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  2. If you have to ask you should probably send it in to LOR. The Mosfet is a device on the circuit board which regulates the output voltage. It's a soldering job to replace. If you have soldering skills you can do it yourself. If you open a ticket, they may send you one, otherwise you may have to limp through the season, then send it in. Are you absolutely sure there isn't a low level green command at the end of the sequence. They can be hard to see in the grid. Hover you mouse till the intensity tooltip shows up. Also make sure turnoff lights at end is checked in show editor.
  3. Okay, I did that. Unplugged it and plugged it back on and they go on. Stupid question.... What is a mosfet and how do I fix it?
  4. Are you still sharing this? If so, may I please have a copy? lypsonj@aol.com Thanks, John
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  6. Strips are easily damaged, though last year my contractors 70’ ladder fell on 4 of my circles and they all survived. The video showed it all. Why would anyone think they could free stand a 70’ ladder and then tilt it towards the house? Had it not fell in my circles it would have taken the massive expensive window 50’ up. JR
  7. You can bend them a little, but really not very far. 90 degrees is out for sure.
  8. What my friend above said. Let me add- you will need a pro license and to get more than 100 pixels per channel but not more than 172 you will need to set it up as a Pixcon16 - That is after you configure it in HU. View my tutorial in the General Hardware section stickied up at the top. All pixies work the same so song be to concerned with my video only being a pixie4 About the “how does it Know ports”. You will have 16 lines (ports) in your sequence. Which ever lines you sequence to and connect your strings to are the ones that will get the data. JR
  9. Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com thanks!
  10. Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com thanks!
  11. Would like a copy please cswisher@kmwperformance.com thanks!
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  13. You need to up grade LIC mine have pixel tree and matrix
  14. If you are still sharing may I get a copy. Thanks in Advance Reefrus@gmail.com
  15. First step is to allow sharing of a folder. For these, I happened to use C:\Ham\MMTTY on the computer named Fam-room-2018. On the Sharing tab (the green arrow), give it a name. In this case, I called it MMTTY. You can also give more specific settings on the Advanced Sharing page. Next step is to assign the drive letter to it. In windows explorer, select "This PC" (the green arrow), then select "Computer" (the red arrow), and then "Map network drive" (the blue arrow). On the Map Network Drive page, select the drive letter to use for this share (the purple arrow), check the "Reconnect at sign-in" box (the red arrow), and then the "Browse..." button ( the green arrow). That will bring up a "Browse For Folder" pop-up. Under normal conditions, it will have a section for Network, and under that, the computers that it knows about. In this case, FAM-ROOM-2018, and JUPITER (my server). Select a computer and it will expand with whatever folders have been set up for sharing. In my case, there are three - one of which is the previously set up mmtty. Select the share that you want and click OK. Doing all this take FAR less time than it took to type it up and even for you to read it. BTW, this is exactly the same procedure as would be done to map a share from another computer.
  16. A Pixie16 uses one ID per output so when you assigned the first output (20) the software automatically assigned the other outputs in hex order. And just so you know, if you still have a basic license you will not be able to use a Pixie16 as Basic only allows two ID's where a Pixie16 will use 16 ID's. You will need to upgrade your license.
  17. Newbie here. I have LOR pixie 16 which I know can support 100 lights per channel. I have a window which is 200 lights. The strands come in 50's so I have 2 x 50 x 2 outputs, 4 strands in all. So 2 channels. In preview. I draw the window and put 60 pixels wide and 40 sides. I have selected unit ID to 20. It assigns the circuits. But HOW does it know that I am using 2 outputs? Do I need to be having 1 output per side of window, or as the unit is 200 lights in total, just use the 2 outputs? Thanks in advance.
  18. There seems to limited prop options under the "Add Items" in the Preview Design. Are there other source for props, in particular props used for single color props (i.e. not Dumb or Smart RGB props)? I'm looking for Halloween single color props.
  19. Hi james Ive used yours in the past? Is it because this is for pixels? My LOR is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Would I need a higher license level for smart rgb? Maybe it’s time to go ahead and upgrade software.
  20. The Main LOR Website (http://www.lightorama.com/) will be going through some updates for the next day or so.
  21. Yeah, net use is how I would do it as well. https://www.howtogeek.com/118452/how-to-map-network-drives-from-the-command-prompt-in-windows/ Or, if you don't like command prompts you can do it this way. https://www.maketecheasier.com/map-network-drive-windows10/
  22. Fire 91 you have Basic mine sequences wont work for you have to have super star and Advance
  23. If they come on right when you apply power to the CMB24D you probably blew the mosfet and will probably have to replace them.
  24. So Jim, how do you use the Map command to assign a letter to a Local drive folder, unless you mean Net Use? . Not seeing it.
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