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  2. I don’t believe the show player cares what version the files are created with. I know when I ran 5.0 beta I played all those sequences on a version 4 player also. Which btw plays 5.3.12 sequences perfectly. Now I can’t say if superstar stuff works because I don’t use it but se and pe are no problem.
  3. How to create Playback files with 5.3.x 1. Start control panel 2. Double click the light bulb to open the log window. 3. Right click the light bulb and open show editor 4. click musical and then add your sequences 5. click the options tab then be sure to tick Sequences are loaded before any are played. 6. save that show as something you'll remember easily. 7. close show editor 8. right click the light bulb and open Show on demand 9. select your show you created in step 6. 10. click OK and you'll see in the log window it'll begin creating playback files. Once you hear the first song start it's finished and you can end that show playback 11. Your newly created files will be in \Documents\Light-O-Rama\LORInternal\Playback\L
  4. So I am still trying to figure out why my lights are glitchy in my light show this year. Perhaps someone has some experience in this realm, but are you able to copy your timings and/or effects from an s4 to s5 sequencer file? I did my old songs on s4 software and updated this year to s5, so I copied my timings from the s4 sequences to the updated song versions. Does this cause issues for anyone?
  5. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=880 Pick the desired color. I use green for E1.31 and purple for LOR networking.
  6. Hi Jim question for you ? I need to buy some Cat- 5 cable for next year any suggestions on what type . Thanks Dennis
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  8. I am looking for a sequence for the older version of little drummer boy by For King and Country. It seems like everyone is doing the live version and I need the older version. Please send to travisgrenz@gmail.com if you have it and are willing to share it. Thank you
  9. There is no easy way to combine sequence parts like that. In S4 you add the new channels to the bottom of track one of an existing sequence. After you are confident the new channels are setup properly in that one sequence, you export the channel configuration to a file. Then you import that configuration into your other sequences. You didnt say are what kind of arches these are? Regular channels or pixel arches?
  10. Check out the configuration guide for the Pixie8, Page 15. Try setting the RGB order to GRB or GBR. http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/Pixie_Man_105.pdf
  11. Tomorrow morning I will connect t it by itself again and see if I can correct the ID. There are a bunch of people out front so I don't want to shut everything down to run the HU. Thanks for the help.
  12. The attachment shows whole sequence (top) and a separate pixel tree sequence (bottom}. The separate pixel tree sequences are individual day sequences for the countdown full sequence. Both were used last year and are S4. https://www.dropbox.com/l/scl/AABsq2QzQ1WQO7EilPQfpSrIyyz0pcHTr2E
  13. HU can be a bit flaky when many controllers are present, which is a good reason to only change with one attached. I just recommend using more natural HEX boundaries. for a Pixie 8: x0, x8 . A Pixie 4 cold be x0, x4, x8, xC (But I recommend using the 8 boundry first. Last year one of my Pixie4's Grew up (into a Pixie8 ), Since I had left a gap, NO PAIN, just added 4 more device ports to my sequence
  14. I had drawn the hex map when I was trying to figure out what channels to assign. At first I assigned them back to back but someone suggested starting each controller at the 10s like 20, 30, 40,etc. Once I did that all of the controllers were working fine. Today, I hooked up the new pixie to the computer by itself. I changed the ID to 60 an then connected the rest of the controllers to the network. The first time I ran a refresh in HU it set the ID of the new box to 41, refresh again 51, refresh, 21. Each time I attempted to change the ID to 60 and the software says it can't find the controller even though I can run the lights using the initial Unit ID.
  15. That’s why it says only one controller connected when setting up. Glad you got it. JR
  16. The short version of the story. Last year- bought the TSO Showtime Central package - 32 channels standard residential controller. It worked great! This year- I bought 4-5 new sequences off of LOR site and, using Simple Show Builder (v4) put them on an older SD card. Nothing worked. I rewrote. Nothing worked. I bought a new card, put it on- still nothing. I put the old TSO card from LOR in...it works perfectly! Am I missing something? Does it have to do with v 4 that I am using? I used version 4 for my at home Showtime Central and it works perfectly.
  17. Control panel needs to be running in sys tray. Red lightbulb. Blue lightbulb means schedule is enabled .
  18. I thought I answered this. Com Listener (the control panel) must be running. You can launch the SE from the Start menu without starting the control panel.
  19. make yourself a HEX MAP 1,2 Pixie2 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F,10,11,12 Pixie16 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,2A,2B,2C,D,2E,2F Pixie16 30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37 PIXIE8 40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47 PIXIE8 It is best to only change ID with the target connected
  20. Hey, thanks for the answer. So why is the LED not blinking when I have the sequencer open?
  21. I had thought that when you set the base unit ID, for instance on a pixie8, that the system would then take the next 7 IDs. However, when I added a new controller today, it set it to the very next ID number. Or explained another way, i have 5 existing pixies a pixie2, pixie16, pixie16, poxie8, and a pixie8 at unit IDs 1, 3, 20, 30, 40, and 50. When I added another pixie 8 today, it assigned unit ID 21. Isn't the pixie16 already using that ID number? The new controller is working even though I had not added the unit to the sequences. When I try to change the ID, say to 60, I get an error that the system cant find the controller to change.
  22. If your Pixie does not supply power. you may be in luck Those are pretty common(many LCD monitors use them. I never throw away working power bricks) . Look at the wall wort name plate 12VDC, probably any above 500ma will work
  23. Yep, I said that wrong. I physically installed them and I'm configuring the controller now. Once I do that, I would like to add some arch effects to existing sequences. Would I create them in a new sequence and cut and paste into the existing sequence with the associated timings?
  24. According to the Pixie Manual, the 2nd generation Pixie 16D uses jumper 2 to provide power to the RJ45 jacks. Check your controller for generation number. Bob W
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  26. If the HU is closed, it will stop connecting to the controller. It will resume a connection when either the Sequencer or Show Player is started. Only one application can use the com port at any time.
  27. Hi James - Hoping this one is still available in 2019? if so, matt@jones-web.us please. Many thanks in advance
  28. Thanks, I didn't think it mattered, but wanted to be sure
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