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  2. I would like a copy please. Thanks. gladsons@comcast.net
  3. I'd like the matrix portion of this if possible. Thanks! gladsons@comcast.net
  4. Putting the controllers in the garage is nice if you feel they are more secure and had a smaller lot. However, with that much land it would be easier and more convenient to place them close to the props. If or should I say when you get into pixels placing the controller in the garage is not an option as pixels are distance limited. You would need a ton of null pixels and with the 5v and 12v circuits you wuld have to worry about voltage drop over property that large.
  5. Thank you for the replies. All great info. I'm going to reach out to everyone of you individually to clarify some things with you to make sure I understand correctly. My house will have a garage. Was thinking of a similar setup to the Johnson Family Christmas where all of his controllers (raspberries) are in his garage. That means lots of ext chords, but I have over 85 right now anyway, what's a few more. Still plan to put adequate GFCIs outside under my covered porch. Going to design storage for all my lights/controllers/props. Any ideas? My singing faces are a pain to move around/store. Need to consider FM transmission when I build and how people will view the show. The wife is totally on board with this stuff and helped me choose land to build our home that supported having a light show, that mean no homes hanging on the side of a mountain. Had to have a large front yard. Our land is 18 acres with 400 feet of road frontage and its 600 feet to our home from the road, so that is a huge area to do a serious light show. On a side note, I will be about an hour from Shadracks Christmas Wonderland and about an hour from Christmas Done Bright and not too far from Darryl Brown of Christmas Light Show. Very excited about all of this!
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  7. This is the EDM TX-LCD Transmitter(with metal enclosure) and uMP3g3 MINI Director that I have been using, included is the power supply (wall wart), the audio cable from the Mini Director to the radio (with volume control), the EDM TX-LCD Transmitter with the wire antenna and it's power supply. i will include 3 Kingston 4GB SD cards and the wall timer for $200.00 plus shipping or the the EDM Transmitter with power supply and antenna for $175.00 + shipping. Earle
  8. The new led lights in the above post is still for sale.
  9. Richard, sorry but ALL wire has been sold. Earle
  10. Having similar problems with Papagayo, especially with V2.0b1 so reinstalled After several words, cannot drag the next word to the left any further. Definitely a newbie on this, so probably something I have overlooked -- NEVER minds, appears if I put more of the verse on a single line in the breakdown box it works
  11. Earl is any of the black still available. Would like all 8 pieces using what ever size box you can fit into. Can also use several of the jumpers you have listed. Ricky. richard19@gt.rr.com
  12. Great stuff Bob, thanks. as soon as I get things further along, I'll post something. Already getting ahead of my self, the light I bought is a moving flood with a large footprint at a distant t so considering getting some moving spots right away -john
  13. Can I grab this one from you? Thanks Mike Anderson372008@gmail.com
  14. This would be good. Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  15. Hi, could I get a copy of this JR? Thanks Mastersonp24@gmail.com
  16. I didnt see where you wrote strip, my bad. I have no experience with those. I got several rolls of rgb but have no done an actual measurement on them yet, and wont until i get a new amp meter. Hey heres a fun fact, dont leave you volt and amp meter outside when it rains.
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  18. Probably. Depends on what exactly you are looking to do. There are some LOR products that aren't going to work with current generation ELL's (some pixels, etc.) which would limit some things.
  19. Can I use ELL's in a new large display with buildings, trees and parking lots?
  20. Matt when is the next release. looking at purchasing s4 or s5 thank you
  21. The link is in my post. The point is: Do not assume that just because something has been that way in the past that it is that way in the future. A rule of thumb is good for back of the envelope estimates BUT before you go plugging anything in, CHECK THE ACTUAL SPECS.
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