idea how old they really are. The sleigh hasn't weathered very well so I needed to make a new one. I also wanted to make it easy to take apart and put together so we can store it indoors. The old one was all screwed together. We started with a sheet of exterior grade plywood and one of the old sleigh sides as a pattern. Which became a couple of these: And then this: I think the inspector approves First coat of primer on everything, a couple coats of white paint to come:
  2. I don't know, you gonna be able to travel that far? 😀
  3. Orville


    Completely agree with the dielectric grease. After I started using it, along with child proof outlet covers on open female ends and pass thru plugs, my GFCI trips went away. But if a cord gets worn, or nicked where it can make contact with the other wire in some manner, it could cause issues, even if the nicks are only slight, but if both sides are nicked, even if they don't touch, water is a conductor, and that will trip the GFCI. Then FLEX SEAL products can be your best friend too, as they are water proof and form a nice watertight seal when dry. ' It really is great for saving a long extension cord that's seen lots of use and frayed, just cut or strip off the outer jacket that's frayed or split, cover with the Flex Seal, works great and the cord will be good for use again. Flex Seal makes a hard, but flexible plastic water-proof and water-tight seal, so it's great for use on cords with nicks or cuts. Just make sure the inner wiring of the extension cord isn't broken or nicked, if so, {solder the broken wire{s} back together, same color to same color},separate and cover each of the nicked wires, one at a time with Flex Seal, let dry, then cover all with Flex Seal, makes a nice water tight and water proof jacket.
  4. All delivery carriers are aware that all deliveries go to the garage entry door. They walk by it every time they deliver to the front door. I think decorations to them are like candy to a baby. All summer long no problem but as soon as the props go up they lose their minds and start delivering to the front door, which just as you mentioned never gets answered or used. Ive got some horror videos as to why deliveries must go to the closer door as well as do their employers. I guess they think cameras are just part of a prop or something and all of the signs are printed in a foreign language. JR
  5. she had me at the horse pooooh aroma, she would never be able to sneak up on me.
  6. First thing I've won in years & years.... Hopefully just started a streak...
  7. After 12 months I may finally get my life back. Finally getting my 4th and hopefully final surgery on September 27th. Get a brand new shiny hip and for the first time in 12 months I will no longer be in pain
  8. Control the kids going into a show.... :)
  9. Ai: i know what you mean. Approx 5 years ago while i was setting up my display an older Gentlemen pulled up in a mini van to tell me about my display, between puffs of oxygen from his tank he let me know my Display gave him 1 more reason to live another year, I have not seen the Man again but i will always remember 1 more year even though setting up takes time and a lot of PAIN. So don't think what we do does not matter it does to Somebody. Because it gave them 1 more Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. 4 WEEKS !!!! 4 weeks (from yesterday) is the Central Oklahoma Mini. If you are interested in attending, please PM me and I'll add you to the invite list. We are getting a head count for charis/tables and food. So please contact me if interested. Thank you, Tom
  11. I go thru a lot of ties. Mounting my LED strobes took over 2000! There was one for each bulb plus some extras on each of the 40 strands https://vimeo.com/280309439 I will be sticking with the old fashioned ties.
  12. May be a good idea for some but not for me. Something else to carry around. Something else to misplace/lose. Different tension for different application throughout my display Cheaper with not buying it. Slows down progress (gotta handle the tool and material). and lastly, manually working zipties by hand has worked fast and flawless for decades.
  13. Here you go Bob. Added the brown Clock wire.
  14. Something like this should work. Obviously you can make each string whatever length that you want. Because the power and ground does not have to travel down and back up each hanging piece, the resistance is far less of an issue. Make sense?
