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  2. may I have a copy thanks for your time drmm1956@yahoo.com
  3. may I have a copy thanks. drmm1956@yahoo.com
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  5. I use strips. I tie wrap them to 1/2 metal conduit. I then drill 3holes in the conduit as it’s 17 feet long and use s hooks to hook them between the holes in the conduit and the gutter. This allows a truly temporary install with no damage My eaves I use glazing tape to mount strips permanent. This leaves a sticky residue on the roof flashing if I remove the strip. I have 4 strips mounted like this and in 6 or 7 years 2 have fallen off due to hired workers pressure washing my house hit them. Storing is simple enough just placing them in large bike hooks mounted in the garage ceiling. But mine have actually been on the house now 4 years. Maybe this year I take them down Only issue is the strips have to be kept straight when hung....they twist on the metal conduit easily. But it’s simple to straighten. Just twist them back in place. Sax
  6. Is there a reason you are using a USB485B and not the RS485HS (Red adapter)? The USB485 would only be used if you are wireless otherwise LOR recommends the RS485HS adapter. You didn't mention that in your original post. JR
  7. I have Several LOR ShortCuts on the desktop such as Tray, Sequencer and several others that help me start programming. But when I want to quit, I have to right click in the tray on the LOR icon to unload LOR. Is there a way that I can add a short cut on the desktop that will let me unload things easily?
  8. Hi James, If available, I’d love a copy of the faces. Thank you in advance! gradylights@gmail.com
  9. The music was written and recorded specifically for the show....one of my real life jobs is composing and recording music. Hopefully you enjoyed the audio track for the show!
  10. Anyone have programming for the spider in the following songs; Monster Mash, The Addams Family, Thriller Ghostbusters and/or Purple People Eater. Thanks! lanopie@xplornet.com
  11. Looking to get some matrix programming for Ghostbusters or something with pixels. I don't have any singing faces. Thanks! lanopie@xplornet.com
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  13. i have a lead singer pumpkin that will not light up during play but will during hardware testing... whats going on??
  14. Please add me to the request for this file. Thanks, gblankenbiller@yahoo.com
  15. Hi JR, Same result unfortunately. I was thinking hardware faults and just realized this is the first time I have used this laptop with the USB485B. It's possible windows 10 has picked and installed a random driver. I am going to reinstall the driver from FTDI and let you know if works. Cheers, Steve
  16. As near as I can trace, these CTB 16 kits, at least the old ones I have, follow the basic opto/triac design...different values but the basic circuit. Hope that helps. Jim
  17. Do you think I can get a copy in Lms format? Thanks again! Ps I got this is Halloween from you last year and I just added faces this year. Wondering if you had the faces to that. Thanks you're a life saver! pappag05@hotmail.com
  18. Hi James , could I have a copy too ? Thanks again aiellochris81@gmail.com
  19. If I could get this as I well I would appreciate it. commwagg24@gmail.com
  20. I am not sure why it was behaving so crazy the other night with the all props not showing up and then showing only the yard in the superstar, but I believe it is working now. I shut everything down and rebooted, this time opened a musical sequence, opened superstar and the instant sequence worked on everything. Now to watch more videos, hopefully not confuse myself anymore and see if I can tweak the instant sequence to not be so fast. Also need to learn how to setup my arches correctly. I only have two arches from Holiday Coro and when I open up the Superstar, it says I have like 365 channel and my license does not support that many. Thank you Alan and Jim for for the help, I do appreciate it! Zach
  21. May I please get a copy of this also. chazjr@cox.net
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