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  1. Easy. 1 ) Open the music file. 2 ) Create a new track. 3 ) Open the vocal file (which creates a second instance of Audacity). 4 ) Select of the vocal, and copy. 5) Go back to the music file, and paste the vocal into the empty track. 6 ) Adjust as needed.
  2. All of this IS GONE as of Monday February 17, 2020. It WAS NOT SOLD! I gave it all away to an LOR forum member in Florida that was able to come and pick it all up. I'm not going to say who got it, but they will let you know when they're ready to reveal who acquired everything. Why for free? Because it was just taking up space and collecting dust, I had an extra controller I no longer needed and had read about a person here on the forum saying they're going to need another controller to up their display. And I've had quite a few folks on this forum pass things on to me and help me out a lot as well, I can't name some of them, but they know who they are. And a few have posted who they are with what they've sent to me. So I'll leave any names to be posted or items I received completely up to their discretion. So, because of these generous and kind folks on the forum that have helped me, I just opted to PAY IT FORWARD by helping out another forum member with these items. I Pm'd them about the items and controller and offered everything up for free. I had tried to sell them at various times, but never got any takers, and I really, REALLY needed to get rid of this stuff. And since I don't drive or have a vehicle, shipping them was out of the question for me. So after the PM's, they were offered and accepted by a LOR Forum member who's only been in the hobby for a short, not all that short, time and could pick everything up from my location. I hope they enjoy the controller, it is a V2, pre-built by LOR CTB16PC and all the Halloween Decor they scored on Monday 02/27/2020. So this topic can now be closed if the moderators of the forums would want to do that. Thank you.
  3. Open your sequence, right click on the prop,(on left hand side of sequence) click add or modify motion effects. When the box comes up click add and then under subsection click custom. At this point you will be able to choose which pixels you want to use.
  4. OMG...today they added 2 big inflatables!!! 😄 If they keep this up I'm going to sneak into their yard at night with my LOR controllers, mini-Director, outdoor speaker, & SPT1 cords and rewire all their lights & props! And something tells me they might not even mind! 😄
  5. Having a spare USB to RS-485 adapter is one of the most important spare items to keep in stock. If that fails during show season, your entire show goes dark... And having a spare is very handy for testing as you mentioned. My three in service adapters are not overly handy to pull out for testing either - and besides are used year round for my landscaping show. Highly recommend that any adapter you buy is a high speed (red) adapter. Even if you don't need it now, as you expand, you eventually will.
  6. Eric, I don't quite understand what you are asking for. I made a video of how I deal with different prop arrangements within the Preview. Not sure if this is what you are asking about or if it will help you, but take a look and see how I deal with it. Hope this helps, Alan...
  7. You're very welcome David. May you get as much enjoyment out of everything as I did when I was doing Halloween Displays. Now it's only Christmas for me due to health and medical issues. And I'm glad you will be able to put everything to good use. And just in case you folks are interested, this is what David scored {all for FREE to}: 4 Skinny Pumpkin-head Boo Ghost Blow Molds, 1 Witch w/broom Blow Mold, 1 large ghost w/Jack-O'-Lantern Blow Mold, 2 Large Wire Frame Skulls, 1 Large Wire Frame Bat, 1 medium sized wire frame that spells BOO, 2 Black electric candles, 2 black rubber rat props, 11 strands of M5 Orange LED 35ct Light Strands, a small plastic bat w/own controller to simulate flapping wings, 1 large tombstone w/2 spiders on it, 1 small tombstone w/2 spiders and a half web at the top, extra bulbs, for the Light strands and Blow Molds, extra fuses for all the decor that uses them in their plugs, 1 5' tall dancing skeleton and a large, very unruly, wire frame Halloween Tree. And the CTB16PC Controller {built and assembled by LOR}, which is a V2, but still in excellent condition. And some plastic chains. Some of the smaller items were in a red tote w/green lid for easier transport. Thankfully I sent David a PM and told him to bring a large vehicle to get it all if he wanted it. And he brought his pickup, got everything to fit nicely in it too. Again, enjoy it all David. Very happy to see this stuff go to someone that can use it in Florida that could pick it up. BTW: David, you're the first person that has ever made it to my house without having to call and ask for further directions or instructions on how to find it. Most that have never been here, or only once or twice, they still get lost trying to find me, and I usually have to go out and find them to get them to where I live. It's really easy if they'd just follow the route I give them, but no, some of them always end up making a wrong turn somewhere. Even had a few that had been here numerous times, still end up on the other side of the manufactured home park {the South side} and yet, they KNOW I live on the North side. How they managed that, is still a mystery to me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. This is the list of issues that I was having in v5.3.4 that seem to be resolved. The motion effects are AWESOME. That's all I can really say on that. I am still in awe of the ArchimedesSpiral. My spinner looks good with it! Copy and paste to closed groups seem to be working perfectly. I will no more as I use this feature a ton. Undo paste seems to be working perfectly. I will no more as I use this feature a ton. Opening a sequence twice now shows the popup in front and with the wording. NICE! Transparency on the bulbs seem to work. Wish it was a slider for just bulb 1 so I could turn it off. But this is a start and will test it more over the upcoming weeks. The giant white box is now sized correctly and I see that it shows props that are using motion effects. I can now click okay. NICE! @MattBrown Thanks you for the fixes Matt!!!! Hopefully I will not be reporting anything for some time to come. 😁
  9. I use a lot of 3d printed props. Once I have the prop made, I take a picture of it and then import that picture into the custom prop grid and start numbering away. Very easy to do.
