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  2. I have two really good projectors now. I keep thinking about a third. I get on this auction site and a month ago or so there was an AV type place going out of business and I bid on lot of 4 pretty good projectors, but I missed the final minutes of the bidding. Turned out it got to a lot more than I was willing to spend. I need to keep an eye out for a good deal.
  3. As Jim said there are dozens of ways to set this up. Here are some things I did on my house that may help you decide how to do yours. I have a variety of controllers from Sandevices, Pixcon16, alphapix, and pixies. All but the pixies are run on an E1.31 Network. I use Pixel Nodes on y matrix and mini trees. The house outline, arches and fence posts are strips. I use 30/m ws2700 12v strips on all the outline of my house. I don't take them down so having to do repairs has been minimal. It's possible to replace a pixel on strip lights, it's just a bit more difficult than connecting wires on nodes for example. For me I needed to permanently hide the wires and luckily I have plenty of access to the eaves from my attic, so all my power runs through the attic and into the garage where my power supply is located. I have a power injection point at each peak and at the point where it connects to the controller. On my longest runs of 49' there are 3 strips and an injection at the 2 middle points. -----P-----P------controller. I was able to mount an e6804 controller on the front corner on my porch to catch all the strips and the power injections go to the garage through the attic. I used F and J channel to mount my strips. I do the same on the outline of my roof and used shingle clips to hold them down. If you watch at the 7:08 mark I show how I mounted them. The video is old, and I have since changed those strips out to pixels, but they mount the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5i2F72IyBY Keep in mind as well, depending on the controller, your first pixel will need to be within 10-15 feet from the controller, or you will need to add null pixels. They are pixels that don't get used, but help send the signal to the next set of pixels. I agree with Jim's suggested controller points, I think you may need a power injection point at the peak or one on each side midway up the peak as well. For my experience, I haven't been able to go more than 2 strips long (or 100 Nodes) without injection. Easiest way to tell is to turn on white and the color tends to "pink out" towards the end.
  4. As for strips vs pixels, there are advantages and disadvantages of each. A LOT of it is personal preference. So here are my opinions. Pixels look a lot more like Christmas, ribbons on a roof makes it look like a nightclub or casino. Pixels can be spaced as whatever interval you want, ribbons are available only in a few spacings. Pixels are FAR easier to repair when (not if) a pixel fails. Ribbons are more fragile than pixels. On my roofline, I have GE Color Effects bulbs (between the size of a C7 and a C9) spaced about 8 inches apart. My viewing distance is farther than yours. As for controllers, there is a huge amount of variation. If you want to stay with LOR network controllers, it means Pixie series. If you go with E1.31, you have a lot of options - both LOR and others. With smart nodes of almost any type, you are generally better off to have several smaller controllers that are close to the props rather than one controller with long cables (they don't work). One other thought is wiring safety. Since you are doing a lot of stuff on your porch, make sure you don't leave a huge tripping hazard. If the underside or the roof over the porch follows the slope of the roof, you could mount a controller to the underside of the roof and it would be largely out of sight and you could run all the wiring overhead. You could also likely mount them to the house side of the columns and they would not show in the dark. A couple of examples that use this annotated photo: 1) Uses two Pixie 4, and one Pixie 8 controller. One Pixie 4 at each red arrow and a Pixie 8 at the yellow arrow. The Pixie 4s each drive the outer two columns and half of the roof peak and half the eves (four outputs). The Pixie 8 drives the center two columns, both windows, and the door (five outputs). 2) Uses two Pixie 8 controllers. Mount each controller at the green arrow. Each controller feeds three columns, half the roof, half the eves, and one window. One also feeds the door (six and seven outputs). If you can't mount the controllers overhead, mount them behind the columns where I have the arrows in a similar fashion to where I placed them overhead. LOTs of other variations.
  5. Nope, what I did was buy a $50 projector off of Amazon and took it outside. It looked ok so I borrowed a high end unit from a local audio/visual store. OMG what a difference!!
  6. Do you have a vimeo or youtube channel where I can see your evil angel in action? I haven't hooked up the projector yet, so everything I'm doing is watching what it looks like on the PC and me grinning wildly imagining what it'll look like in October.
  7. Yes , our street only has six houses ,they turn off the main street and fly to the stop sign and go right thru ,crazy folks !!!!!!! Where is a cop when ya need one?????
  8. THIEF! 🤣 I use VideoPad video editor. It removes backgrounds and green screens in such almost faster than I can click the apply button on my new laptop. The only thing I've noticed about is that for some reason it gets really slow if I bring in a .mov from an iPhone, but convert that to mp4 and it zooms through it. I have an Android phone so no issues there. It's just my son-in-law and his stupid iPhone that gives me issues.
