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  1. she had me at the horse pooooh aroma, she would never be able to sneak up on me.
  2. I agree, up until 6 years ago I ran my own company. Paid my employees generously plus perks when things were good. Biggest issue I had was with the one's on salary, they would come in late and leave early. When told they needed to make up the time I got every excuse under the sun. One learned the hard way to dare me to fire them, 2 mins later they were turning in their keys and leaving. When you dare someone you have to be prepared for all results. Don't get me started on the interview process, my ad clearly stated tech skills (computer) but had all sorts coming out of the wood work. Everything from GED's to PhD's for a support position. Appearances were all over the charts to, on one end high heels and mini-skirts and on the other was the lady that had just finished mucking her horse stalls (sweats and rubber boots). As an employee I now know why most companies have a loss prevention department, the things people will do to get an extra dollar ahead. If it can be done by automation and done efficiently then I am all for it, the masses just need to retool.
  3. Thanksgiving is so late in the month this year it looks like shows will be running a week shorter for those who start the day afterwards. But look at the bright side, it gives you an extra week of prep.
  4. We have had a sleigh and several reindeer made from plywood for several years now, bought them at a garage sale so no idea how old they really are. The sleigh hasn't weathered very well so I needed to make a new one. I also wanted to make it easy to take apart and put together so we can store it indoors. The old one was all screwed together. We started with a sheet of exterior grade plywood and one of the old sleigh sides as a pattern. Which became a couple of these: And then this: I think the inspector approves First coat of primer on everything, a couple coats of white paint to come:
  5. Steve summed this up quite nicely. I'll just add my 2 cents also 😜 Remember a Group is exactly that, a Group of props that effects can be applied to. If you put individual stars into a group, then they are no longer individual stars. They are a group, and the effects for the Group will be different from the effect on individual stars. Make sense? If you want to put effects on individual stars, then thats how you have to do it. Having said all this, there are ways to get creative with groups and individual props (stars) See the video below. Hope this helps. Alan... The video ends abruptly because I hit the stop record button instead of stop effects. oops... 😫
  6. First thing I've won in years & years.... Hopefully just started a streak...
  7. Forgot to add, I also use those childproof caps in every unused channel dangle on my controllers as well. Before I did, if they were a little closer to the ground than I thought, they would get mud and even dry dirt blown up into the channel dangle. So cap off all unused channel dangle connections with those childproof caps as well. You'll be glad you did!
  8. My friend JR doesn’t make mistakes. Got your back buddy.
  9. Standalone you can load a automation sequence directly into the flood and it will play the sequence when plugged in. There is no need for a computer or director to run the sequence.
  10. I don't use Superstar, so take this with a grain of salt. I would think you could remove the motion row, then do your superstar thing, without it. Then sequence your AC props old school. You might have to remove the AC props from the Entire House group. I have old controllers on an old network alongside my E1.31 stuff, and I have seen that message when I tried to apply a motion effect to my LOR floods. I removed the floods motion row from my whole house group and never saw it again. Back up everything if you try to do this.
  11. I asked once before what build of W10 you are on. If that were my machine I would do a format and clean install of the current build, by downloading the MS media creation tool. You could try a repair install first, before totally nuking it. I still maintain that a complete rebuild every year or two cleans a lot of crud out of the installation.
  12. What could possibly go wrong...........
  13. Refurbs 👍 (I got My Dell Optiplex via Walmart. Extra RAM, Pro W7 and 1T) Desktops have the added advantage of usually having open PCIe slots. Just drop a USB board into them. Watch out tho. Low profile (AKA Half height) slots. Make sure your chosen USB board is compatible. Power connectors . USB3 use extra power. Make sure your USB board has the same type (they use extra disc drive power plugs) The New Dell I got for my spouse at Walmart had NO spare power . (I needed a Y )
  14. Tracks in S4 have nothing to do with music. If you want to add a sound effect to a sequence, you will need to edit the song file to add the effect where you want it. You could do something like that in Audacity. Tracks and groups are both methods of organising channels to make sequencing easier. They both have a similar function but have slightly different characteristics. Tracks can contain groups but groups can't be subdivided into tracks. Each track can have it's own timing grid, so you can organize your timings for different effects. Tracks appeared in the software early in its development, groups, are a somewhat more recent addition. I have about 15 tracks, for different effects in my pixels, and most of them contain groups of pixels to make life easier.
