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  2. So, I tried to search on this, but after a few pages of searching multiple projectors it didn't come up. I have seen the video for S4 on using an mp4 as your audio track and projecting to a "second monitor" in windows, but is it possible to send separate video out to multiple projectors? I was thinking of re-creating the singing busts and Madame Leota in a Halloween display this year, and can see how to get the effect done pretty cheap for each item, but it would require two projectors unless they were really close to each other and perfectly setup. That's why I'm wondering if you had a video card with three video outputs like vga, dvi and hdmi could you use the vga for your main monitor and hook a projector up to the dvi and another to the hdmi and send different video out to each projector? Or am I just dreaming away here. To me this would be the easiest way, or I guess you could put the video all on one and mirror your monitors (projectors) and do something cheap like partially cover your lenses in different spots to hide the video you didn't want shown from one to the other. But that seems less than optimal and limits what you can do in the videos.
  3. Wow, @james morris, 37 songs? I don't think I even know 37 Halloween songs. 😂 I bow to the master.
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  5. I turn on oct 1 I use 37 songs a night every night you will not see the same song I use 350 sequences show goes on at 6.30 intell 9.30 take down day after Halloween start putting up christmas
  6. For those of you who are running shows for Halloween, what is your schedule like? We are thinking of a show at my son-in-law's house because he gets a lot of trick-or-treaters (where my house might get 3) since they are in a sub-division. Do you run it nightly the whole month of October? Just a few days? I was thinking the 2 weeks leading up to Halloween, but wondered what others did. The nice thing is the lights will all be on the house for Christmas.
  7. Very cool, I especially like the depth you add to it.
  8. Please update your profile because if you are still using a Standard license you are not going to animate anything.
  9. Technically I'm not "adding" anything but I am installing my display on a friend's house who is out-of-state. Well I guess that means I'm adding 100% new sequencing and installation methods lol. She lives on the water in California and the setting is so incredible I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I actually already made the new preview for it and sequenced a couple songs so she could see what it will look like. Here's a youtube video of the preview:
  10. Dennis I used to have it. I actually made it. I have the clip art and maybe this weekend can whip it up for you. You want RGB or LED? JR
  11. I would like a copy sent to sgtsrice@gmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank you.
  12. Is this done is s4 or s5. Did you use SS? I am adding pixels this year and have that song programmed for my non pixels in my 2019 display. I am adding 3000 pixels for this year. If you will can you share how you did some of the effects? The opening is awesome. I also like the pics you added on the tree.
  13. My neighbor loves my light show so much that he asked me to include his house into my show this year. Yikes - I"m just learning how to program pixels. This was my first year with 16CCR tree.
  14. thank you, they were a hit. So many good remarks about them.
  15. How does everyone animate their mega trees? I want to add 2 smaller 8 channel spiral/mega trees and one 15' 16 channel mega/spiral tree(red/green/white) with 12 channels of white spiral. Is it possible to animate them? any pictures and or explanations would help. Thanks
  16. Just thinking right now. Not sure exactly what I need. In my search for song mashups I came across a marvel trivial thing that would play the marvel theme in the background and had questions populate giving you 10 or 15 seconds to answer a,b,c,or d. I was wondering if I could ask the questions while playing the music in the background. Having 4 push button type ac or dc switches for a,b,c,or d. Give them 20 seconds to answer. If answer was correct put a pic of the correct marvel character on the pixel tree if incorrect put an X then the character. If no one uses the buttons the x would come on and run through the sequence in the same way it would if a person answered wrong. I am not sure if this makes sense but it was an idea I had and thought if it was possible someone here had done something like this or may know if it is even possible.
  17. Drew Hickman is AWESOME. He knows his stuff and is extremely helpful. I just so sad I can't make the expo. 😞 Family cruise to Alaska. I'd rather be in his class.
  18. I would like a copy sent to Janet.triharder@gmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Long time LOR user and I always use for my private show only 🙂 thanks
  19. Is anyone else having issues with 5.3.14 stalling on startup with the latest Windows 7 update?
  20. Drew Hickman's class was great, I took my nephew to it, so he could learn how to program.
  21. Yesterday
  22. I wanted to upload my 95-minute video to Vimeo too after Youtube blocked it worldwide. But like you I have an upload limit that isn't high enough, and I didn't want to pay to upgrade. Since I'm already paying $1.99/month for 100 GB of storage on Google Drive and still had plenty of space available, that's where I uploaded it.
  23. Does anybody have the 4 channel LPF prop file for the Holiday Coro singing Santa face that there willing to share would like to add prop to S4 Pixel Editor Thanks Dennis
  24. Orville


    I find this very interesting since I run 9 Controllers off 1 GFCI outlet. 5 older CCB-100D RGB Controllers and 4 older V2 CTB16PC Controllers and have been doing it since 2010 and never had any trip issues except the 1st year, but that was due to not capping off the Female plugs with Child Proof Outlet caps and water getting inside those. I also cap off any unused channel dangles on the CTB16PC units. So either mine is not as sensitive, to this or it was built with a higher threshold for tripping the circuit off. It did trip once this year, but that was due to a nicked power cord, nicked just enough to lightly expose the wire on both sides, and when it rained and got wet, it tripped the GFCI off, repaired with Flex Seal and no more issues.
  25. You've got mail. This is a great Christmas song Enjoy JR
  26. There's really nothing to remember. You add the device in SE. It auto assigns. When naming the device add the unit ID's to the name tab. (if you don't know how to open the devise in the sequence). When you add a new device it only has to be the next unit ID. I tell this to everyone I help configure so that they will get used to how the unit assignments work. Saves problems later. Id run out of space if I skipped and names every pixel controller outside of the pre arranged hexadecimal system. JR
  27. The website finally came up, and now I'm trying to convince my son-in-law we need a guys trip to Vegas. 🤣 I have spoken with Drew Hickman on the phone, through text messages and email many times over last year. He is professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable. I'd go to either of the pre-conference classes he is going to teach. And afterwards I'd shake his hand for all the help he's provided. Just my humble opinion.
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