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  1. RedWhitingBlue

    Shout out to JR and Morris

    Just wanted to post and say JR Dibble and James Morris contribution’s to this forum are invaluable. You guys set the bar and thank you for all what you do!!! Rock on!!!!
  2. Surprisingly I had everything set up by this past Sunday despite getting a late start due to Mother Nature not cooperating (unseasonably cold & windy). This isn't going to be one of our "official" display videos, just a 5 song test to make sure everything is lighting up as it should. The firesticks & leaping arches are new this year so I really wanted to see how they'd look. I forgot to turn on the Nativity scene and couldn't find my camera tripod, sorry for the very shaky video lol. https://youtu.be/lEnYzG1MJpE
  3. ItsMeBobO

    Funny setup glitches

    Does anyone have a setup story to tell? I have a groaner on vampire cords. In Summer I made some cords for some globe lights. They were are mounted 12 feet in the air. When I went to plug them in I found I had made one of the dozen wrong and it had two male ends! 12 feet down to the spares and back up to change out the plug. When I back got up there I found the vampire had NO TEETH! It was a defective plug and I had to go back down to retrieve a second replacement. After that I thought I was ready to power up but found I had smashed the other end with the ladder. This was just too funny to not post about it. Double male at 12 feet Flacid male and Toothless Vampire.
  4. ItsMeBobO


    Your wife owes you a nice Christmas present.
  5. Mr. P

    One more time, BACKUP!!!

    We mention this several times a year, BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP. We are so close now, don't take any chances with your show. Backup all files on several sources that are not located on your computer, thumb drive, external HDD, server, NAS, anywhere but your computer. You will hate yourself if you don't.
  6. k6ccc

    started setting up this weekend

    I do almost all of it myself. My two boys help some and a friend came over today for about 6 hours. After that there was not really much where I could keep him active. He even did a Home Depot run for me to get a piece of UniStrut. He would not even let me pay him back - called it his donation to the show...
  7. We preach this year after year that you should backup your files to at least three different sources that are not on your computer. Why waste all that effort and hundreds of hours creating your sequences just to have one mishap wash all that away.
  8. Here is next years hot lights.
  9. Don

    Current Draw

    Yeah, this is the starter kit, 16 channels. All AC. Let's not confuse things.
  10. Is that some new kind of outdoor network, as opposed to a netdrywork......😃
  11. Santas Helper

    strobe light strings?

    Good story. I can add... when I placed my order with CLE for the strobe strands earlier in the year (while on sale), I got an email from CLE a few days later of a credit because I was charged incorrectly (and I didn't even notice). I was charged a cheaper sale price but apparently not the price they advertised and they corrected it without mention from me. Talk about honesty.
  12. Mega Arch

    strobe light strings?

    Just delivered! 3 days. What took so long?
  13. Orville


    Yes, it is a pop up of sorts, but NOT an advertisement, it shows who, and what they bought from the ChristmasLightShow website. Yes, it is annoying and there should be a way to turn it off, but there isn't. While I was viewing I saw some lady purchased a mega tree kit, another some SPT1 wire just to name a couple of them that popped up, they don't actually POP up, but tend to scroll up from the bottom. Personally I see absolutely NO NEED for me to know what other people have purchased from that or ANY site, that's what REVIEWS are supposed to be for, then I can read them or not, not have information forced on me to show what's been purchased by someone else, which I feel is NONE OF MY BUSINESS! And I sure do not or may not want folks knowing what I'm purchasing. Can you imagine something like that on other sites where you may have purchased a lavish gift for your wife for Christmas to surprise her? Only she happens to go to the same site to buy you {her husband} something and then something like that scrolls up showing HER WHAT YOU BOUGHT? And if you happened to buy it for someone else in the family, like an aunt, your mother, etc. could you imagine the argument that could cause? IT IS NOT A SMART OPTION TO IMPLEMENT! I'm sorry, but that particular scroll up DOES NOT BELONG THERE! And I'd take that as a somewhat invasion of MY privacy stating what I'm buying to others, as it does show your name and what you bought! Just like the Green Laser Projector "Giveaway" that came from that site as well. The ad plainly stated: "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY" in a red starburst to enter and the first 20?/50? forget what number it was, responded via e-mail, they would be sent a FREE Green Laser Projector, but when you entered by replying to the e-mail as it stated, then you got an e-mail saying YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE AT LEAST a MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT TO ENTER {I think it was $50, perhaps more}. If I were the type to bring lawsuits, which I AM NOT, I could have taken that contest to task and gotten the "Free Green Laser Projector" as the original E-Mail Advertisement stated NO PURCHASE NECESSARY, then all of a sudden the rules change and I have to spend X amount of money to enter to get it? There could have been some dire legal recourse on this, and I even got an e-mail about folks complaining, calling it a SCAM among other things, about the "Free Laser Entry" because of this. I think this may have very well cost him a lot of customers too over that fiasco, I know I won't ever be one. I finally deleted the AD I had screen captured from the e-mail I received, as I wasn't going to do anything, but others could have. If I still had it I'd post it here to prove my statements. I also highlighted the "NO ENTRY REQUIRED" burst that was in the e-mail graphic and sent it back to them, no answer after that at all. So, again, I won't do business with ChristmasLightShow at all now. I had considered some things, but no longer.. So I don't usually go to that site any longer, I have also blocked e-mails and deleted all bookmarks to/from that site as well, again, I will never buy anything from there either. All I wanted do with the link that was posted above was to verify for others that the link posted here worked and nothing more.
  14. james morris

    The purge intro

  15. TheDucks

    strobe light strings?

