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  2. Anybody mind sharing. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
  3. Anybody mind sharing faces, and sequence. Thanks in advance. Dep.byoung@hotmail.com
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  5. The pictures are still there. They probably have Imgur blocked...
  6. Started in 2009, never have stopped. Always working on something for Christmas Thomas
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  8. What version of LOR are trying to run/install? Demo or registered copy? Also what OS are you using? Alan...
  9. Is it p[ossible that it is on a (now missing) second display?
  10. Tried all that. Still doing the same thing. Hmm.
  11. Hey Keith i have a copy but the singing faces only have one mouth movement if this would work for you i can send you a copy. please let me know my email address is rdlee64@comcast.net Rodney Lee PS also i live near you in OP near the Mall maybe we can meet
  12. I am starting now. Just finished a (dumb RGB 94 ) Star of David/Cross/Star (outline) Single color per type: Blue, Red, Green. A lot of splices at every juncture. If I did it again: 135 (est) smart lay flat and a bit of programming . My LOR Spring Grab arrived, just finished swapping a Pixie 4 for a Pixie8 (the box also has a CMB24), adding 4 more HC pigtails. I have a new CG1500 mostly ready for the Pixie 4) Finished a Smart RGB string of lighted beer (ping-pong) balls. (Anyone else notice that how ever much you get at the Spring Sales, you run short when you start building stuff. [plan, what plan?] )
  13. Well i start on the first Weekend in November and every weekend and some days until December, plenty of time to set-up and check for problems
  14. I install the GE Color Effects pixel bulbs on my eves and roofline in mid October. They get used for Halloween. Nothing goes out in the yard until the first weekend after Halloween. My goal has been to be essentially completed with setup by the end of the weekend a week and a half before Thanksgiving. That gives me time to test and tweek anything that needs it.
  15. That looks like a pretty basic setup. Shouldn't take long to do. I on the other hand start about Oct 15.
  16. can I please have a copy of it. Thanks in advance. My email is joeycain@gmail.com
  17. First try a complete power off reboot.Not sleep or hibernate. If that doesn't work, uninstall S5 , delete the LOR folder in C:\Program Flies(x86) and reinstall a fresh download. As always for safety make sure your data files are backed up first, just in case.
  18. I do not know what is going on. I double click the sequencer and it starts to load but then nothing. The S5 sequencer banner comes p like it is about to open then poof it disappears. I have used it earlier this year but it has been a couple of months. All the other Light O rama programs seem to load fine.
  19. I cut mine to length and put a piece of EMT inside the 1" Sharkbite. Left them out in the SoCal sun for a few days and they were fine. There was still a slight bend at the ends but once I put them in the bases it wasn't noticeable. A heat gun might help too
  20. The great thing about pixels is they can be used for Halloween and Christmas. I start on house outline, windows, etc in mid September usually. Halloween display comes down November 1st and its 200+ hours setting up Christmas display. Thanksgiving night the show begins
  21. Halloween - October 1 Christmas - November 15th
  22. what about the actual physical setup part? when does that start?
  23. Interesting sound. Quite like that, Have to check out some more. Sort of Hell's Angels meet Samurai.
  24. I start January 15th, by then I know what I didn't like or didn't work on the previous show plus what I want to add to this years show. Do a mockup in the sequencer and start a "wish list" for parts.
  25. also, lots of creepy cloth is your friend!
  26. if you made it taller and narrower might have given an eerie looks, I added giant inflatable spiders to mine.
  27. This is my first year of 32 channels of lights to set up, I am wondering more and more as I read these forums if I shouldn't start the beginning of October. I decorate normal for Halloween too! As for you more experienced and further in the addition how long does it take you to setup you monster displays? Here is a design concept of what I plan on doing.
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