  9. Very nice, and don't worry about the raccoon. If you are watching my vids I know at least one Norman the cat decided to make his presence known to the world. That car at the 3:00 minute mark looked like it was breaking the legal speed limit. 🤣
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  11. Here ya go ,Ladies and Gents---------Ridding the Line -Michael Martin Murphy-----Vimeo.com/382510454, enjoy . It got upstaged by a uninvited fat raccoon. David
  12. A company I purchased a ton of RGB nodes from sent me some of the below for my roof line to test. I loved them. It was my alternative to using the jig I wasted money on to drill holes in PVC pipe and after a 10' run the holes had twisted on the conduit. Even though the set pins were lining up. My thoughts are that pvc as it gets warm flexes but I could be wrong. I do know for a fact it happened. The first 2 ' was good and I didn't pay attention to the rest until finished. Needless to say I scrapped that idea. The below mounted to the PVC pipe. They have double sided tape and 2 screw holes. I used both. These are great because you can put them around windows or other shapes and just cut off and seal the wires for any unused/ un needed pixels. I used HC clips made for 1/2" pvc and placed some on my garage wall to help mount the nodes. I made a template for spacing for the first section. After that I hung the second section under that and eyeballed the rest for spacing. Once complete I installed the HC clips on the house and snapped the pvc sections in to place. My longest run is 157 of these. They are 3 RGB per section, not the typical R,G,B single nodes per section. They are going on third season and are left up all year. No problems whatsoever. Search the forum or visit LOR's YouTube channel to see a video of my home. JR https://www.ebay.com/itm/Injection-WS2811-5050-RGB-LED-Module-Pixel-Strip-Light-3LEDs-IP65-Waterproof-12V/273827268397?hash=item3fc160872d:m:mEfxbY4MorjKHfGvoAA195A
  13. Tinkered with this last year, spend the money on a good projector. My first test of my evil angel was ok but when I upgraded the projector it even scared me!
  14. Cool! See, already I'm stealing ideas. I already do the Grim Grinning Ghosts with a cheap projector (a toy really, but it works) and I turn my garage into a giant plasma screen (using a plastic shower curtain and some black plastic around it) and rear project one of those AtmosFX dvds. Now I have a second really good projector so I'm looking for something new to try. I tried using light weight gray netting to create an image that appeared in the middle of my graveyard and it looked great, but only from the correct viewing angle. Video editing is really fast and easy now. Have you tried using Cyberlink or similar to remove the background and make it transparent?
  15. Thank you! And I agree with the ease of set up. We will go on this journey together! Thanks!
  16. Maybe Default can share in this thread. He is one of the most helpful members here and has done some amazing work with his props. I am rebuilding my vis to import in to S5. I imported using a sequence and the preview, well wasn't good at all, as a matter of fact didn't work at all. I then added one of my singing face groups manually and it didn't work either same garbled up mess of lights. Subscribed for the knowledge. JR
  17. Well, it depends on your preferences really, and I'm going to drop out of the conversation because I am doing the same thing for my first time this year, so I am no expert. I plan on running strips, now many people on here will tell you strips break easy and you have to replace the whole strip, but to me they are also easier to setup (or seem to be), and if you don't move them around a lot, not a big deal. Since I plan to leave mine up on the house outline, it is less likely to have issues and at $10-$15 for 5m it is less cost. In other places, like animated characters and such, I'll use bullet pixels or square. The downside to strips (besides what I mentioned) is that they are spaced already which means if you don't like the spacing you can't change it. But if you ask others will have their opinions and give reasons why they did it different. They will also be better able to assist you with how many controllers you need, where to put them, lights per controller, etc...
  18. I’m sorry for not being more specific, but I was wanting to run ribbons or pixels.... the viewing distance is 25-75 feet..... how many pixels, the spacing, how many controllers would I need for this?
  19. I guess I don't understand what you are looking for. You have all the measurements. Do you want to go Smart Pixels, Dumb RGB or regular LED Lights? The Smart Pixels and/or Dumb RGB will allow you to get precise with your measurements, but will be more expensive (well, the lights not the controllers). Also, are you doing other items out in the yard? I always like my house to have that personal touch, my wife calls it the gingerbread house, so when you look at it and think of Christmas, what do you see?
  20. I have a picture with the measurements..... holiday coro charges 150$ for this service....... i was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with my layout...... probably not... but its worth a try......
  21. Get the winch system. There are youtube videos or you can buy the kit from Christmaslightshow com. You can get some net lights if you do not have RGB (for your chimney) that's what I did in NY. JR
  22. Thanks for posting them Bob.
  23. Just wish he had turned the lights out in the video to see what they look like in the dark spinning around.
  24. Canispater Christmas has a video on putting these together that you might want to check out. https://blog.canispater.com/2019/10/🎄rgb-pixel-sphere-prop-build-2019-🎄/
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  26. That's cool! Kind of a departure from the other stuff on his website.
  27. Looking at these: http://www.seabreezeparachutes.com/stsphere.html
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