  10. I like to design the custom props myself, but if it's already created, why not use it? I see no need to reinvent the wheel unless they do not match up. Yes you would take the 3 props and create as group with them. If you do this one, I would like to see it in action. It looks pretty darn cool.
  11. 5.4.0 was Greg's stress release. I will let you have the next version Eric. 🤣
  12. @MattBrown It you load your sequence and accidentally open it again, you cannot do anything inside of SE. It just beeps at you. In the taskbar you can see there is a popup but you cannot get to it to see what it says. It stays behind SE. The only thing you can do is, is to launch the task manager and kill the LORsequencer (32bit) task. I can reproduce this every time. Not sure if having a sequence loaded with the same name messes with it or not.
  13. default


    Here is a short demo of how the Peek-A-Boo effect works. It is a sub movement feature of the Picture and text Effects. Have a look at the video. Alan...
  14. My take on this is mainly: Who cares? There is NOTHING that requires that a preview look at all like reality. The only one that sees the preview is the guy sequencing. As long as it's fairly close, it does not matter. In fact my yard preview is not even close to reality. Mostly related to angles. I have a VERY odd shaped front yard so almost everything is at some funny angle. They are not at the funny angles in the Preview, but rather squared up so pretty much everything is either up and down or side to side. My S3 / S4 visualizations were the same way. If you really feel a need to get them to match reality that closely, scale that prop so it's REALLY big (like the entire screen). That way you can more accurately position pixels - and the blue dot is such a small item, that it's essentially a non-issue. When completed, scale the prop back to the desired size. If you are going to do that, you may be better off starting with a blank preview and only create the one prop. Once you have it the way you want, then export that one prop. Exit without saving the blank preview and import that one exactly laid out prop into your "real" preview.
  15. I was finally able to duplicate your issue and have a resolution. Let me guess, you have minimized Sequencer prior to bringing up File Manager (as opposed to opening the file manager in front of Sequencer). I could duplicate your condition if I minimized Sequencer and then try to open the file a second time from the File Manager. Looking at the Windows task bar, I could see that there were now two instances of something related to Sequencer. The solution is to hover over the S5 in the task manager so it brings up a mini-preview of all windows. Then click the red X in the upper right corner of the preview for the popup and that will kill the pop-up. After doing so, Sequencer worked properly. OK, full disclosure, I did this initially on my laptop which has 5.2.4. However I remoted into the family room computer at home which is 5.3.14 and repeated the test. The results were exactly the same (except that the task bar says SE rather than S5).
  16. Vince I sent you the whole shebang. I thought it was going to Greg but I picked up your email from his quoting you. If you can use it great. enjoy.
  17. How are you opening it a second time? When I try to do that, I get a popup that says "This files is already open in another tab. You cannot have the same file open in two separate tabs." Tried opening it both from within Sequencer and also double clicking on the file name in Windows File Manager (yea, I'm dating myself by calling it that). Same result in either case.