  15. Well here it is. I had to add 8 more floods to the roof today. It was just missing something. I have Christmas planned and working on sequences. Honestly I kind of threw Halloween together this year as I have been working 50+ hours a week and not getting home til late. But needless to say my new neighborhood loves it and this was one of the highlights. Please pardon the crickets and noise. This was a cell phone video just to show the floods.
  16. GriswoldStyle, dude! #Goals
  17. You hired the second one, of course😀
  18. Yes JR and James have been a great help to everyone on this site. Let me tell you it's because of people like JR AND JAMES THAT I'm able to enjoy this hobby also like to extend a thank you to K6CCC and MR P also Hope you guys stay around on this forum for a long time g
  19. But many things used to be and we need to get back to that. Just tired of things falling apart and failing just outside of their "warranty period" and made elsewhere.
  20. It’s great that you took the time to update everyone that helped. This May save others with the same problem later on. Thanks JR
  21. To add a controller the easy way in S4 Open SE Open your channel config (hopefully you have one) if not open up a sequence. Wherever you want to add the Pixcon put your mouse on the existing controller Right click "Add device" Above or below Then on the next screen ypu can give the device a name (if ccr tree then you can simply name it ccr tree) Now to make it easy ensure to "group" your channels Select the pixcon16 in the drop down Select # of pixels Select Network Select first unit ID add - you are done. If you are not adding anything else - save After saving Edit export channel config Save to location That would be your Channel Config. you can name it Halloween 2019 Channel Config- or whatever you want but the year and holiday is what I use. In SS the max pixels you will see is 100. I believe unless its changed. Its been a while since I sequenced my ccr tree. I don't have a pixcon16 so I am not sure of the network speed. JR
  22. No problem, it's just that our answers to your questions are based on what you are working with. The more info we have the better answer we can give. One question can have a dozen different answers based on software, license, and equipment.
  23. I go with #4. I am 1.5 hours north of them. I go to dead people's auctions every Friday night. People move here and die. The family comes in, usually from FL, picks through the house for what they think is the good stuff and the rest goes to the auction. When I die, the person I willed all of my stuff to, from FL, will not have any clue what a controller box is or what to do with fifty of them. I think it will be completely overwhelming when they go under the house and see all of the totes full of Christmas crap. I will be dead, so I don't care if they give them away or sell them for 25.00.
  24. Oh yeah, I never leave updates on once I start setting up. I figured that after 8 months the first start up with all the updates installed. Started testing props and a week later more updates. Oh well at least everything works. JR
  25. You are being a little snarky today Orv. Just like like the day of month Thanksgiving is on moves, the show schedule moves with it. Since I don't set out any Christmas props until after Halloween, the set up start moves. The number of show days moves also as I take mine down the first Saturday or Sunday after New years eve. (First day not at work) This year there are 6 more setup days and 6 fewer show days than last year.
  26. Yes late, last year it was on Nov 22 so you had an entire week before Dec. So yes it is later in the month this year.
  27. You can't actually combine sequences. You will have to choose one to be you main sequence then add the controllers and channels. Then you will have to copy & paste the sequencing. So if you chose the sequence with the tree to be the main sequence you will have to add the matrix controller and channels to the bottom then copy &paste the matrix sequence. The teal color means you exported SS as a intensity file so you may have to export again into the new sequence. If you want to export and see the channels then you need to export in Legacy Format.
  28. I think he is trying to have them respond to the same sequencing. In that case, yes, they can be on the same network with the same Unit IDs. The biggest confusion that can cause is while testing with the Hardware Utility, you have no idea which controller is responding. However for your show, it will work fine. In fact, quite a few people here have done that exact concept with two generally identical or mirror image props, or for props that face different directions.
