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  1. This is my second year using Light O Rama. Last year one controller and one musical sequence, this year , 32 channels and six sequenced songs, and 50% more lites, and a FM tune to sign. OH and a motorized waving Santa and a bubble machine, plus wire frame led snow flakes on the roof. OK I got it bad, spring sale here I come. There are two videos posted at the end of this story. This year as I was putting the lites round our big bay window and I caught a reflection of my self in the glass, but it wasn't me, it was a nine year old little boy. Wearing his older brothers coat and one of those caps that have ear flaps that fold down and tie under your chin. He was struggling to put a string of C9's around the front door. It was very cold,I Remember. As a small child Christmas was always magic and the lites were the icing on the cake. I decided to make my own lites. I had saved money from cutting yards that summer and had put my eye on some parts at the local hardware store. In the late fall I went to the store and with the help of Mr Smith the owner selected twenty feet of red and green twisted wire and twenty plastic screw on C9 sockets and bulbs. Mr Smith said ,David that will be $4.85. I pulled out all my money only to find I was 35 cents short. As I stood there with tears welling up in my eyes, Mr Smith said here, he reached into his pocket and pulled out 35 cents , he put the money in the little box , handed me the bag with the parts and said , Merry Christmas David, be sure to get your Dad to help put it together. Those lites lit up Dunn Rd for many years. As the years went by I got more and more and forgot about that one string. The reflection returned to me, standing there with a string of C9's in my hand. Sixty years later, taller, balding, a pot belly in shorts and a tee shirt in the warm Florida sun. In 2011 My MaMa was near her end and my brothers called and said come home, it was near then end of December, a few days before Christmas. She had been not talking and not eating so it was soon. I got to MaMa's on the 23rd when I went in the house to see her, she opened her eyes and said very loudly my name-DAVID. The best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. She passed on the 27th. Later the next spring I went home to Memphis to help my brothers clean out the house and get it ready for sale. I got attic duty. There was a lot of stuff up there MaMa saved every thing. I was going through a stack of shoe boxes and one old box had some writing on he top in her hand writing, it said ,David's Lites. Inside was the set of C9's I had made at the age of nine. They still work ! Many thanks to all the wonderful folks at Light O Rama and all the help I have received from the people on the forums. Please enjoy the videos. https://vimeo.com/312228169https://vimeo.com/312224097 David Hardin
  2. Frank Rhobotham

    Tried LED lights this year.

    Hi All, This is such a wonderful group. Thanks for all your preseason help. I live in the country and my house is about 600ft from the road. So I decorated the fence line. Here is a short video of what I did. The sequence was purchased from WOWlights and leds from Amazon. Sorry it goes out of focus in the middle. Enjoy! - Blaine
  3. k6ccc

    12 volt vs 5 volt

    Short answer for nodes (as opposed to ribbons) - The the biggest advantage of 12 volts is you can make longer runs of pixels without power injection. The biggest advantage of 5 volts is less overall power consumption. Longer answer - The general rule of thumb is that with 5 volt pixels you can use about 50 pixels without needing power injection, and with 12 volt pixels you can use about 100 pixels without power injection. That does vary somewhat depending on the pixels. As for power consumption, each pixel at full white draws about 60mA (for either 5 volts or 12 volts). Because wattage is volts times amps, the total power consumption with 12 volt pixels is about 2.5 times higher. That means the number of power supplies will be higher for any given prop. For example, prior to 2018, my 12 x 50 pixel tree plus 360 pixel star ran on a single 5 volt 70 amp (350 watt) power supply. In 2018 I rebuilt the tree to make it 24 x 100 pixels and moved to 12 volts. Of course wth four times as many pixels in the tree, I expected to need more power supplies. However when I measured the consumption for one string, I realized I would need more than I expected. I determined that I would need six 350 watt supplies for the tree plus one more for the star (it’s still 5 volts). Ultimately I set the pixels to run at only 50% and was able to get away with only three 12 volt supplies for the tree - at least for 2018. Now this discussion has been about pixels. Ribbons are generally different. For a ribbons vs pixels comparison, ribbons will give a look far closer to a continuous line of light, whereas nodes will look more like individual points of light. Depends on what you are looking for. Ribbons also change the 5 volt vs 12 volt question, but I’m just about to my train stop, so need to end this for now...
  4. HVACR