  15. Here are a few of my 2018 videos. More of my videos can be seen here: http://www.buscochristmas.com/Videos.html I would also like to thank the forum members that have shared sequences. Wayne
  16. I'm going to start talking about items I plan to add to my display in 2020. Hopefully others will follow suit so we can share/discuss ideas and how they'll work. I'll kick it off. My basic plans are to make the jump to smart pixels and move some objects in so that I expand down the side of my house and onto the side of the garage that is offset to the back but faces the front yard. Outline the front and side of house in smart pixels Outline the garage in smart pixels Cut down two trees that have started growing over house clearing space in the front yard Add four singing bulb faces from smart nodes, two on each side of the house Move my "Merry Christmas" dumb RGB prop over to the top of the garage peak Put some P5 panels in that place with some smart pixels on each side (the P5 won't be as big as the Merry Christmas prop) Move my green string tree and star onto the garage roof under Merry Christmas (since I'm cutting down the tree I used to hang it on) Move my spinners onto the sides of the garage and in the middle of them put a large candle prop my grandmother left me when she passed away this year at 102 years old (the prop isn't that old) Move my blow molds, dumb RGB trees in front of the garage to add more depth to that area Move my arches closer to the house and add a 16-string smart pixel tree on each side of the arches Sequence lights until my eyes fall out That is all (for now) that I've dreamt up. I'm at the "figure out how to drive P5 panels and start measuring the house" stage so that I can calculate out how much I'm spending and how to hide it from my wife.
  17. Well Kids here it is , finally a dry night ,New years Eve, we were able to do a video of the display. Our dear friend Dillon came with his amazing digital camera and made several videos, this one is my fave, He was able to put the audio track in it worked great . I spent a lot of time with the song trying to get it just right . The video turned out great except for the two cars and a over weight raccoon ,who wasn't invited, dugh ! I have one more to upload to vimeo which I will do and then post here also. Enjoy and I hope everyone had a great Holiday display season. Thanks for watching! This is my third year ,64 channels. Controllers were kits. Vimeo.com/382510454 David
  18. 3 videos on my Dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/krmgnb4sglfqsc0/AADo4n5LYcCh4-ELfnT4Qoq9a?dl=0 First video clip just shows the back roof, being a corner house I wanted to have lights shown from different sides. The second video is side view just shows my hedge and wall lights (are not controlled). Can’t forget my Ho’s. Last video is front view of the house during a sequence for a minute. My street is at a T intersection so I have 3 tune to signs to cover any direction of traffic coming to see the display. 32 ac channels. Pixie 4 for arches. 26 inflatables. Fm transmitter inside and a soundbar mounted outside.
  19. I think tiers would be great. Also would like to see more behind the scenes. This show actually got me started into this money pit hobby when I saw Blue blue Christmas on light fight. As for America’s got talent, it should be named world’s got talent cause 90 percent of the show isn’t America. Don’t get me started on this one.
  20. First, there is zero reason why you should have two 1602Wg3MP3's connected together. (Note for technical folks, I'm not talking about the N4-G4-MP3) Seriously ... don't try this. It's only complicating things for you. Quit trying to over complicate things. That having been said, the following configurations should work. LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3-MP3 LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3 LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3 <-> LOR1602Wg3-MP3 This configuration should NOT work. LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3-MP3 <-> LOR1602Wg3 Thus when connecting MORE than two together the second (third, fourth, etc.) controller must be a LOR1602Wg3. The LOR1602Wg3-MP3 should be located at the physical end of the line. (Technical folks: If running dual networks on a LOR1602Wg3-MP3, then this would have to be the start and end point of each network. If course, if you lose the main controller in a dual network config, you'd have to move things around.) If you just want to make sure the controllers work, then only connect two of them together. If you want to have some sort of 'hot spare' in place ready to go with little reconfiguration, make sure the LOR1602Wg3-MP3's are bookends of the physical connections.
