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  1. There's always room for jell-o, I mean more props. Start stacking vertically. 😂 Show me a picture of your yard filled. I'll show you another spot for 16 more channels.
  2. Really fast flashy flashy? Like lightning effects. Or to blind everyone standing in the yard, then they can walk around doing the robot.
  3. I'm not sure on the max circuit, so will be interested in that answer. However, the groups allow you to treat the group as a single entity when applying effects or just moving them around the preview. From the help file: Groups Props can be grouped together. You might do this so that the props appear together in the sequence grid. You might also create a group so that you can apply an effect to the group instead of individual props. This enables things like sweeping a color across your entire display.
  4. I'm pretty sure WE are all the biggest kids in this hobby.
  5. We have had a sleigh and several reindeer made from plywood for several years now, bought them at a garage sale so no idea how old they really are. The sleigh hasn't weathered very well so I needed to make a new one. I also wanted to make it easy to take apart and put together so we can store it indoors. The old one was all screwed together. We started with a sheet of exterior grade plywood and one of the old sleigh sides as a pattern. Which became a couple of these: And then this: I think the inspector approves First coat of primer on everything, a couple coats of white paint to come:
  6. Added singing trees to the display this year. Found out I’m just plain awful at sequencing faces! Jumped on the forums for some tips and found these guys. JR sent me a couple of face sequences and WOW...amazing! Knowing there is a community like this with the quality and generosity of JR and James makes me love this hobby even more than I already did! Thanks guys!
  7. It's fixed, sort of as of 5.3.0. You have to turn it on in preferences. You can set colors, but the effect type is only set by one row. It works but is a bit half baked.
  8. That'd be a lot of Tupperware in the yard. My wife would be pissed lol
  9. Sure you can, you can use any three wire plug you wish. just make sure you get the Pos, Neg and data wires correct. Tip: pick one vendor for plugs and always stay with them as there is no standard and most of them are not compatible.
  10. Create a list of sequences in Show Player and save the show file. Play the show file as a show on demand, or schedule it in Schedule Editor.
  11. Yes, the original cables, they are part of my landscape lighting so they have been outside for three or four years now. They split up where they enter the flood probably because of the bend in the cables. I took them apart this morning and cut about six inches off (bad part) and put them all back together. Everything is working again and they are back in the system now.
  12. I'm still pretty new to this LOR stuff. Sometimes, I find it better to just sit back and learn from you and Orville, et. al., and listen. This will be my third year and I've added a few things every year, although I don't know how much more I can add, given my yard and storage limitations. Also, the roof peaks on my house are too high and I'm getting too old to get up on a ladder anymore. Having said that, I try to pop in during the "off season," to keep up with trends and pick up tips along the way. So far, I've only been doing LOR for Christmas, but after picking up a few ideas here I have a some ideas for Halloween next year. JR, you have been instrumental in these forums and are far more generous with your time, expertise and patience (thanks for helping ME!) than just about anyone in any forum I've spent time on. They say it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at something. My guess is you've got at least 5 or 10 times that much. I have a LOOOONG way to go. I know you don't do S5 and I'm making the transition and have been trying to help others when I can. So maybe I'll catch up to you someday in that regard. Thanks for your help and service!
  13. Has anyone done the Theme from Doctor Who? I thought it would be a great piece for Halloween.
  14. Forgot to add, I also use those childproof caps in every unused channel dangle on my controllers as well. Before I did, if they were a little closer to the ground than I thought, they would get mud and even dry dirt blown up into the channel dangle. So cap off all unused channel dangle connections with those childproof caps as well. You'll be glad you did!
  15. adding to all of the above. (I use the Childproof In every unused (stacking too) connector. Dome up (make it so) Buy the big bag of them at Amazon, cheap $4 120V string will use 2:on the stack and on the far end) Keep the controller Vertical AND those downward facing connections, above the 'splash zone' (~18" if the side of the mud splashes on the siding are a clue ) Help the water to leak out fast, by NOT creating bad places to collect.