  18. Autoflip works perfectly with S5.
  19. AutoFlip will read/modify/create clipboards. Other pixel tools, SpEx, PagagayoToLOR and Marquee create clipboards too. The others create file types, config.lcs visualizer.lee. Message me if anyone needs support on any of these.
  20. No doubt you have found a big bug and the LOR people will fix it. I had a bug develop in the early version of S5 in Windows 7 just before I started running my Halloween show in 2019. I was in panic mode. LOR seem to take forever to find a work around or a fix so I went back to S4 for Halloween. The show went off without a hitch in S4. Soon after the show started they released 5.3.14 that had the fix. S5 ran my 2019 Christmas show with no issues in Windows 7. I was very frustrated as you are. Take a break. The LOR people got this. This bug is a big one and will get fixed soon. I know. I know. Yesterday was not soon enough. 😉
  21. I'm glad to hear it can be reproduced without having to change props.... But I do not have the pro level,so no motion effects for me. Matt did suggest a work around of making RGB aggregates for each prop. And this saves the integrity of the channel effects when entered on top of each other. The bummer part is having to remake the RGB props into single channel red, green and blue props. But I saved the other preview, so it'll be an easy copy and paste when they address this in the future. It doesn't render /perfectly/ but it's close enough for upgrading existing sequences and some learning while ticketing in S5
  22. Knowing what prices you are asking for each item would help sell this stuff quicker. There are a lot of folks that usually won't answer ads if no starting asking price is included in a product for sale listing.
  23. Dennis, That's up to you. If you are happy wilth your existing trees, and already have sequences for them then the goal should be to get what you already in S4 to work in S5. Since they are traditional lights and ac controllers it is easy to do. I am making tutorial video(s) on how to make a S5 (.lpeprop) for the Holiday Coro Sing Trees prop. Since there is 3 ways to light them (smart pixels, dumb pixels, and traditional lights) it requires a different approach to each type of light. Now that I know you will be using ac controllers I can fine tune and make this tutorial first for ac controllers. How many trees do you have? (i'm guessing 4) If more than 1, how are they setup, ie. do all act as 1, or do they all have different mouth movements independently from one another. If you can post the channel configs for each tree, I can really fine tune the video for you and post the resulting .lpeprop for you to use or experiment with. S5 has a learning curve, it is different than S4, but once you understand it, you will get comfortable with it as well. There are a lot of good folks here that can/will help in your transition. Yes, I actually enjoy making props more than I do sequencing for them 😀. That in part is why I like to make tutorial videos for making props, if you understand how the prop is built, how it will work, ie. groups I think it is much easier to understand S5 in general. Alan... Alan...
  24. Kenny, That's a very interesting video. I haven't done to much with Papagyo, but am going to experiment with it. Thanks for posting this. One thing I noticed that might be helpful to remember what motion effects are assigned to different mouth movements is to rename the motion effects channels. Just short gif explaining this. Again very nicely done video. Alan...
  25. I sent you a message. I would be willing to let you have 1 of the stars if you are willing to pay shiping and paypal fees. As I said before I am not looking to make any money. I've had people treat me well on here and I would like to return the favor.
  26. I believe I have 2 of those exact same stars that I will probably never use again. I would probably sell one cheap if you're thinking about buying one. The ones I have are in great shape. I just don't use stars on my tree anymore.
  27. I'm going to start talking about items I plan to add to my display in 2020. Hopefully others will follow suit so we can share/discuss ideas and how they'll work. I'll kick it off. My basic plans are to make the jump to smart pixels and move some objects in so that I expand down the side of my house and onto the side of the garage that is offset to the back but faces the front yard. Outline the front and side of house in smart pixels Outline the garage in smart pixels Cut down two trees that have started growing over house clearing space in the front yard Add four singing bulb faces from smart nodes, two on each side of the house Move my "Merry Christmas" dumb RGB prop over to the top of the garage peak Put some P5 panels in that place with some smart pixels on each side (the P5 won't be as big as the Merry Christmas prop) Move my green string tree and star onto the garage roof under Merry Christmas (since I'm cutting down the tree I used to hang it on) Move my spinners onto the sides of the garage and in the middle of them put a large candle prop my grandmother left me when she passed away this year at 102 years old (the prop isn't that old) Move my blow molds, dumb RGB trees in front of the garage to add more depth to that area Move my arches closer to the house and add a 16-string smart pixel tree on each side of the arches Sequence lights until my eyes fall out That is all (for now) that I've dreamt up. I'm at the "figure out how to drive P5 panels and start measuring the house" stage so that I can calculate out how much I'm spending and how to hide it from my wife.
