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  2. Chinese New Year ended Feb 8 but as you stated some factories are converting productions and many are just keeping workers at home.
  3. Even without the virus impact, much of China is closed for business during most of February due to Chinese New years celebrations. I suspect the delays will be felt soon. I have several items on order, and am mildly curious as to when they might appear. Apple can't get its new Iphone out and I heard that Foxconn had repurposed its plants to make surgical masks for the crisis. Now that's what I call manufacturing agility.
  4. Thank you Matt! Much appreciated!
  5. Glad you got it working! We'll increase the limit to 64 in the next release. Matt
  6. Hey Matt, I just realized you meant "none" as a prop grouping, not "none" when you're creating a motion row. I can add the motion effects now, but if you're still willing to increase the row limit, I won't say no! Thanks! Aubrey
  7. Hey Matt, When I right click on the group to add rows not in the preview builder, the option isn't there, and when I try to do it when creating the group in the preview, it tells me the motion effect rows are limited to 0. Specifically what I'm trying to do is create a 360 panel tree and have a motion effect row for each panel because I'm not sure how else to isolate them. I need 64 rows in order to do that if that's the best way to do so (which is why I was trying to create two groups of the same prop). Thanks!
  8. Did you set your speaker preferences to your speakers from the computer? Do you hear audio when you play any song via some other player? Was the sequence created as an animation or a musical sequence? If musical, hopefully you linked to the proper file?
  9. You can add motion effect rows to groups with 1 prop. You just need to select an arrangement other than None -- Horizontal Stack should work fine. BTW, how many motion effect rows do you need? We can raise the limit in the next release. Matt
  10. If you have any questions about how to use the feature, help can be found here: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/manage_picture_effects_dialog.htm Matt
  11. Just wondering if anyone has noticed any disruptions in orders from China. Many vendors are having their pre-sales now and as everyone knows most all led's come from China. The stock market has taken a pounding the last few days due to Coronavirus interrupting the supply chains.
  12. @Box on Rails Yes this is new and yes it will embed the picture inside the sequence. You can also export the picture back out if needed. It's a nice feature. This was talked about in one of the threads I started and here is the link. It seems to work really well. You can see the new motion effects stuff in the sample sequence. There is one with the embedded picture as well. C:\Users\username\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\Samples Matt Brown posted an updated sample sequence because the one that gets installed with v5.4 was missing the embedded picture.
  13. I just upgraded to 5.4.2 and found what I think is a new feature? I might of missed it in previous vernsions but here is what I found. There is a Tab in the motion effect Called "Picture". This Tab says Embedded Pictures. So I started looking on the main screen for something related to this tab. I found Under the Sequence drop down menu there is a selection titled Manage Picture effects. This seems to be where I move all my Pictures that are used in my sequence from external to become embedded in my sequence file. I have 2 questions on this. 1. Is this a new feature? 2. If I embed my Picture files will they now be a part of the Sequence file so that when I copy and move them to my display computer Will the sequence be able to display them from with in the file?
  14. I'm working on a project where I'd like to create more than 32 custom motion effect rows for a prop (it's made out of panels). I thought about creating multiple groups of the same prop, but I realized you can't put motion effect rows on a group that only has one prop (or maybe it's for some other reason, but I can't add the rows regardless). Has anyone ever been in a similar situation and found a workaround? Thanks!
  15. Yep, can’t import from xlights to LOR. sometimes you have to do the leg work and be the pioneer in this hobby. ive haD to make all of my singers 32 of them in to RGB props along with a new spinner so I feel your pain but you get the honor of doing it. JR
  16. Agreed, but prop has hundreds of pixels intertwined in the props features, hoping someone else has already done the legwork I have downloaded the xlights file and have it in xlights but can't figure out how to export into LOR or import into LOR
  17. Don't hold me to this, but I think it is soldered (never really looked). And yes, LOR can make the chips available from what I've heard...
  18. Last week
  19. So, a follow up on my progress back from this small disaster. I've replaced the USB485 adapter, and that got the network going again to an undamaged board for pass-through, and to an undamaged flood. But discovered that the ethernet cable that had been the link between the flood that had its power cord cut, and the CMB24D that was damaged was also non-functional anymore (go figure!). Replaced that, and I now have one flood doing a little bit of work again out in the front yard. My next question is that k6ccc suggested the comms chip on the board could be replaced, rather than buying a whole new board. Does that require soldering, or is it something that can be popped off and replaced easily? And if it's straightforward, does LOR sell those chips?
  20. Thanks James. You have been a big help!!! Thought I did a search already, i'll try again.
  21. Most of them i have posted here do search then post there will send
  22. Hyper by Baker drive Pets led faces back up singers house outline tombstones 8 channel hexgone 16 by 50 pixel tree lead singer 24 by 50 matrix sharing still have to state not to share
  23. "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thanks JR! gradylights@gmail.com I'm look forward to your class in Vegas.
  24. I know its it is still early. Just don't want to forget about this. Thanks to the folks that have already helped me out a ton. Still looking for 16 strand tree to the following songs Christmas can can Let it go dueling banjos Christmas canon Thanks,
  25. yes!! please do!! Thank YOU for all you do for us !! have a wonderful day tom Terpening wnkrwnkr@gmail.com
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