  21. WHEW, Sunday morning 7:15 am was on the roof ,got all three of the mounts up and cross member done and hung the 5 led snow flakes, each has two colors of led rope ,blue and white. Took a tumble after getting off the 12 foot ladder and banged my left knee, the leg I just got out of the hospital for. Yeah its black and blue and sore,I am on heart meds so one little bump and i look like I have been is a brawl. The front of the house is mostly done ,Just have the big hedge to trim and then add 20 sets of nets , and put up a 7 foot wire tree that is wired with blue leds. THis year I have 32 more channels now 64 and That used up a 500 foot reel of spt1 added to what was left over from last year. Sunday night test every thing worked but one snow flake on the roof wouldnt light the white rope, went nuts OMG something wrong with the controller ,panic, I knw the snowflake worked. Monday 7:05 am up to the roof with a ac cord to test , it worked , with my toner and meter found the vampire plug at the controller was defective changed and back in business. The FM transmitted is up ,speakers hidden in the bushes played a cd while working in the front yard, neighbore were putting up their lights and they said turn it up , we rocked out all day. Did test last night and noticd the blue nets kind blink a little during fade HMMMMM what could that be , I have three controlles pluged into a strip and in one outlet ,may try seperating them ,keep ya posted. Looks like we will be ready forThanksgiving night. Better get that hedge trimed, Good luck yall be safe out there . It's 67 degrees here in fort lauderdale, had to put on long sleeve shirt and pants golly !!!!! David
  22. The weather finally rose above freezing today, so I only had to tromp through about 7" of mushy snow. So, I started really getting items up on the house today. The only house props left are the two giant candy cane clocks on each side, so straightening and then the wiring. Next weekend is supposed to be even nicer, so hopefully all gets done by then. I didn't put up the canes because we are supposed to get quite the rain soaker on Thursday evening. I'll get the yard props up during the week before the rain, hopefully. Here's where I am at so far.
  23. Well due to some prodding from the wife, neighbors and friends, I am putting up a 2019 Christmas Display. So far I have my Blow Molds mounted and some connected to the 1st CTB16PC Controller, have to get my Blow Mold candles connected to the 2nd Controller as well as power run to it. Also hoping to get some Pixel Bullets up on the front corners of my house. Not doing a roof line this year, since my roof line CCB's have had far too many failures in their bulbs, some missing one color, some missing2 or more colors, so they just aren't usable and repairing them is out of the question, so those 2 RGB Controllers will be used for Back Up Controllers if needed. Was hoping to try and finish up today {Thursday 11/14/2019}, but the weather casters BLEW IT AGAIN, stated it would be raining starting at 5pm, well got up at 6am this morning to go out and start checking on what I needed to do, and at 6:30AM it started raining. It's a mild chill in the air here in Florida, but very comfortable to be working outdoors, just not today! And of course I just had to make ONE DUMB mistake this year during set-up, fortunately I caught that before it started raining and no wet dew this morning, so than God I found my BLUNDER before a Controller would have gotten soaked out internally. Yes, my DUMB mistake and hope it's the only one for this year, was I ran the Cat5 cable from the front CTB16PC Controller to the CTB16PC Controller in the back, well I forgot and left the back CTB16PC Controller lid wide open ALL NIGHT, found it first thing when I went out this morning and corrected it after checking for critters inside and any wetness, thankfully it was BONE DRY and it was too chilly for any reptiles {Lizards} to be active, so the Controller was dry and clear, fortunately it was also UNPOWERED, so that could have been a disaster if rain would have come sooner and the unit had power to it. But I haven't ran power to it as yet. So I won't get anything done outside today at all, since it's supposed to rain all night and into Friday morning. I have chuch on Friday morning and evening, so won't get a thing done outside until Saturday. So today, since it's raining EARLIER than expected, I'll spend updating my sequences to the new 2019 set-up and maybe add in a few additional songs once the otehrs have been updated. So, just wanted you folks to know, I am putting up a Christmas Display for 2019. {Our lawn folks won't be doing anything for the next 3-4 months, so I don't have to worry about them for awhile!} So the 2019 Christmas Show is ON!
  24. That is exactly what I had to do years ago. My old 16 channel boxes simply could not live on the same network as Pixels. One thing to note: The USB-RS485B is certainly capable of 500K speeds. I have about 5 networks in my display - some enhanced (pixels) and some not (16 chan controllers) - and each uses the little black cube.
