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  2. My I please get a copy - only personal - and just added this song to my Christmas show. Would be a great benefit. Janet.triharder@gmail.com
  3. Bob Truthfully I wasn’t/ am not sure what that does. Care to elaborate here, pm or phone much appreciated. Haven’t had a chance to experiment today since I’m still setting up for Halloween. JR
  4. I make mistakes all the time but much appreciate a great friend having my 6. Thanks JR
  5. Supply and demand. When crap happens and you need something today you have to pay the piper. Had I knew I wails have an electrical issue before departing the marina I may have purchased it online. After about 8 years or so I still have some in the can but no more boats. JR
  6. Yup, after swapping the port and restarting the controller, the problem stayed with the string. Thank you, Titus, for your response. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was willing to help.
  7. Scarcebigfoot85 why dis you skip 5,6,7,8 If you set it up correctly you use SE to add your pixie controllers. It will auto assign the unit ID’s. Pixie 1- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Pixie 2- cannot start before unit 9 It sounds like you added them manually by inserting rgb channels. Also it sounds like you may have another controller sharing unit id’s such as an AC controller but I could be wrong since you don’t mention other controllers. You can connect those two pixie8’s to one network and control individual props as you want. Let me know if you need additional help. Also let me know if it works. I also help via phone if needed. I do not use PE though but luckily you are using S4. I may have misread your unit id’s. But I can prob walk you through it on phone so I can get a better understanding. jR
  8. May i have a copy as well? findkob@gmail.com as always— thanks so much!!!!
  9. I would also recommend Deoxit contact cleaner. Yes it expensive, but if you are wanting to purchase locally, try your local music supply shop. It will be cheaper than your boat place.
  10. Does anyone have American Horror Story theme sequences?
  11. ELLs also can't handle Enhanced networking. Set up a network that will ONLY have the stuff across the street so you are not tying up the fairly slow data speed of the ELL with traffic that does not need to be there.
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  13. Paul do you have it for all lms face pixel
  14. If you swap ports with the pixel string and the problem stays with the sting then it’s a bad string. im going though the same thing
  15. My friend JR doesn’t make mistakes. Got your back buddy.
  16. ELL (V2) is a Black speed family device: The user can select one of the following network speeds: 19.2Kbps, 57.6Kbps or 115.2Kbps. That means that No Pixies on that network are allowed (usable)
  17. UPDATE: I created an animation sequence with just the spider and let it run on my director and everything is fine. When I chose blue the whole spider was blue. It seems the problem lies in HU. All's good, on with Halloween!!!
  18. Thank you very much! Your post helped me get my comp to communicate with both of my Pixie 8's. However, I cannot figure out how channel config. Two pixie 8's, Unit 1 running 4 Arches, Unit 2 running 3 Wreaths. (Do to placement in my yard, and allowing for further expansion, that is why there are separate units running a few props.) Under current config Unit 2 is running off of the Arches sequence, not the Wreaths. Based on the above original post, Unit 1 Arches start at Unit 1,2,3,4. I skip 5,6,7,8 and star t Unit 2 Wreaths at 9, 0A, OB. Any suggestions on a remedy?
  19. For Pixels? For singing trees? For LED/Incans? yer gonna need to be a little more specific.
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