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  2. Sent what I had. With so many Traditional versions of this song it's hard to tell which Traditional you want...lol
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  4. Need some some help for some traditional frosty the snowman, jingle bells and rudolf the red nose raindeer tree and faces sequences. Cigvich@gmail.com" thank you "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  5. The slow loading started with 5.3.0 for those of us affected. If you are not having trouble with delays and not needing any of the bug fixes in 12, I would stay where you are.
  6. Not yet. I did submit a help request and they said try 5.3.12 as they made a number of bug fixes to the Hub for SD cards. I have not had a chance to test it out though.
  7. Sorry I am of no help, but I have been stuck on the same issue the past 2 weeks. Figure anything out yet?
  8. No difference, I don't use animation much. Yes for enhanced, pixie16 requires enhanced. You and everyone are very welcome, being retired it helps me as much as it helps you all. JR
  9. LOR states "5.3.12 Contains critical bug fixes and should be installed immediately if you are using any previous 5.3.x release" I am currently running 5.3.10 and I a not having any issues. I don't normally go against their advice; however, it sounds like even though they say it should be installed immediately I'd better just leave well enough alone.
  10. Hello, been using input triggers for a few years on gen3 controller and it works correctly most of the time. Occasionally I get a false trigger. The first year of testing using a trigger I got a lot of false triggers but putting a capacitor between the input pin and ground virtually eliminated false triggers except on very rare occasion. I currently use two buttons and two relays to two inputs in the controller to eliminate long wire runs inducing stray interference to the inputs but have noticed a false trigger at least once.. I don't use the LOR header but was wondering if using one may solve the problem. I was hoping someone would tell me what the chip resistors on the header board are for and do a little tracing to see if the resistors may be pull up resistors. From the stock photo the resistors look like 10k and was wondering if they were connected to the inputs and the +5V pin or maybe they are in series with the input pins. I would think if a pull up was needed it would be on the controller board. So if anyone could do a little reverse engineering on the header board and post a schematic that would answer my question. Thanks for any help, Larry
  11. JR, In step 46 you state to select audio does it make a big difference if you select audio or animation? All my sequences are made using animation. Also if I use the red adaptor do I need to put it in enhanced mode? Again thanks for all the help you give out!!!
  12. If I had an applause emoji to post here I would. Hats off. That is great work/ JR
  13. Question Lo Trama, do you still have the original computer with you sequences. If you do just copy the whole light o rama folder and move it to new one. I sequence on my main computer and then copy folder and put on my labtop show computer to play my show. If you do not have it orville is right about retrieving the SD card files.
  14. In the visualizer, you treat a CCR II ribbon the same as a CCR. You add the strings to your roof. Save them, import into superstar. When you do the import set the sequencing grid "max length" to 250 so there is room for 5 ccrs to fit on one row. Superstar tries to lay things out in a logical way but often does not do it the way you want. You can send me an email at brian@superstarlights.com and I can arrange a time to remote in an help you lay it out.
  15. Vince4xmas. That is really awesome work. Very clean which I like. I'm not into the Christmas throw up that a lot of people do.
  16. When it fails, it was too much. There is no set 'how much' to break it. The point is: AVOID STRAINING IT
  17. So if I already connected it and it strained, then the damage is done? I had a port get peeled up on one of my old 16 plug boxes and it still works. Dont know how much strain is too much.
  18. A local guy I know is still using some of the original LOR controllers in his display. He only uses incandescent lights so all the updates in the Gen3 controllers are of no real benefit to him. He buys new and used from other locals who are getting into pixels and other controllers, so he has a mix of them all... His display is pretty big, 65-70 controllers! He even runs 2.xx software. But like everyone else mentioned be careful who you buy from...
  19. Newbie here... but try using the "lor sequence verifier" against your sequence(s). When I ran it itshowed that a mp3 path was in an older folder that did not contain the file any longer. In short it produces a log that may be helpful. Good luck!
  20. ANY PCB mounted RJ type jack. the jack is not expecting strain (they are selected for cost and ease of mounting)LOR sells Pigtails that have A w/p mount and a flexible lead to connect to the PCB. 👍 $6, cheap insurance https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BjuuMb1R5x0u-NmzX4J3vtB6zNKjtqf5/view?usp=sharing
  21. What can we say? You had a flash-over/burnt trace to R39. A WAG is that R39 is simply the snubber resistor, not the cause fault. I suspect some large voltage (back EMF was applied to Port 12 . Back EMF is common with Motors, relays, solenoids. Anything with a COIL winding.
  22. is the blink all the lights going off after the sequence then all the lights turning on at the start of the new one? or like Orville suggested just a few random ones?
  23. I guess I'm gonna have to contact support. I have tried yet another copy of the software and version still no dice on either I'm totally stumped.
  24. Awesome thank you looks like I need to upgrade to the g4 currently running 64 channels of led lights but looking to get into the pixels next year for the first time
  25. Yesterday
  26. So would that happen on brand new boards?
  27. 4 CCCII boxes, 1 pixie 8 controller, 1 pixie 4 controller. Not sure what chips are in the pixels. I had 4 CCR II ribbons I bought 2-3 years ago. Have 10 new CCR II ribbons and 7 square pixel RGB I bought this year. I had the pixie 4 controllers before this year and everything worked fine. I upgraded the software version, the license level, and got the 4 CCC II boxes and pixie 8 controller this year. It has to be the boxes or software.
  28. That was weird - it saved it to my backup folder instead of the default LoR file folder. Is there a tutorial about the proper way to add CCRs to the visualizer? Also, I have 2 main rooflines: top has 4 CCRs left to right, bottom has 5 CCRs left to right. Is there any way to easily 'connect' the strips so I can program them to do effects across the roofline? Kinda like a morph across the whole house left to right. I searched in the help file but couldn't really find how to add the CCR2 pixe controller and how to connect them.
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