  16. I use those child proof outlet caps on every single exposed connection {male/female pass through on light strands, unused extension cord ends, like the triple taps, all mine get those outlet covers. I also painted all my outlet covers flat black as the ones I got were all white and reflected light, so they were quite noticeable. 1 can of flat black spray paint painted well over 300+ covers. You only need to paint the backs, not the prong side that plugs into the exposed female outlet opening. Been using mine for years, even had one that ended up underwater in a puddle one year, it was about one foot under water! And the child-proof outlet cover kept the water out and the connection completely dry inside. I highly recommend them, they DO WORK! EDIT: Almost forgot this tip: Where the cat5 enters the Controller boxes, get some of the grey foam pipe covering, comes in about 6 foot lengths and is actually very inexpensive, around $2-$3. I cut this down and I push it around the cat5 cable where it enters the controllers, I put it inside at the top area where it comes out next to the PC Board as well. This keeps creepy crawlies and lizards out of your controllers. A slimy, wet lizard or small frog can actually short and cause damage to a controller. So I've been using this method with my AC {CTB16PC} Controllers for years. All my RGB Controllers don;'t need it because they use a different {and better} type rubber inset that prevents this. But the CTB16PC controllers, I also highly recommend doing this. It will also keep hornets and wasps out from building a nest inside your controllers. I recall someone here this happened to, wasps or hornets had built a nest inside their controller. The foam will keep them out. It's just a small diameter foam, for smaller PVC water line pipe like you find in your attic. I think it's 1/2" or 3/4". Either size will work as long as you squeeze it tightly around the cat5 cable and into the openings where it enters through the bottom and exits from inside the controller.
  17. I've been running my shows for years, and got the DO NOT TAPE YOUR PLUGS thread early on. I've never had a problem leaving them untaped and the weather here in November/December can be pretty wild. I have yet (knock on wood) to experience an issue doing this. All my controllers have the rubber insert and I hang them up off the ground with some PVC stands I built myself, but I'm anal and put a tarp over them spreading it out and staking it down, but leave the sides partly open so everything can "breathe".
  18. Do not tape extension cord ends will keep water in them won't dry out tried some after rain the ones not tape dry the ones taped were wet when it gets cold tap ones will hold moisture in
  19. My friend JR doesn’t make mistakes. Got your back buddy.
  20. Well done. Looks amazing. I'm expanding to 96 channels of dumb strings this year. I think I will get into RGB next year.
  21. Standalone you can load a automation sequence directly into the flood and it will play the sequence when plugged in. There is no need for a computer or director to run the sequence.
  22. MichRX7

    Video help

    “For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen.” Which would also sum up my first experience trying to get my dmx boxes to show up in the S4 Visualizer until I realized I needed the control panel running.
  23. Do the same I just asked of dibblejr. You can tell the router to block access to your machine and then turn that back on when you need it. If you tell me company/model of your router I'll try and write up something for it.
  24. Why not just turn off the wifi on your show computer and make sure it isn't connected to the internet? This is what I do when I move from programming mode to show mode so it never even gets updates. Or are you trying to keep the two machines in sync with Windows? Sure, it'll have a lot of updates to do when you turn wifi back on in January, but hey, it's January.