  25. ...and weight. Those regular AC 25, 50 or 100 foot extension cords get heavy REALLY fast. And expensive. I put all my boxes near the props but I leave the computer, amp and FM transmitter in the garage. I created a snake with the four long AC extension cords, 2 data cables and the speaker wire from inside the garage. The 1 Pixie II plugs in to an existing outside outlet. At least it's only one heavy snake to pick up. All the others are shorter SPT1 cords with vampire plugs from the box to the lights. MUCH lighter and easier to pack. This year, I had four new outlets installed outside, so I need to make a couple of mods to the snake. The extension cords will all be outside but the data and speaker cable will still come from the garage.
  26. Mine was in Washington DC taking my oldest son to see the place where nothing gets done. The whole time around the beltway it kept telling us to get into the local lanes and then back onto the beltway, then back onto the local lane, then back onto the beltway. Lucky I had a triptik as well and just shut the dumb thing off.
  27. Standalone you can load a automation sequence directly into the flood and it will play the sequence when plugged in. There is no need for a computer or director to run the sequence.
  28. UPDATE: I ordered a High Speed USB Adapter (http://store.lightorama.com/usbrs485hs.html) and put my RGB devices on an auxiliary network with it (I left my 16 channel non CC boxes on my old "slow" network). Everything is working as expected now. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  29. Yes late, last year it was on Nov 22 so you had an entire week before Dec. So yes it is later in the month this year.
  30. If this is the drive where your entire LOR data folders are located, you can run Lorpost.exe and point it to the new drive letter. Lorpost is in the c:\programs x86\ lor folder This assumes you are using S4, as your profile states.
  31. Unless it is in writing in your rental contact that they are not responsible for damage, document the damage and sue them in small claims court. If you take that step, keep documentation in case they try to retaliate against you.
  32. I just bought 10 light led strands from Val at Christmas-LED.com to repair a wireframe She sells a lot of various lengths along with the colored clip caps.
  33. As I said, you are welcome to call me. I will PM my phone number to you.
  34. All I will say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Initially I upgraded with .24 but had issues so reverted. The only upgrade I do now is the SS ssedit. i haven’t had any problems with .18 even with everyone I have helped. I still like the old K.I.S.S. approach. But will keep that in mind if I ever run into trouble. Thanks again. JR
  35. Bug Report 5.3.0 Beta PM 01 Chase across Group boundaries. Win 10 Pro 1803 I think this classifies as a bug, and I think it used to work in 5.2 but I can’t be sure. When chasing a single RGB color, eg green, the chase becomes white when the chase crosses from one group to the next. This seems repeatable for different groups. Screenshot 1 shows prechase. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nx6ki4g83a2no3b/sc 01.jpg?dl=0 Screenshot 2 shows post chase. https://www.dropbox.com/s/h05so9lm6xy102x/sc 02.jpg?dl=0 Chase happens properly across the first group of expanded pixels but turns white on entering the subsequent groups. Furthermore, if an RGB pixel is expanded into its component colors, the chase propagates through all three colors, but only in the expanded pixel, Screenshot 3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmqptj8h2yca00e/sc 03.jpg?dl=0
  36. I bought mine after I got out of the Navy in 73. The sponges keep wearing out and I don't know where the metal tip tray (insert) went (way too many moves over the years). So Yes. That makes me old as well 😛
  37. 👍 There are bad folk that take advantages of typos of commonly visited sites to purvey p0ron and other nasties. Bookmark sights you visit frequently. STAY SAFER, Typos on our part do happen.. SOME OF THE BAD SITES LOOK VERY CLOSE TO THE REAL ONE, EXCEPT THEY JUST GOT YOUR LOGON AND PASSWORD. That is why some banks have gone to a 2 step logon.
  38. OK I am really struggling I went through all the steps 5 times now? It still isn't working. I have the new S5. I can test the lights with my E682 with out fail, but not when playing a sequence in SE. I have the endable DMX editing on and have tried multicast and unicast both to try and get them to communicate. I have tried to 1) run cat5 straight out of desktop to E682, 2) running router to network switch, switch to E682, & comp to switch. I know it is going to be something silly but any help is appreciated.
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