    UPDATE: What I found out. The board had a prior owner. The 'config' was set to 98% Maximum intensity Range. Changing that to 100%, cured the issue (Wheeew!)
  16. Mr. P

    Christmas Expo 2019 in DAYTONA BEACH, FL!!!!

    My parents live in Daytona so I am in.
  17. MattBrown

    Vertical Matrix - Wiring Order Issue

    It applies to the Pixel Editor as well. Matt
  18. default

    Can’t flip RGB strip

    Bry, After disecting your Preview and props for alwhile, I found something that doesn't seem right. See the pic below. To ensure you don't mess up your existing Preview, make a copy and then work on that copy. That way if it isn't the issue you can always go back to the original. If as you say, this issue only happens outside on the lights themselves, you'll have to test this on the lights. Here is a modified Preview of only your roofline props to test. The change shown in the picture has been done. brys roofline props testing.loredit Alan...
  19. Orville

    Get caught up to speed...

    If using Pixels with older generation CTB16PC controllers, definitely recommend getting the red High Speed USB RS485 adapter if you're going to add RGB. I added RGB lighting this year to my display and with the old controllers and just a dual USB RS485B adapter, thought I could run everything, nope. Won't work, you'll have severe lag times on BOTH the RGB Controllers and the older {Pre-Gen 3} CTB16PC controllers. You really need the HS adapter and set up a separate comm port and enhanced network for the RGB. My older Version 2 CTB16PC's {4 of them} are on a standard LOR Network, my RGB Controllers {Version I CCB-100} are on Aux A, Enhanced, 500K Network using teh red HS Adapter. Once I did this, all lag times went away. Gen 3 CTB16PC controllers may not and probably do not have the lag issue since they can run on Enahnced 500k speed networks, but older CTB16PC Controllers, V1 and V2 can not. I'm staying with S4 because it's what I'm comfortable with, that and S5 the new Pixel Editor and Sequence Editor are both incorporated as one program. I prefer them separate, for one thing the PE screen blocks are just too tiny and me being legally blinf, I just can't see to do anything with it because of it's size. At least S4 the SE is still separate and I can see the SE screen, but, again, my preference due to my vision issues, which have worsened recently. And I found the PE extremely confusing to get working when I did try and use it. Personally if I had better vision, I'd still start with S4 after coming back into this after being out of it for awhile {5- years I had no display, no power in our home for that duration, just got it back this past summer 2018}, then I'd migrate to S5 after I learned how to use, set up and sequence in the PE while it's separated from the SE in S4. There is a huge learning curve in S5, so if you are planning starting up again for this year, I'd recommend S4 first, it's pretty much what you know with a few changes here and there, but sequencing is still the same as previous versions except for the PE {Pixel Editor} addition. Welcome back!
  20. bryan.hurley5

    Dumb RGB Flood Extension Cords

    Didn't think about this. Cable is pretty cheap also. Thank you
  21. Orville

    WARNING-Check your Extension Cords!

    I've had similar issues in my family, my great grandparents had a tobacco farm, they had around or over 500 acres, when they passed away, like you, family greed took over and they sold the farm. When they sold it, they also lost a LIFETIME of revenue from the Railroad that paid a monthly fee to cross their land, curt right through the middle of the tobacco fields. When they sold it, all right of way on each side of the tracks reverted to ownership to current RailRoad owners. They acquired all that land and 300 feet {600 feet total} on each side of the tracks for any future expansion they may want to add. Originally with the least it was the trackage and 75 feet {150 feet total} on either side of the tracks. That was a nice deal they had made, and all lost when they sold the farm to strangers. I still wonder what happened to the family cemetery that was on the site as well. Relatives can sure be STUPID! Especially when they think they can make a profit, but in reality, they lost it when they lost the Railroad revenue they'd have gotten every month. And last count I had heard the current owners before the sale of the property was paying close to $125,000.00 for the right of way through the farm. As said, STUPID! Now the RR pays nothing and owns that strip of land because the farm is no longer in our family. They thought they could sell it and still collect the revenue from the RR, they found out via contract signed by my late great grandparents, if the property was sold OUTSIDE the family, RR takes control and ownership of the property. Some idiots just DO NOT bother to research things like that before making STUPID decisions!
  22. Awesome seeing these DIY projects. Inspiration for next year for me.....
  23. George Simmons

    What's the one great idea you'd share with a Newbie?

    Don't get it in your head that it's a good idea to trim a bush after stringing lights in it.
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