  25. FYI- you do not need S5 to run pixels. Im running S4 and have a plethora of pixels and use 13-14 networks. No problems Unless I fall and hit my head or LOR fully shuts down the previous versions I don’t plan on running S5. JR
  26. For starters, welcome aboard. My response is with the assumption you have some basic understanding on how Light-o-Rama works with the research you have done. If not, please ask away. This is how I've used it for the past 6-7 years, I'm sure there are plenty of other ways and ideas from other users as well. As far as equipment- Projector: I can't recommend one as the one I use for my Halloween Sequences plays on the front window from the inside. It sits next to my laptop. The lights can't be controlled from the projector itself. If you are wanting to play a video through it with the LOR Lighting program it will need to be connected to a computer. This is my understanding, I don't know that it will play from a Show Director or not, I've never tried. (Maybe someone else can chime in on this) The other thing to consider is how to keep it away from any water. To play a video, you will need some sort of video editing software to cut the part out you want to play. I've used VirtualDub.org for some of mine. It's a free software you can download. When creating the sequence you choose the video as your media source instead of an audio file. You then create your Preview Design with all your "Props" and sequence them as normal and they will play at the same time as the video clip. The FM Transmitter doesn't have to be very big as you really only need it to reach in front of your house. I bought mine off Amazon, its a Sain Sonic AX-05B, I'm pretty sure it's only a 1/2Watt. Lighting Equipment- This also depends on the types of lights you plan to use. If you're using regular light strands that plug in the wall, then a CTB16PC-ReadyToGO is what you'll need. You can add as many as you need, each one has 16 channels. If you are using Pixels, then you will need a pixel controller. They can be controlled directly from the computer, with a USB to RS485 Adapter or from a Show Director off an SD Card. (both from LOR). http://store.lightorama.com/index.html Sequencing- Sequencing can be as over the top or as simple as you want. There are many sites that offer sequences you can purchase, and then you adapt to fit your design. There are also many on the forums here who are willing to share theirs for free as well. (See the Sequences Tab) For me, it's easier to just make my own as sometimes adapting them to fit my design ends up being just as much work. Here's an old Behind the Scenes video I made a few years back that may help see how the props work in the yard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5i2F72IyBY I'm hoping to try and make a new one this year. Things change and evolve each year. Hope this helps a little, sometimes I tend to just ramble without answering specific enough. Here's a video of my "Frozen" I did 5 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBHYbIltazo
  27. I don't use Superstar, so take this with a grain of salt. I would think you could remove the motion row, then do your superstar thing, without it. Then sequence your AC props old school. You might have to remove the AC props from the Entire House group. I have old controllers on an old network alongside my E1.31 stuff, and I have seen that message when I tried to apply a motion effect to my LOR floods. I removed the floods motion row from my whole house group and never saw it again. Back up everything if you try to do this.
  28. Your AC controller can't do Enhanced or High Speed (ELOR) networking. Neither can the adaptor, and it doesn't matter. You do not need to put motion effects on those AC channels, just sequence them like you always have. Somewhere in your grid you have a motion row for your AC props with a motion effect in it. Just delete the motion effect or the motion row and the warning will go away. Motion rows are the ones with a delta symbol next to them.
  29. If your AC controllers are older, or you don't have a high speed USB adaptor, you can't apply motion effects to those controllers. Just delete the motion effect for those conventional channels and sequence them normally. The E1.31 stuff is fine. If you have new AC controllers a red High Speed adapter will allow motion effects on the AC lights. If you have both, then you will need to turn on Enhanced network ELOR to allow motion effects. Motion effects are most effective on pixels anyway.
  30. I asked once before what build of W10 you are on. If that were my machine I would do a format and clean install of the current build, by downloading the MS media creation tool. You could try a repair install first, before totally nuking it. I still maintain that a complete rebuild every year or two cleans a lot of crud out of the installation.
  31. I use Blackwebb 7 port USB hubs. Available at Walmart. Never a problem. I use 2 and I have one for a spare but fortunately never had to use it. Ensure to write the comm port and network on the adapter, makes it easier during setup JR
  32. Any USB hub should be backwards compatible. Get a self powered one. Each adaptor will consume one com port, and each adaptor will be assigned to it's own network. You will need to change your network preferences in S4, and change your sequence config, export it, then import into each sequence.
  33. What could possibly go wrong...........
  34. I zip and upload all my sequences into the cloud each year on Onedrive. It helped a lot this year as when my daughter and son-in-law decided to do it I could pull back down my old 32 channel sequences and retro-fit them to match their yard layout. I also have them on the laptop zipped and on a USB stick zipped. Can one be over-careful?
