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  2. A situation recently came up with our display. Our landlord where we have lived for four years had plans to sell us the house in 2022. However now that the market is up around here he wants double what the house appraises for so unfortunately both us and our display is going to have to move in August of 2020. We sadly notified everybody on our shows Facebook page 2 weeks ago. It wasn't until then we realized just how many people were highly upset about the display moving and how many people our show really touched each year. From parents of special-needs children, autistic children and some people that just told us our display is their holiday tradition to visit each year. We have been getting lots of support messages and people vowing to follow our displays no matter where we go. We also have one person who reached out to us that is having a new home built and wants us to rent out their current home so they don't have to sell it. Their time frame for building gives us the perfect opportunity to rent their pool home which is much larger than our current home and gives us a much better viewing area with no HOA as the house is on the outskirts In citrus hills and no neighbors across the street or on the sides of us. Shockingly it's actually right down the road from another display house in citrus hills that another forum member on here has which would be a total upgrade for us. It's one of the nicest areas in our county to live in and is much higher end homes It's not set in stone yet but this really shocked me since it was just somebody who has come to visit our lightshow and come to find out we actually talked to them before and had no idea who they were just thought they were a happy viewer. You never know who is visiting your display and what could possibly come of it. For that opportunity to arise it really made me sit back and think about how many hours go into this and how it really touches people. I do these light shows as my way of just giving back and letting other people enjoy it but it's nice to know that others are so deeply affected by what we do. nothing is set in stone yet but this gives us a wonderful opportunity as well as lets us know just how much people really appreciate what we do.
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  4. Jim, it is working and tomorrow I will be programming. I want to thank you for all the help that you have given me. I hope that I can call you as I get closer for more advise. Mark.
  5. I suggest Xlights and its FREE! Another option worth looking into
  6. This was posted in my guestbook a few years ago. So, I do think also, that it makes a difference in some peoples lives. Wayne Comments: I first saw the house coming back from Xxxx Xxxxx. It moved me to tear's. You see ive had a really long road in the past 9 year's. I had given up at one point & didn't even look forward to Christmas. I didn't have one for over 8 year's. I didn't believe anymore that the Christmas spirit was real. Just all what people could get, instead of what they had already been given from the beginning. The night I saw the house , well we drove by 5 time's . I cried every time. Not of sadness, but sheer child like excitement & amazement. That night we put up the first Christmas tree ive had in 9 year's. People just don't realize how Christmas light can re-cenddle & inspier the meaning, love, & perpouse that is the Meaning of Christmas! Hope Every-one has a Very Blessed Christmas!
  7. I just didnt like S5, i prefered having the older style visualizer,, easier to design props. I went back to S4.3
  8. Jim, we set the thing up last nite to come off the LAN and then to the switch and then to the pixcon. Jim, I'm out tonight but when I get home I am going to send you some pics of what we set up on the PC. When you have time no hurry, but could you look at my configuration and comment?
  9. Phil good point about pro upgrade thank you
  10. Based on our phone call last night, I thought you were using E1.31 - NOT ELOR for the PixCon. Everything we set up last night was for E1.31. You can have ELOR networks in addition to E1.31. E1.31 would connect to your "normal" computer LAN and the silver RJ-45 on the Pixcon.
  11. No, I dont think I truly understand the unit I'd. I did mention that I was coming off a switch so I'm using the serial port, going to a switch then out to the 2 pistons. The RS485 will be used later for the ac controller s. Right now I'm just trying to get my feet wet with the pixels.
  12. I think a renewal will get you to S5, but you could always run S4 if you wanted to. If it were me , I would also get the upgrade to pro as it brings many advantages particularly for pixels.
  13. I'm looking for any of the Pentatonix sequences as well. Regular LED sequences -- not pixels or RGBs (that's too fancy/costly for me). Thanks in advance!, -- the5prescotts@gmail.com
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  15. Using S3 right now but looking at S4 or S5 upgrade. I don't know which one, but this will be my last upgrade ,what would you suggest thank you
  16. We are set up in ELOR Regular com 3. 1000k EnhANCED. DMX Universes 1 thru 8. Ip address of Right now both of the lights on the board are solid. The subnet mask is showing I dont even know what that means. Pixel port setup is 1thru 8 ports are also 1 thru 8 starting universes. Start channel is 1. 150 pixels each end universe is 1thru 8. When I put a random butterfly effect on the matrix s5 software. I can see it in the preview but it doesn't playback on my pixel display. I hope I gave you enough info so you know what's wrong. If you need more ask away. Thanks in advance. P.s. I'm using the serial port out of my windows 10 PC. To a switch then out to said pixcon16's.
  17. Are you using the pixcon.for the matrix? If so, could you tell me how you addressed it and how to see it playback. I'm really out of options on how to see what I've done.
  18. I talked to him for quite a while last night on the phone. He is running it in E1.31 mode.
  19. Ai: i know what you mean. Approx 5 years ago while i was setting up my display an older Gentlemen pulled up in a mini van to tell me about my display, between puffs of oxygen from his tank he let me know my Display gave him 1 more reason to live another year, I have not seen the Man again but i will always remember 1 more year even though setting up takes time and a lot of PAIN. So don't think what we do does not matter it does to Somebody. Because it gave them 1 more Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. would really appreciate a copy Manderscout@gmail.com
  21. I've always wanted to sequence "Santa Clause is coming to town" and I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause last night". Has anyone here ever done these songs? they would be so awesome in a light show.
  22. Looking for some inspiration this year. Anyone willing to Share? I have several sequences to share also if anyone is looking for something specific.
  23. First off since you are using a Pixcon you didn't mention what mode, RS-485 or E1.31. Second, when a controller works in the HU (test mode) and not in the actual programming then 99% of the time it's your configuration. If using the Pixcon in RS-485 (LOR) mode are you aware of how the Unit ID's work?
  24. Thanks, I'm aware that it wont look right with the pixels on 2" centers for pictures but that's is not what I will be doing with these. Think Pink Floyd meets Christmas. My problem right now is playback to the matrix. I have yet to make that happen. I can get them to chase in the test program but cant make a sequence play back. So any input to that end would be helpful. I have over 6000.oo in new toys but not much tech knowledge to this end yet. I will get there eventually.
  25. The spec for the channel AMPS is at the back of the manual. 'It depends' on your assembly. A full, factory built heatsink has the most capability. A GEN 3 controller, has the much needed (for the sake of the loads electronics), Channel On/OFF mode (only) which is set in the HU. The relay method used is the totally safe way (to LOR equipment). You can control ANY voltage or current or frequency that accepts a simple power ON-OFF with a relay with a coil voltage that matches the controller. (you can control AC loads from a CMB24 via a relay with a DC coil of the voltage your controller uses)
  26. Thanks for sharing Al. I too have had a similar story shared to me. But I didn't know the family. They left a letter in my mailbox a few years back about the passing of her father. The letter stated that our show had her father's favorite songs in it and helped her through the first year without him... She specifically mentioned Amazing Grace. Thinking about it - I might just have to dust that one off again and update it to my current setup.
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