    Replacing STD LED with RGB's

    Each Pixel uses .6 watts or 50ma @ 12Vdc. 100 pixel's would be 5amps or 60 watts. Use a rule of thumb. I always oversize the power supply a little as to not risk overloading power supplies. HVACR
  5. Larry Leonhardt

    Continue The Story In 4 Words...

    Planning for this year.
  6. All my shows are from a show PC. I have never used the director or the calendar. I am not too familiar with S5 options already available there. All of this is from an S4 perspective. The schedule editor is the tool which I find hard to use along with playing options. Situations which come up. Already mentioned by others... Someone is visiting before or after hours who wants to see 'the show' or possibly a particular song. Test the show or a song within the show before or after hours My options are.. 1) Turn off the schedule and start SOD of the planned show.. Now I have to remember to turn off SOD or the show runs all night and reenable the schedule 2) Turn off the schedule and turn on SOD for one song.. Oh right... I have not built a show file for each song and SOD requires a show. 3) Turn off the schedule and open SE to play the one song they want to see with control lights doh forgot to set loop at end so when I get back outside I have missed a minute and its not looping. More flexibility would be great Be able to run a SOD when schedule is enabled but is not active. Add end option to play until schedule starts. Be able to run SOD for a song or multiple songs without a show. Maybe a songless 'shell show' where the selected songs are added on the fly to the musical or animation section. Extend a running show by some amount of time without changing the schedule. (next week not impacted) Start a scheduled show early without changing the schedule. (next week not impacted) Schedule UI Save/Load schedules to pick which is being edited and which is active when enabled. Visible list of available shows with click or hover over content summary Drag a show from list and drop into the Schedule boxes Grab and slide start and end hours up or down Click to split a box into two or consolidate two adjacent into one copy paste a day into another day Extend or shorten a running scheduled show and player detects the change.
  7. If your holiday show is like mine, designed for neighbors to enjoy, not for fame and fortune, here’s a suggestion: Include a P10 panel (or four) in your 2019 show. I bought a kit because I was new to this subset of lighting technology -$150. My Christmas show included “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by the Jackson 5. I noticed that the 2 x 2 P10 array displayed the Light-o-Rama S5 motion effect-text very well, even with a cool layered pattern. I posted information about our holiday show on the neighborhood website, Nextdoor***.com. I explained that we would be displaying Santa’s short list of nice kids in our neighborhood on the pixel screen and if they wished to nominate someone to the list, they could message me. By the time the 24th rolled around, there were 40+ nice kids on the list. Neighborhood families came to watch the show and, for a certain age-group (4-8?), the appearance of their name on that screen was pure holiday magic. Some kids recognized the names of classmates at the neighborhood school. I was told by the parent of a first grade student that a classmate had informed their son that his name was on the list. It’s official! Another nice thing about these panels is that they don’t seem to mind small hands running across them. Since it seems that kids like to explore with their hands, I’ve learned to plan for that and I don’t freak out when I see kids reach out and touch those smart strips as they try to figure out what light is made from. It’s PIXELS, children! It’s PIXELS! As I said, this idea is for neighborhood shows and will probably not work if you’re planning on competing on network TV. There may be too many nice kids even for the Jackson 5 ‘s Complete Holiday Collection.
  8. In regards to how you set the time that a show will run in the schedule editor, I think it might be pretty cool and intuitive to simply be able to click and drag between two points in time, and "paint" an event. Then you would right-click that event and choose which file / show would run within it. Those events could be color-coded and copy/pasted to other days of the week. I find that when I try to add a show to the schedule, being thrown into a separate window breaks up the work flow. Just an idea I had. Also, being able to clear multiple shows at a time would be amazing. It is very tedious to delete them one at a time. Thanks for taking input from us. I can't wait to see whatever it is you come up with.
  9. I think this would be a nice feature, cant imagine a down side. When you create a new sequence you assign it a preview. The next step I always do after creating the new sequence is import a grid configuration. Just wondering if the grid configuration could be part of the new sequence window?