  28. you have to really look, here I got to some of the out of the way places in smaller towns.
  29. As I mentioned above - if its a pixie16 you will be REQUIRED to have the red adapter and a Pro License. There is no way around it. If you have a pixie16 you will find my tutorial both written and video very helpful. If you have a black adapter you can configure and test the pixie16 however for a show you will need the red adapter. This will get you from box to lights as long as you do not skip around.
  30. Do you have a Red (HS) adapter. You will need one. period.
  31. This is a quick video of explaining how the Spiral effect was made. I also have included the .lee (SS Vis File) and a sample SS effects file. It might be easier to watch the video then experiment with an example. Hope these help. If not, let me know. Alan... Right Click, Save as 32 spoke prop sharpin.lee blade spinner sprials.sup (Sample SS effects file)
  32. dibblejr, King of the Circles. looks good. Alan...
  33. Menu > Sequence > Manage Archived Props > Select all > Delete
  34. Thanks Bill, I very much appreciate your help
  35. Two second per channel is "A LOT longer"? I opened up a sequence and then edited the preview in order to change 24 traditional strings to 24 dumb RGB strings. Took about 2 seconds per string. The hardest part was changing the channel assignments - until I found out how to do that in about 3 seconds (for all 24 strings at once). Yes, S5 is different, and there is a learning curve and there have been a few issues. However, once learned, there are lots of positives and very few negatives.
  36. Well, Vimeo screwed up my account and the quota has not unlocked like it was supposed to on Sunday and their customer service keeps telling me they are pushing my issue up the ladder so I guess I'm posting my videos in blocks. Some will be on the Vimeo page and a lot listed on my OneDrive individually. If you see this thread and the OneDrive links aren't working it is because Vimeo finally got their #@$% together and fixed my account and they will all be on my Vimeo page. Songs without links are on the first link on our showcase page. Songs with links are the one's I had to post to OneDrive so I could put them in the order they played nightly which runs from Black Friday through New Years Day, Sun-Thurs 6-9pm and Fri-Sat 6-11pm. My big thing to figure out before the 2020 show is how to turn off the stupid auto-focus on my phone camera (grrrrr). Ewles Family Christmas Pageant of Lights 2019 - Page 1 Ewles Family Christmas Pageant of Lights 2019 - Page 2 Main Street Electrical Parade (our opening song that only plays once to start the show) Small World Holiday The Polar Express The Twelve Pains of Christmas Jingle Bell Rock Silent Night Linus and Lucy Amazing Grace Baby It's Cold Outside O' Christmas Tree All I Want for Christmas is You Little Drummer Boy - Peace on Earth Run Run Rudolph Blue Christmas Mad Russian's Christmas Wizards in Winter Christmas Canon Christmas Eve Sarajevo Go Tell it on the Mountain Let It Go Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer Merry Christmas Baby Hark the Herald Angels Sing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree You're a Mean One, Mr Grinch Santa Baby I Want a Hippototamus for Christmas Santa Claus is Comin' To Town The Miser Brothers Mele Kalikimaka Sled Zeppelin
  37. Congrats! Now you need to start working on a Christmas show for next year - OK, and a wedding (but the reality is that is mostly her).
  38. Elation just released an outdoor rated moving head, but I would expect they will be pretty pricy. As GRG said, pretty much any moving light needs some sort of protection.
  39. You can use cheaper ones but you'll need to make waterproof covers for them using clear pvc globes. It's not very hard to do. I wouldn't expect them to last 20 years but I'm sure they'll hold up alright, others use them. The worst part of using them is LOR is crippled when trying to sequence them because it doesn't have any way to model them in a preview to show movement so you actually need to have a light sitting next to you or be a total genius and just guess it's movements. I lost patience on the sequencing end of it all because of limitations with LOR and basically sat them aside. As far as I know it's impossible to create a moving model for them in LOR.
  40. Here's one of mine. https://youtu.be/H5PNLaS0S6o
  41. 2019 Christmas Lights On Franklin Street preview. Christmas Lights On Franklin Street
  42. Like the doctor said. If it hurts when you do that, Dont.
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