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  2. well glad it's correct now. When asking future questions, most of the great people here that will answer you will look at your profile to try to give the proper answer for software version being used.
  3. nope, I just changed it, I guess when I made the profile it had that auto selected. When I opened my visualizer to uncheck that box, I saw the version I had.
  4. I must have been looking at Jim’s version instead of yours. 🥴
  5. so I only have version 4.4.4, so yup box unchecked! thanks
  6. I store it everywhere.... Storage units, both garages - hooks hanging trees from the ceiling is my favorite place.... Normally I setup roof and house mounted objects starting late Sept. Then Halloween in the yard first/middle of October. The day after Halloween - Christmas yard props start; arches, fans, firesticks, mini trees, floodlights, luminary cans, candy-cane spinners, strobes - you know - just the typical yard clutter stuff.... Try to be done for Lights On Thanksgiving. Just moved last year - so got started in August - it's a great way to meet the neighbors as they all want to see/meet the guy getting a sunburned playing with his mega tree..... Yep - bothers you now was my intent.....
  7. great setup, can't wait to see the show this year!
  8. wow I know the shows can get up there in channels, I was looking at my 32 channels and thinking "wow that's a lot". Then you have 10 times that! I couldn't imagine where to store the stuff not to mention how long to set it up! Thank you for the tips, I imagine there will be a lot of first-time bugs to work out and I will have to start sometime in October. Yes the weather in NY is unpredictable we could have beautiful weather until January...or nasty cold wet stuff in late September. It's a hit or miss here. I didn't even notice the words of the prop names until you said something, along those lines it bothers me now, so I'll get them off so if...excuse me...when I expand, it definitely won't bother me.
  9. Today
  10. First year you say - start real early. Little things can really bog you down. Like you said - windows and roof early. Then you can test your method of controlling the show out, PC, laptop, mp3 player. It's one thing to "it works!" in the house - sometimes another in the yard... If broadcasting your sound, check your FM transmitter out early too. & check it's channel setting at the time of evening/night your show would be running. Being in NY, I don't know when your bad weather starts, but early means not being on a ladder in the snow too... Side note - good clean visualizer you have going. It might not bug you now - but as ones show grows, so does the black from all the names of the props. I'm over 300 a/c channels now and you can't see anything with the names showing except black. So, if it bugs you, especially now that I drew it to your attention, turn them off. I'm not 100% sure how to in S5.2.4, but in S4 - the top right side - the block next to Name - uncheck it. Good luck....
  11. I usually start setting up mid September and I set up the bulk of Halloween and Christmas and only turn on the Halloween stuff first. Starting November 1st I tear down the things associated with Halloween, webs, monsters and ghosts and set up the last things which are only associated with Christmas, mega trees and things. This worked out good last year as we had rain the entire month of November except for maybe five days. If I had to tear down Halloween and setup my entire Christmas show in November i would have been screwed because of all the bad weather.
  12. You need to read the Input label carefully. 120/240 implies a switch or jumper change is needed. 110-250 implies auto range. The other thing is your mains voltage stays INSIDE the designed range. The Output voltage spec you cite makes me cringe. That could mean UNREGULATED or it could mean adjustable. Who does the adjusting?? You need a quality, calibrated DVM if you DIY. What is the regulation rules (some supplies need a minimum load to stay within regulation: 10% is a common value for 12V. 5% for 5V) Light shows go from almost 0 A (a tiny fraction powers the board) to full load in a fraction of a second. 12.6V is my set point no load (but ALSO check with 1/2 rated load that it stays below 13.2. Some supplies inverse vary under load) Last: is Duty Cycle. How long are you going to be at Rated Output (W or A)? Running at 100% rated output for very much will be harder on the internal input capacitors. Your 50Hz is harder on them than our 60Hz.
  13. I appreciate all the replies. I was thinking to start right after Halloween when I take down those decorations. But I think I'll start lining windows and maybe the roof, get the controllers setup before then. I will have to trim light strings and such, so I might at least get a head start this year before Halloween. I'm sure next year I could start after, cause then it's pretty much just hang lights run wires. (until I realize I started adding another controller and more lights...ahhhh let the fun times start!)
  14. Actually you need to be concerned about both the input and output. The input 110v-250v must match the wall recetacle that you will be plugging the power suplly in to. The output must match your lights so if the power supply output is 10v-40v and you are using 12v lights then you are good. However, if you are using 5v lights on that output then it's not good as the 5v lights don't fall into the 10v-40v range. Now after saying all that, most power supplies have a switch on the side so you can set them for the input voltage so make sure you set that for your location. As for the out put, make sure you adjust the output voltage to match your lights before attaching them. Example: connecting 12v lights to a power supply putting out 40v is not good and lights go POOF. Before connecting lights use a meter and adjust output voltage for the lights requirement.
  15. Hey everyone, Just starting out and have a few questions about calculating the power supply, not wanting to set the house on fire! This is probably a basic question, but trust you all to help, me out. When looking at the Voltage of my lights, should I be focusing on the 'output' DC voltage which is lower and hovers around 10V-40V or the 'input/rated' AC voltage which is around 110V-250V range. If it helps, im located in australia hoping someone can assist with the basics before i go ahead and start planning for this year! Thanks
  16. Anybody mind sharing. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  17. Anybody mind sharing faces, and sequence. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  18. The pictures are still there. They probably have Imgur blocked...
  19. Started in 2009, never have stopped. Always working on something for Christmas Thomas
  20. Yesterday
  21. What version of LOR are trying to run/install? Demo or registered copy? Also what OS are you using? Alan...
  22. Is it p[ossible that it is on a (now missing) second display?
  23. Tried all that. Still doing the same thing. Hmm.
  24. Hey Keith i have a copy but the singing faces only have one mouth movement if this would work for you i can send you a copy. please let me know my email address is rdlee64@comcast.net Rodney Lee PS also i live near you in OP near the Mall maybe we can meet
  25. I am starting now. Just finished a (dumb RGB 94 ) Star of David/Cross/Star (outline) Single color per type: Blue, Red, Green. A lot of splices at every juncture. If I did it again: 135 (est) smart lay flat and a bit of programming . My LOR Spring Grab arrived, just finished swapping a Pixie 4 for a Pixie8 (the box also has a CMB24), adding 4 more HC pigtails. I have a new CG1500 mostly ready for the Pixie 4) Finished a Smart RGB string of lighted beer (ping-pong) balls. (Anyone else notice that how ever much you get at the Spring Sales, you run short when you start building stuff. [plan, what plan?] )
  26. Well i start on the first Weekend in November and every weekend and some days until December, plenty of time to set-up and check for problems
  27. I install the GE Color Effects pixel bulbs on my eves and roofline in mid October. They get used for Halloween. Nothing goes out in the yard until the first weekend after Halloween. My goal has been to be essentially completed with setup by the end of the weekend a week and a half before Thanksgiving. That gives me time to test and tweek anything that needs it.
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