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  2. Here is what I came up with. I converted this prop to a prop that now includes Groups. Groups are a excellent tool for applying effects to portions of the prop or the prop as a whole. The pictures below show how the pixels should be installed or at least with this version. The prop uses the same amount of pixels 174. It will use almost 4 strings of your 50 pixels strings. Start your first pixel where the green circle is located, then continue on with the remaining pixels at the yellow circle. Strings 1,2,3 will use 48 pixels each, String 4 will use 30 pixels. The reason they are arranged this way is to be able to create Groups. The pictures will show you how to place the pixels clearly. I included at the end of this post a short gif to show you the prop in action using various groups with different motion effects applied. Enjoy. Any questions, just ask. I really only get to my pc in the evenings. Alan. Boscoyo LLS Snowflake prop (Right Click - Save As) Stats for the prop You will have to change the Unit ID's and Network info to suit your display. Props doing it's thing with groups.
  3. Also using S5.3.8 Pro, Red Adapter, Enhanced, speed set to 500K and configured as above. My issue with the CCB100 controllers and CCB's is different, works fine in HU and config, but when trying to play in Sequencer, string 1 plays correct colors and pattern, string 2 plays incorrect colors but correct pattern. I understand the black adapter is slow, NOT using it. All my other controllers, including the Pixcon 16's work fine and display correctly. My issue is confined to the CCB100's and not displaying correct color on the second string. FW is Ver 1.21, also as above.
  4. The screen shot in the 3rd post has Dumb and Smart controllers on the same network. (not a problem with this particular combination) Please say you have a RED, HS adapter and the speed has been set to 500K. HU talks slow, so the Black adapter will usually make the basic test work.
  5. May I please get a copy Thank YOu kristopher@decaigny.ca
  6. I have the same issue. Tested two different CCB100 controllers both with the settings set to match the screen shot. Controller is on an enchanced network. Controllers works fine with hardware utility but second string blinks. Using S5.3.8 Pro I have added prop multiple times to sequencer. Tried same ID for second string and ID +1 results are the same. First string works fine. S2 flashes
  7. James I was told that you are the KING of great sequences. I just got finished with a divorce ex wife had all the chrismas stuff but I paid for it so I kept it. She got the computer so I guess I have to start a new library. If you do not mind sharing please I will get a few from you and decide if I want to stay or sell out. thank you samualbell@yahoo.com
  8. Sent with instructions Private use only as per original post, if another member wants it they can ask me within the thread Thank you for your understanding Enjoy JR
  9. Look for James Morris- we share all of our 90% anyway of our sequences. Search in the sequence sharing se ruin and Place your email in the request. JR
  10. There lies at least part of the problem. I believe they list the unit id’s and channels on the ad where you purchased it. If buying from LOR I suggest purchasing the unlocked version. That allows you to open the sequence and copy paste what you need in to your own config. JR
  11. Matt I have downloaded the boyosco custom file for the prop into my preview design. But it's in dmx mode and wont allow me to change it to LOR. So I can sequence it and add to my show
  12. I got a whole new setup and got it installed today. New controller and 4 new strings of lights. So far its working. I also eliminated the extension cables that i was using. Not sure if that was part if the problem too
  13. Yes, we have had multiple issues. Just had 8 more strings sent out to us today. It is always the same box that we are having the issue with 83 out of 100 on port 1 and 23 out of 100 on port 2. This is the 2nd time, same box. I have a feeling it's the box and not necessarily the lights.
  14. Can I have a copy please, and thank you. Chrisgorno25@gmail.com
  15. Can I have a copy please, and thank you. Chrisgorno25@gmail.com
  16. Yesterday
  17. Deoxit arrived... applied per instructions... waiting a few mins to connect the display elements up and test .. Thanks again for all the feedback... LOR users are the best !! Bob
  18. At the 1:35 mark - you can see a combination of C-9 stobes and mini-strobe strands. I love the minis - doubling that count for this year....
  19. I tried it they way you had done it in the past. I used binder clips and the flakes seem to be held in place very good. Thanks for the info. I believe they will hold up very well in the wind.
  20. Hello, I would love a copy of this please. phantom1626@hotmail.com Thanks, Tim
  21. Yes I have been upgraded to Pro now! I am using the TSO pre-sequences songs. LOR have provided me with the pre-assigned channels. But I have no way of knowing if the pre-programmed sequence matches up with the lights on the house......!
  22. Hey everyone, So, this is my first year expanding into a Halloween show. I have a large Matrix and i'm just looking for a few sequences to use on the matrix screen. Does anyone have anything, please?? Thanks, Tim
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