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  2. Brian - how do I get Superstar to show the Tree/Star above, when I go from LOR 5? I have a 12 CCR tree and star - in Superstar I get that display, but when I try to insert a Superstar sequence in LOR 5, it launches Superstar with only a cone-shaped tree and no star... I am using the most current software. I did view the FAQ video about importing purchased Superstar sequences - I guess I can use that at least the CCR and Star is combined - would still like to see the old-style CCR/Star tree in Superstar...
  3. Sorry for all the questions, I don't know a lot about the electronic part of this. I knew enough to attach the pigtails and make them change colors to the time I wanted them on. I think I can solder. So basically on the back loosen off the old solder, remove the tab or mosfet, insert a new one on and solder that? The ferrule goes on the end to protect the little strands from touching other parts and causing a short? Do those get soldered as well. Are these parts I can order from LOR or Amazon, or Radio Shack? What type, size, etc? If I can fix this myself it would be great. I could work on it this weekend. My neighbors really like my little show and all the kids in the neighborhood always come by to see it. I'd like it all to work. Sorry for my ignorance but I appreciate the help!
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  5. Not in my current house (to tall) but on my previous home I used butterfly clips and zip ties. The zip ties were used because of the thickness of the snowflakes. Drill a small hole in two place opposite each other. Secure to butterfly clips and secure to shingles. Note - leave the zip ties loose until you select location so you can adjust to reach shingle flaps. JR
  6. I have the living light shows 35" snowflake with 174 nodes. Pixie 16, 50 per strand
  7. Yeah, March. It's taking WAAAAY longer than it should to make my lamp posts (10 of them). Taking tomorrow off to at least get the rest of the parts cut out and maybe a coat of primer on them.
  8. Stopped by my local WM last night on way home last night and they added and organized a TON of stuff since last weekend when we were there. So I DID pick up a couple of the LED net strings for $12.96. And my WM only had white, blue and multi, so I picked up one of each. Maybe I'll check online for green and red and get them shipped.
  9. So, really wide and loopy letters this year since it is a late start and plan something better for next year, got it. Oh, and start earlier. Like March.
  10. I will let Alan take care of you, he has helped me with a spider from Boscoyo, he's done a great job. I believe Matt has mentioned that there was a problem with S5 and the props from Boscoyo but it supposed to be rectified in the next release of S5. Good luck!
  11. I have always mounted my boscoyo snowflakes on the side of my house. I am considering moving them to the roof. For those of you that have snowflakes on your roof, how did you mount them? If you can provide pics of them that would be great. Thanks.
  12. Consider using ferrules when using stranded wire. All it takes is just one of those itty bitty strands to go astray and touch something its not suppose to and you will have a short and blow the mosfet. Also, never mess with the wires while the board is powered on.
  13. A CTB16PC cannot do standalone. If you have a CMB24D or any other standalone controller you can connect a CTB16 to it and run a sequence.
  14. A mosfet is very simple to replace if you have basic soldering skills. Whichever string is affected find the mosfet that controls that color:
  15. Hi I am pretty baffled now. I have the 16PC gen 3 updated to v1.09 when v1.04 did not work. Standalone mode will not start. Uploaded a simple 10 minute sequence and told it to loop MANY times. It uploads with no errors. I cannot start it via the hardware manager. Suppose to run when it has power. I disconnected the RS-485 and tried again. NADA. Waited at least 5 minutes - tried again. Nope, no glory ... Hmmm. It is a animation using the 9 highest channels (8-16). It does respond to DMX via a bridge at the designated DMX address 305 (UID 0x14) I cannot figure out what is wrong. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  16. James, could I get a copy please. Thanks cigvich@gmail.com
  17. What Snowflake do you have the 35" or the 46"? Also what controller are you using for this prop? Specifically how many leds per string 50, 100? These props are created using Customized Light Placement. As I understand it there is an issue with certain versions (later) of S5 that have issues with sequencing for Customized Light Placement built props. I have converted a number of these props to make them for the lack of a better word "more user friendly for LOR controller users". If you provide the info above I can do this for you and post the results here. Alan...
  18. Ya, I'm sure nothing was left on. I'm using a show director and I didn't have this problem last year. I'd hate to have to send it in because I'm in Oregon and it would probably take a very long time to get it back.
  19. I cant get it into LOR mode. Its prop I found was only in DMX and it's not allowing me to sequence or configure any channels. I have only LoR controllers
  20. If you have to ask you should probably send it in to LOR. The Mosfet is a device on the circuit board which regulates the output voltage. It's a soldering job to replace. If you have soldering skills you can do it yourself. If you open a ticket, they may send you one, otherwise you may have to limp through the season, then send it in. Are you absolutely sure there isn't a low level green command at the end of the sequence. They can be hard to see in the grid. Hover you mouse till the intensity tooltip shows up. Also make sure turnoff lights at end is checked in show editor.
  21. Okay, I did that. Unplugged it and plugged it back on and they go on. Stupid question.... What is a mosfet and how do I fix it?
  22. Are you still sharing this? If so, may I please have a copy? lypsonj@aol.com Thanks, John
  23. Strips are easily damaged, though last year my contractors 70’ ladder fell on 4 of my circles and they all survived. The video showed it all. Why would anyone think they could free stand a 70’ ladder and then tilt it towards the house? Had it not fell in my circles it would have taken the massive expensive window 50’ up. JR
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