  35. 1- I’m on my cell so can’t see your software version- S4 or S5. Whatever version you will need “Pro” to control those pixel controllers. You will also need several red adapters. Best to just buy red in the beginning since they are backwards compatible. I do not use S5 but in S4 there is a visualizer that you can add your house pic and lights. 2 &3 - the pixel tree will eat us 16 unit IDs. 5, 6,7,8,9,0A, OB,OC, OD, OE, OF, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 You will need a red HS adapter for the tree and more than likely a new network 4- the pixie16 with nodes will use 16 more unit IDs just like mentioned in question 2&3 - if nothing changes you would assign that controller unit ID 15. However they will start with the next available- if you add the device correctly it will Automatiavly load the unit IDs. You can probably add the small controller which sounds like a pixie2 to your regular network with your normal controllers. You would need to adjust your previous unit IDs or asighn it a starting unit ID higher than the last pixie16 leaves off. If you go to the General Hardware section of the forums you will see my sticky writeup on pixie configuration. There is a video it will help you set everything up. JR
  36. Refurbs 👍 (I got My Dell Optiplex via Walmart. Extra RAM, Pro W7 and 1T) Desktops have the added advantage of usually having open PCIe slots. Just drop a USB board into them. Watch out tho. Low profile (AKA Half height) slots. Make sure your chosen USB board is compatible. Power connectors . USB3 use extra power. Make sure your USB board has the same type (they use extra disc drive power plugs) The New Dell I got for my spouse at Walmart had NO spare power . (I needed a Y )
  37. Does your solenoid have a catch diode. That would make it polarity sensitive (the diode is normally back biased) The purpose is to grab the spike when you turn the power OFF. White Stripe to minus (the port #) If it did not have one, you may have fried something on the board
  38. So sorry to hear that happened to you. I learned this lesson long ago. So now I protect my sequencing efforts by never going to California! There are many free download sites to be found. If you are looking for a gem that is hard to find you could say the type and number of controllers.
  39. I felt the same way at first. Until while testing the tree one time in the summer and the neighbors posted on the community page that they were wondering what was going on. I told myself it was testing for Christmas. The tree doesn't have a star for Halloween. For the arches I replaced them with circles and people love them for Halloween and Christmas. Its a win win. Put the ccr tree, circles and matrix up for Halloween and don't have to set them up at Christmas. JR
  40. I have this version if anyone is interested
  41. Materials https://pix.sfly.com/3Mbtwe https://pix.sfly.com/8RcvMa https://pix.sfly.com/hbMoYg https://pix.sfly.com/Xxx7qz https://pix.sfly.com/T_6Goc Since edit button is gone here are the pictured included is the step number. 1) Picture showing line on vise. This ensured all ends were flattened in the same spot. Also pic of flattened conduit https://pix.sfly.com/Qk1cd7 https://pix.sfly.com/znpKrH https://pix.sfly.com/3eJX1T 2 - 6) Showing me setup or top tree emt conduit mount https://pix.sfly.com/haoWXD https://pix.sfly.com/Nbn2oX https://pix.sfly.com/ZWU0AH https://pix.sfly.com/OAy8Dj 7) Hole in conduit to attach to hooks https://pix.sfly.com/gX45BJ 10-18) https://pix.sfly.com/QyARtX Spacing at center cross brace https://pix.sfly.com/bhd48i Finished https://pix.sfly.com/Bp6Vsj CCR's added https://pix.sfly.com/gXmPUA
  42. MichRX7

    Video help

    A picture is worth 1,000 words...
  43. Good, thanks. Trying to keep within the CFO's(wife's) budget :-) I'll get the pixels next year.
  44. I don’t think I have enjoyed any version of Windows since SE. I def don’t think one company should capitalize the market and get embedded in every aspect of our lives. Forced updates even though most updates these days prevent problems. Today my show computer has no lights, everything was working last night. During the preview it had serious lag, never seen my Alienware computer act like this. Looked down on system tray and had a message “computer needs to be restarted to install updates”. Lo and behold updates installed s all worked. JR
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