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  2. For Pixies: Each unit ID (port) supports UP TO 100 RGB nodes or 300 channels You will use 8 Unit ID's. 1 per port (not under your control) The reason the tool let you do what you did, was to allow shorter strings segments to be set up/fold., not go over 300 channels So my numbers are 2400 channels max for a Pixie8 You may not have more than 64 Pixie 8's in a LOR system (your 512 number). Actually, I think there are other restrictions on that 512 You can't use 0, and some are reserved
  3. Don't know about S5 however pixie controllers will use the # of the pixie. A pixie2 = 2 Unit ID.s, Pixie4 =4 Unit IDs and so on and so forth JR
  4. Your on fire! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  5. Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Much Thanks!
  6. Let's see if I understood this properly: If I was to use a Pixie8to create a billboard I would do this ?: Create a prop called Pixie8 Let it know there are 8 strings; say folded It would attribute Unit ID (per the maximum 512 channels available) I am presume this iis correrct, if so then how do I attribute these ID'S to the right spotr(connector) on that card once hooking it up the the computer ? I tought each card (controller) couls only have one ID ? Did I go astray and if so where? Please advise
  7. Awesome song by War! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  8. Nice! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  9. Sure! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  10. I get cut lengths for frame repair from Action Lighting in Bozeman Montana. Shipping is high but they have just about anything available in ropelight.
  11. Please send me your email address. Thought I had it but cant find it. Thanks JR
  12. Now this I have been looking forward to! it's still funky fresh! LOL Pevely@seascape.ns.ca Thanks JR!
  13. Hopefully you’ve figured it out, but be aware, that if the issue is somewhere in the DMX chain, it may not be at the malfunctioning unit. DMX can get funny when there is something wrong with a signal chain; sometimes the issue isn’t even near the fixture that is giving you grief.
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  15. Yes, because of RTC, the G4 has a battery. It's a usual CR2032 3V Panasonic battery.
  16. I did some more digging and found it is limited to 5.3.6. 5.3.4 seams to work OK. To reproduce: Edit the preview to add an rgb pixel prop. create an effects row using custom subc. assuming a stocking, top white part and bottom red part. I also created a row called "all". Save the prop. Save the preview. go back to the sequence and add the new prop to your view. you should see the 3 motion effect rows and the partial pixel rows will have a little square box like character to their right. save the seq and exit S5. Re-open S5 and load th seq. edit the preview and edit the prop. I didn't have to change anything, just hit save on the prop and save on the preview. Now save and close the seq. when you re-open the seq, your effect row subc will have disappeared. The view will still show 3 effect rows but they will all be the entire prop.
  17. i will take a copy speedym@gmail.com Many Thanks
  18. i will take a copy speedym@gmail.com Many Thanks
  19. i will take a copy speedym@gmail.com Many Thanks
  20. James I don't mean to seem greedy but going to TRY to use all new songs in the display. So if you would be so kind. Thank you paul.johnson3@cox.net
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