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  2. Pixels are 2". If you build intricate designs you have to test to see where you can capture the best lines. Being non standard mouth shapes my pumpkins will take some work. If you get the lights closer than 2" they become a blur or one huge glowing light, even if intensity is adjusted. JR
  3. How far apart are you drilling the holes? I was thinking about doing them like I did my bells on the coro this year where I just laid the lights end to end, but might drill holes from the back instead.
  4. Heck, I use 18ga ferrules and they are tight. I don't know how you are getting 14ga in there.
  5. If you have SS the scaling is easy. Takes a few seconds. The tech has advanced and the conversion from LED to RGB in SE has gotten lag free for the faces so I have started converting and adding RGB to the faces I create. I am in the process of drilling and stamping holes in my 10mm coro to retire my face lineup as well. Will be happy to get just 4 pumpkins done for Halloween and 12 of my faces for Christmas. I am building them with colored coro so they will look good in the daytime as well. Remember this - purchase 11mm drill bits for the 12mm nodes. 7/16' is to large and they will slip through. I purchased multiple bits to test. After testing the 11mm is the absolute best fit. They will not fall out. I now have 20, 11mm bits. Forstner bits work great. They tend to try to travel a little so put pressure on them. A regular drill bit works fine. They are about $3-6 each depending. Shortly I will be 100% pixels and can minimize my inventory of AC controllers. JR
  6. Since someone mentioned ferrels, I highly recommend them. BTW, I will point out that all of my dumb RGB are used year round, so not using connectors is not an issue for me. For my smart pixels, they are soldered wire right up to the normal 4 pin green connector that plugs into the pixel controllers. And theDucks, I assume you are putting both wired into one ferrel? That would make it far easier to double up.
  7. Change to xLights and let it do the scaling.
  8. If I don't go dark this year: retiring or converting my 4 old Holiday Coro singing trees from LED's to smart pixels. Then using the 8 - 10 LED strings each from the trees (about 40 strings of 75), cover a multitude of shrubs and bushes in the front yard Still considering moving heads, bought a cheap one last year to play with, lots of work in programming IMO unless someone found a "shortcut" Debating whether to expand my 16 x 50 mega tree (lots of work in scaling though) or adding a second mega
  9. Shh! Don't tell my 5 Controllers 😛 I have doubled up 2 ports of CMB24 with a LOR and a HC dongle. on every one Yes, Care is required. 14Ga Ferrels make it easier (and there is 0 wiggle room left)
  10. If you are talking about two sets of dongles in each connector they won't fit. The connectors are rather small and just putting one set in fills them up.
  11. Wow. Could I get a copy, please. michael@hillcountrygardener.com
  12. Look at the upper board. RGB group 8 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BjuuMb1R5x0u-NmzX4J3vtB6zNKjtqf5/view?usp=sharing Use ferrels or tin the wires. BTW LOR does NOT offer spare 10W RGB dongles (or caps), I had to cut an LOR RGB extension . THE WIRE COLORS ARE NOT THE SAME. buzz them out
  13. Make sure to use end caps for the ones not in use. That way dirt and water will not get in.
  14. Thanks to everyone for their responses. What I'll probably end up doing is connecting both sets of dongles (LOR and HC) to the headers of the CMB24D board, and just use what I need for each show. I say that because my Halloween elements are wired to the LOR pinout already. My Christmas show RGB dumb pixels will be from HC because LOR doesn't sell dumb pixel strings. -Scott
  15. I have had great luck with HC lights and will always use them.
  16. Hi Scott, I use the HC dumb nodes for my singing tree's and buy all my connectors and lights from them. If you buy the pigtails from HC, then their light strands come with the same connector. No soldering is needed. If you buy LOR pigtails and HC lights, you will need to solder the pigtail to the light strand. HC also sells solder tubes, but you will need a heat gun to melt it. Well worth it.
