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  2. Which splitter, Jim, LOR's RS 485B or something else
  3. I'm using version 4.4.2 software looking for visualizations to use in my 4.4.2 version I have all four trees has any one done this and would share it Thanks (bucketheadu@gmail.com)
  4. Yes, you can. For several years I ran a USB adapter into a RJ-45 splitter with LOR network going two directions.
  5. Drac Sent Oliver need email
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  7. This is normal for windows. If you work with multiple monitors, and sometimes you will work with one less, then: 1. When working with multiple monitors, always move anything in the multiple monitor back to the main monitor before closing the program. A program window will always remember the monitor and position it was last at before closing. 2. When you then bring up the application with only the main monitor, the application window will be displaying the window on the main monitor. Gary
  8. Is there any reason they don't have a "B" version of the Red. Can you not split an enhanced network?
  9. The black adapter needs to go the way of the dodo bird and the dinosaurs.
  10. I am trying to use the DIO32 with relay daughter boards to turn my static display on and off this year. I am using S5 Pro software. This is the first time I have tried to use animation sequences and it seems that the longest sequence is 30 seconds. When I turn on looping, there is a delay between the end of the 30 second on and the restart of the sequence resulting in a off/on every 30 seconds. I want to be able to turn my static display on at 5pm and off at 10pm. How do I do that without the constant cycling? I had someone tell me that you can't do this with S5. I can set up another computer with S4 for the DIO32 if that makes a difference.
  11. Same here looking for fellow enthusiasts in the Montreal, Quebec, Canada Area
  12. Hopefully they are just depleting their stock. Its only a few dollars more for the red. JR
  13. may I get a copy please and thanks kfandrews2003@yahoo.com
  14. Just another example why LOR needs to get rid of the black adapter, too much confusion. We need to start a campaign to make the red adapter the standard. 😁
  15. If the sequence identified and you are trying to schedule is a LOR S5 sequence (.lorprot or .loredit), you can ignore that. It's not really an error, it's Verifier not understanding that you can now schedule those file times. If the sequence identified is a legacy sequence and you are trying to schedule that (.LMS, or .LAS) then this error still applies - there is something wrong with that sequence. Check the help file for more information.
  16. Thanks Guys! I will check the network speed when I get home this evening. I have also added two red adapters to my shopping list! Mike
  17. Thanks Guys, I will give the new version a shot.
  18. Correct. 500 pixels equals 1500 channels (normally). Not a big deal on a high speed enhanced network - but a major problem on a slow non-enhanced network.
  19. Pixie16 and a Pixcon16 are different beasts. Totally on the Setup and input connections. (the strings are the same. Smart) What are the other controllers (and their Gen #, Firmware) Gen 3 and Gen 2 don't mix on the same network IF you (tick) use enhanced mode. Look at the speed charts. http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/ Pixies want that Red adapter speed for shows (HU tests will run on the black), but you cant exceed the best speed / mode the of the weakest member of a NETWORK
  20. Drac

    HP Uptown Funk

    I always try to unless someone has heavily modified it for sequencing such as made it PG or shortened it in the middle. Surprisingly this one is on iTunes though. Jim
  21. If I am reading it correctly though he says he has 500 pixels per channel at 3 channels. That is a lot. Unless after the ball game last night I just didn’t read it correctly but that’s what I read. Most of us have around that for our entire matrix. JR
  22. Probably NOT available at either, some of these parody songs can only be downloaded by either requesting it from the person that created it{if at all possible to get in touch with them, sometimes you can't} or by downloading it from YouTube using a video to MP3 YouTube converter program. Of which there are a lot on the internet and cost is free. One I use whenever I absolutely can not find a song anywhere for sale, or it's no longer in "print" as they call it and no longer available for purchase, then I use a program called "aTube Catcher" and it allows downloading of videos, converts them to MP3 and works on a variation of different video sites as well. Just search for "aTube Catcher" in a search engine and you'll find it. And if or when a song may come available for purchase, I will buy it, but in case it's not and I want to sequence it, this is how I get it. However, you will also need an audio editor such as "Audacity" to edit any MP3 files you get in this manner, as they may have extra criteria in there, narration after the song ends telling about the song or asking you to subscribe to their video channel, this can also come before the song, so things like these need to be edited out. Audacity is also a free audio editor as well. Good Luck and always buy the song provided it's available, but this is the next best method to get those that may not ever be available any other way.
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