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  1. HI Everyone, I'm sure most of us do our over the top displays and light shows because we enjoy seeing them and our family members do too but you never know who will stop by out front of your house to see your lights. My wife and I, unfortunately, recently were at our bosses mothers funeral. Her husband hired us over 20 years ago and he passed away in 2013. He was a great guy. The lovely lady that recently passed was one of the sweetest and kindest persons I have ever known. Anyway, while at the visitation before the service we were talking to our bosses wife, we have been friends with the family for many years. In passing she said they took her out to see our lights this past season. We weren't home otherwise they would have stopped in. She then thought about it for a second and told us she's pretty sure that was the last thing they did together as a family before she got sick (again). She battled cancer extremely bravely for about 8 years. She's with Jesus now because we learned she accepted him as her Lord and Savior more than 10 years ago! It really hit me latter that our Christmas light show was there so this family can have that as one of the last fond memories of her. True I love making the lights blink but I absolutely love knowing that people are enjoying our show. If Chuck Smith hasn't told you or you haven't read it in his magazine articles let me tell you this. What we do matters! Yes, have fun but it's also a bit serious. Remember you are making life long memories for the people and especially the kids watching your show. Know that 10, 15 even 20 years from now some person will ask their mother or father "Hey, remember that house you took us to back when we were kids?" "We loved doing that!" I don't mean to bring anyone down just wanted to share something that touched my heart and really made me feel good. Hope everyone has a blessed night/day Thanks, Al
  2. You hear rumblings because you have blinky lights in May? Personally I think you are getting a late start. 😀
  3. If I'm understanding your question correctly you could try it a couple ways- 1- Left click and hold on the prop and drag it up or down to reorder the view. or 2- create a new View Grid with just the certain props you are trying to view together.
  4. Staying S4 also works great for me works with all my pixels
  5. I am also sticking with S4. You know what they say, "If it ain't broke then don't fix it."
  6. I have a ton of pixels with S4, no problems. JR
  7. I just didnt like S5, i prefered having the older style visualizer,, easier to design props. I went back to S4.3
  8. Thanks for sharing Al. I too have had a similar story shared to me. But I didn't know the family. They left a letter in my mailbox a few years back about the passing of her father. The letter stated that our show had her father's favorite songs in it and helped her through the first year without him... She specifically mentioned Amazing Grace. Thinking about it - I might just have to dust that one off again and update it to my current setup.
  9. Matt, I remember when S5 was in Beta I reported that the "Picture" Motion Effect was not procressing anitmated gifs properly. Up to ver 5.2.2 everything has been great. However with 5.2.4 the issue has returned. Just as an FYI, I am using updated Nvidia drivers. In the gifs below, it is the same sequence being shown. The one with 5.2.4 shows the problem, while the gif showing 5.2.2 is stable. I have installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled multiple times to verify this issue. Each time I used LORRegistryWipe.exe to wipe the registry. I have attached the animated gif I used in the sequence. However all previous animated gifs used in sequence prior to 5.2.4 are doing the same. Using 5.2.2 all the animated gifs are fine and stable as they were prior to 5.2.4. As my work around I am now using 5.2.2. It is too maddening not knowing if the gif will show up properly and makes sequences timing tough with the animated gif fluttering off and on. Thanks in advance for your attention. Alan... Animated gif used
  10. Every time I order something I ask for the lowest shipping cost and state I prefer USPS when that is possible. For these, you should be able to get them USPS. But you must tell them when checking out. I also send an e-mail to the LOR folks and also ask they send the item USPS as well. You must request USPS shipping in the additional comments or instructions when checking out to have an item sent by USPS instead of the only carriers listed in the options box for selecting a shipper. {You still have to select a shipper from the drop down {e.g. UPS, FedEx}, but if USPS has been requested in the comment/instructions area at checkout and that option is viable and item{s] able to ship USPS, you will get in by USPS.} If you didn't ask when you placed the order, CALL LOR and tell ask them if they can change the shipping to USPS instead. If you paid via paypal, eventually you'll get a refund back to the CC, ATM DBC or Bank Account, depending on how you paid, it could take up to 2 weeks before you see a refund, if the order has not been shipped or processed {sometimes you may get lucky and the difference will be refunded immediately}, but if the order has already shipped, then you'll get whatever the rate is for the weight of the package from the carrier you selected as the shipper at checkout, and the difference in the shipping charge may be different than what may be posted on the LOR Checkout for shipping charges. For smaller items like this, it usually drops quite a bit from the posted amount you are shown. There has been times that the shipping charge was far less than that $15.00{or more, depending on item{s} ordered} that shows up at checkout, but still more than what USPS shipping fees are. If the order had been processed and shipped before I could contact LOR, then I just bit the bullet and paid the shipping fee for the way it was sent. .
  11. sysco

    LSS file

    Don thank you for your reply
  12. Don't hold your breath. Results don't usually appear until near Christmas.
  13. once I test the one I bought in the spring I will be looking for a second. Also moving closer!
  14. If you are afraid you may create a document like this in the future... I highly recommend owning a few children. They will knock the urge right out of you.
  15. I'll just put a little sign up on my eaves giving you credit, "Floods by Phil" 😁
  16. Just mail me the license fee.
  17. Is there a story about momma saying keep these kinds of thoughts to yourself? I think so, so I am.
  18. Show off! LOL JK Seen the videos of your neighborhood and its amazing!! wish I still lived in cali so I could come check it out!
  19. I guess I'll just wait for the LOR summer sale in August. I know for a fact they are real and they usually have the best price.
  20. These days, i personally have a problem with sites that can't manage to include an E- commerce plugin. Rings my alarm bells anyway.
  21. jeez, I would love to see that. But over here in NY it's quite a hike lol
  22. Many years ago I was renting a house that was on a bit of a hill. The next door house was about 5 feet higher. At the north edge of my yard was a hill up to the neighbors yard. The property line was at the top of the hill. There were PVC sprinkler pipes at the top of the hill that because of erosion, had an exposed corner. The neighbor's gardener kept hitting it with the mower. After a few times of fixing it, I was getting annoyed so I replaced the PVC with galvanized steel pipe. I happened to be home next time the gardener was mowing. Sure enough, he hit the pipe. This time it was followed by loud screams as he had to spend 10 minutes replacing the blade before he could finish the lawn. He never hit it again!
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