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  2. Thanks Mike for the response. This will be my first year of using S5 which is how I found it. I'm not using ELOR though, rather a "red" high speed adapter for this network and I'm establishing a path to the outside for it. Yes, I did assign a motion effect to this CCR so I suppose the explains the need for an enhanced network.
  3. Not according to the store. JR
  4. i'll take a copy too please! and thank you! thomasmule81@yahoo.com
  5. i will take a copy please speedym@gmail.com Many Thanks
  6. i will take a copy please speedym@gmail.com Many Thanks
  7. Yesterday
  8. Does LOR sell the singing trees without the pixels and controllers? I am in need of the trees only. Thanks, Eric
  9. There goes those low flying airplanes again. haha! When people use the real words, daddy gets confused! haha
  10. Let's give it a shot...like the song cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  11. If they are LOR pixels, I recommend you just leave them hang (or bundle them up). If you cut your strings, you void the warranty.
  12. I'm sure Matt will chime in here, but I believe that is because you are: 1 - Using S5 2 - In S5 are using Motion Effects Motion Effects ALWAYS require you to use ELOR. That's not a change, it has been like that since S5/PE
  13. I’ve got a single CCR which I’ve been using for several years without any issues other than once having to update its firmware. Now all of a sudden, S5 demands that the CCR must be on an enhanced network when prior to this, it’s been working just fine on the regular network. I’d like to know why it’s changed?
  14. Stop thinking in terms of string lights for pixels.. A pixel is a pixel, Cut them from anywhere, and solder the remnants back together for a future prop. If you happened to have 33 single pixels, and the time and patience, you could solder them together for a prop. Be sure to always observe the directionality for in and out as indicated on the pixel circuit board.
  15. Ok that’s what I was thinking of doing. For the strings that aren’t a full sting of 100. Would I cut the pixels off the end of what would you guys suggest?
  16. I am curious if there is a way to use the beat wizard to pick out a certain sound in the song and map a channel to it. For instance if I want a channel to follow a symbol crash or a snare drum hit... I see in other forums they have the singing face auto sequencer, not sure if I am missing something. I also see something about this Audacity program... Thanks for your time.
  17. harry potter here to please. so many songs so little time! thomasmule81@yahoo.com
  18. Assuming 12V pixels and 100 pixels per port max, I would probably put the 51 and 33 on one port, the 72 on one port and split the 168 between two more ports. You can pixel pack more tightly but it won't save a port. As far as the sequencer is concerned, as long as you tell it what is connected to which ID and the correct number of pixels, it should be fine. You will do that in the Preview in S5. You can arrange a grid view group (or groups) any way you wish for sequencing purposes.
  19. Which song(s) are you wanting sequences for?
  20. I found that gem from a ham radio group, and sadly I do know people that will partake in #5 on that list.
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