  29. I sure can agree with you on this. Seems every time you update something in windows it BREAKS something else! Very annoying. And I completely agree with your last statement, I don't like that either!
  30. Ok. It’ll be this weekend when I get home. Thriller will be sent your way. Sax
  31. Thanks again JR, Mr P and The Ducks for the advice/help in this thread. I now have a few pixels running properly after a few tests and have a slightly better understanding of the basics. For any newbies like myself, my two main mistakes were; Not realising in S5 the RGB dropdown tab in HU config will default back to "RGB" after exiting, running a test and going back into the config. It isn't actually changing the settings back to RGB. Clicking advanced will show the actual saved settings for all channels. I was selecting all of the other options when all I needed to do was select RGB! I had assumed I had already tested it in RGB. Finally I was not setting the network correctly in the G3-MP3 by selecting basic instead of advanced when creating the SD card. Updated the firmware, created the show with the correct network setting and now she is working! Kicking myself I didn't buy the G4 instead of the G3.. although not sure it was even out 6 months ago? Thanks Steve
  32. If this is the drive where your entire LOR data folders are located, you can run Lorpost.exe and point it to the new drive letter. Lorpost is in the c:\programs x86\ lor folder This assumes you are using S4, as your profile states.
  33. I'm currently running 4 of these controllers each with 2 strings of 50 CCBs. If the controllers can support a total of 100 bulbs per channel, is it as simple as wiring 2 strings together? I do have some extra strings so im thinking about trying this.
  34. At least it missed Alabama (wink)
  35. I always got your six bro. 😀
  36. After 12 months I may finally get my life back. Finally getting my 4th and hopefully final surgery on September 27th. Get a brand new shiny hip and for the first time in 12 months I will no longer be in pain
  37. IMHO You need a Gen3 AC controller, then use the HU to set the strobes dedicated channel dimming curve setting to no dim (sorry no controller available to get the exact wording from HU) Dimming some types devices can let the magic smoke out I know my mini strobes did not even like 98% brightness I had the channel configed for(they did survive) As to use. Best effect if it goes mostly (all) dark) when they fire off 😈
  38. That is just how the Twinkle works, random pattern and colors. They should make another effect and call it Sparkle so you can get a random pattern in a chosen color.
  39. Suggest you consider running two networks. Regular for your CTB16 and High speed (enhanced) for your CCBs. It will require you to purchase an additional adaptor and some extra Cat5/6 wire but will give you more expansion opportunity.
  40. Here you go Bob. Added the brown Clock wire.
  41. Something like this should work. Obviously you can make each string whatever length that you want. Because the power and ground does not have to travel down and back up each hanging piece, the resistance is far less of an issue. Make sense?
  42. This is a great example of how to use nested groups in Light-O-Rama to achieve effects not originally possible in a traditional layout, or even the custom layout. By breaking down an element into further subgroups, you can have additional flexibility in programming -- as Alan's exhibiting.
  43. Materials https://pix.sfly.com/3Mbtwe https://pix.sfly.com/8RcvMa https://pix.sfly.com/hbMoYg https://pix.sfly.com/Xxx7qz https://pix.sfly.com/T_6Goc Since edit button is gone here are the pictured included is the step number. 1) Picture showing line on vise. This ensured all ends were flattened in the same spot. Also pic of flattened conduit https://pix.sfly.com/Qk1cd7 https://pix.sfly.com/znpKrH https://pix.sfly.com/3eJX1T 2 - 6) Showing me setup or top tree emt conduit mount https://pix.sfly.com/haoWXD https://pix.sfly.com/Nbn2oX https://pix.sfly.com/ZWU0AH https://pix.sfly.com/OAy8Dj 7) Hole in conduit to attach to hooks https://pix.sfly.com/gX45BJ 10-18) https://pix.sfly.com/QyARtX Spacing at center cross brace https://pix.sfly.com/bhd48i Finished https://pix.sfly.com/Bp6Vsj CCR's added https://pix.sfly.com/gXmPUA
  44. Good, thanks. Trying to keep within the CFO's(wife's) budget :-) I'll get the pixels next year.
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