    New LED Lights for sale

    All lights new and used came from either HLE or MITS , full wave LED lights.
  11. dibblejr

    Now Sharing ~ Bohemian Rhapsody singing faces

    Did I do this song for you or another? I do not recall making the santa face for this one. Doesn't mean I didn't, short term memory loss.🙂 Anyway you are very welcome. JR
  12. WhitePlainsNY

    Guestbook reaction

    I’d like to share one idea that has been successful for me. I had received an occasional note or card left in my mailbox and people would tell how much they enjoyed the show if they knew who I was while standing outside. I was curious about where people were coming from and how they learned of the display so I set out a guestbook and the reception was greater than I anticipated. Please disregard the omitted, “you” in one sentence. Oddly no one noticed until Christmas Eve! I apologize for the file size but the PDF is 441 pages long. I had set the binder in my backyard on a podium in my, “Winter Village”. http://www.nychristmaslights.com/2018 Guestbook.pdf I hope you find this useful Chuck
  13. ItsMeBobO

    How do you store your pixel tree ?

    I have a very long storage area under the deck with a rain guard over head to keep it mostly dry. I have the tubes now. But I still have not taken down the pixel tree because it has been snowy/rainy and cold. But.. I have been lighting it every night.
  14. Santas Helper

    Central Oklahoma Mini 2019

    And you will be missed as well.
  15. Mega Arch

    Continue The Story In 3 Words...

    Okie Mini soon
  16. Mega Arch

    Central Oklahoma Mini 2019

    Thought you had stroke with LOR. Can't believe you can't fix your poll.
  17. HVACR

    Extension Chords and Waterproofing

    My local ACE Hardware has 2 15ft cords for 9.99 . I have about 4500 ft of cords. My setup changes a little every year so my cord needs change a little every year. I looked at the vampire plugs this seem to be the better way for me. HVACR
  18. I was not thinking solar or wind, but I did miss. I was thinking aerospace. There are a bunch for you to see down here! And I would be happy to help you with the ham license...
  19. too late, I found these leaked photo's.
  20. PCRail

    Santa's List via P 10 Panels

    Aaand I am re-linking the video that shows one child's discovery.
  21. dibblejr

    How would you make a 16 string CCR tree portable?

    You can buy an extension that would go into your trailer hitch. It is made to haul long ladders. Combined with a rubber topper made by the same company the 16’ no problem. The topper goes on your cab to prevent scratching. The adapter height is adjustable. However as mentioned several times ribbons probably would not make it to the destination in working order. Even mounted to something permanent I do not think all of the strips would make it during transportation even in that van. i moved mine about 200’ last year and stored them individually se used to their emt. Lost 6 ribbons out of 16. Handled like they were glass. This year storing in my garage over the door , I was thinking maybe the storage heat but every other pixel ribbon prop survived the same storage barn. Pixels are not as delicate and would fare well if handled with care. I put wheels no my ccr tree frame to move it around in my driveway. The same for my matrix , on wheels. JR
  22. Santas Helper

    Extension Chords and Waterproofing

    I've been making my own cords for years using the spooled wire and vampire plugs. I've never messed with waterproofing the plugs and we get snow and rain pretty much each season. Although standing water could be an issue whether you try to waterproof or not. But snow hasn't been an issue with me.
  23. Mr. P

    Getting started and nervous!

    The only thing you have to be nervous about is the huge amount of money you are going to spend. 😁
  24. Another great job. See??? It's rookie talent like this that makes TV news crews come a-knockin' on your door!
  25. caniac

    Looking for THX Intro

    Saxon, here ya go!
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