  17. "I would like a copy sent to kakulp62@comcast.net" "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank You
  18. If you are going to purchase a CMB24D with LOR dongles then make sure you buy all your dongles from LOR. HC dongles/pigtails and LOR dongles do not match up as they are different sizes so pick one vendor and stay with them for the dongles.
  19. I have had good luck with the 12V dumb Bullet nodes from HC. (I have over 1K) and not so good with the flat ones (the 3 LED (3 out of 100 failed first pre-season) I have 3 seasons on 12V Bullet smart with only 3 node fails, I added 300 more nodes for this last season. (knock on wood) My floods are 10W LOR NOTE if you choose these STYLE of connections, you are getting in bed with the supplier HC and Ray Wu only look similar. BE AWARE of what you order if you switch vendors. Some offer both . I also recommend NOT having a mix of any similar styles. You will always be grabbing the wrong ones for the controller. 💡 I use Orange and Yellow Cable ties (IEC #3 & #4 ),to indicate 3 or 4 pins (I have lots of both) AND does the duty of keeping the 'collar' at the end of the cable
  20. Just my opinion based on other people's reports - don't buy them from HC. I don't know about their dumb nodes, but there have been a lot of reports of reliability issues with HC smart nodes. With that said, you absolutely will have to use an adapter - or do as I do and cut any connector off. The CMB24 has wire screw terminals to connect. Here is a couple photos of one of mine: Two view of the same piece of the board from different angles.
  21. Hi JR, I'd love a copy if you still sharing. gradylights@gmail.com What class or classes are you teaching at Christmas Expo 2020?
  22. I would appreciate receiving a copy. The conscientious at Sunday School today was that they thought Hot Chocolate would be a good addition. I will be getting phonic mind later this month and with James assistance, will be using it to modify/compare the faces for what I can generate for my pixel tree and matrix. Another great learning project. I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share gblankenbiller@yahoo.com
  23. Thanks for the reply! And at church this morning, the preacher walked up to me and asked if I would be interested in helping them set up one for the church. Said they had some money allocated for one if I could help them do one that told the Christmas story. So I was pretty happy. We are supposed to sit down this week... I’m kinda anxious to hear how much money they think they have for it... so apparently my show made a statement for the community enough for everyone at the church to agree to doing one! Haha but idk how much money they think they have for it. I told him how much I had in all of it, and he didn’t blink so, I’m anxious to see what comes of it!!!!
  24. Hello everyone, I have a CMB24D controller with the dongles provided by LightORama. I plan to decorate six bushes with dumb RGB bullet pixels. Light-O-Rama doesn't sell dumb RGB pixel strings (otherwise I'd buy them), so I plan to buy the ones from HolidayCoro. I have information on their Pinout (it's the EasyPlug4 configuration) but no information on whether I can use these with the CMB24D without having to wire it differently or fabricate some kind of adapter for the plug styles. Does anyone have experience with this? https://www.holidaycoro.com/kb_results.asp?ID=171 -Scott
  25. 2019 was my first time w/LOR. The majority of the year I was busy making props or sequences. My wife felt neglected also. This year it'll be better for her. In regards to traffic patterns. We live close to the beginning of a cul-de-sac w/about 38 homes in it. I would see one or two cars checking out our lights and listening to the music on their car radio. It's always nice to see someone appreciating what you've done. However, the most joy I got were from children, seniors (80 yrs.+), and myself. If a neighbor drives by one night I want them to hear a totally different show the next night. Thanks to the help of this community I have shows 60 mins. long and longer. I play holiday songs 5 days of the week. Friday and Saturday is "Santa's Playlist, (includes all genre of music). I've gotten plenty of likes from that idea. I even asked the closest neighbors for songs which they all were happy to do. So there's a sign in the yard that tells when and what will play each night. (not every song) For me, weather is a factor when lights go up and down. I'm in Ohio, nuf said. I took them down New Year day because weather was mild. As it turned out two neighbors came to help my wife and I, and it was a BIG help. So for 2020 I might go from 32ch to 48 is the plan. We'll see. And who ever sees the display hopefully will enjoy it. I know I will!
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