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  2. Would love a copy of this one James. Thanks Dale (dgrusty@yahoo.com)
  3. Nice work again default. Default is the brain behind the original pixel spinner!
  4. I'm impressed! Shows what can be done with just a little imagination and follow-thru to completion.
  5. thanks, we decided to leave daytona on friday and site see along the coast home, maybe next time
  6. The above flip instructions are one way. And also the opposite plugging them in works too. But then it’s always mirrored. If you have channels to spare, you will have many more options creating the other arch as it’s own prop. Meaning sometimes I want them mirrored. Sometimes I don’t. I do the same with candy cane spinners. Keep them in left to right order on your main track. Then in a group track, you can drag into any order you want without effecting your original configuration. You can make all kinds of extra configurations. I have a group with spinners reversed for example. Post your email or pm me and I’ll send you an example. Or better yet, send me one of your .lms files and I’ll add you a quick reversed arch group to it. dcdpkpr@cox.net
  7. Sounds good to me! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
  8. How or why would you want to put a motion effect on what amounts to essentially a single pixel. A big pixel admittedly.😀
  9. Would like to see aggregate RGB also have a white option. For us guys who still have RGBW super strings so we can associate the white string also with the built in affects.
  10. ok, so in the newest release, when i create and add all my desired props in, why is it only letting me add motion effect to the firt one checked in the group and not the entire group?
  11. Yesterday
  12. i will take it speedym@gmail.com Many Thanks
  13. Admin please delete - realised what i was doing wrong. Thanks !!
  14. James, you did it again !!! what a good song!! May I have a copy PLEASE!! Thank YOU tom Terpening wnkrwnkr@gmail.com
  15. Can we deleted the playback files that were created in the sequence directory since they are no longer needed in 5.3.2?
  16. If you could separate the associated frequency of the desired sound, amplify it, then use the software to trip a channel on it in the beat wizard...then you could put the media file back to its normal. It should be possible. S5 has a capability to use low-pass and high-pass filters within the LOR software, therefore you might be able to do it that way too but I don't remember if S4 has that capability. Worse comes to worse, manually do it.
  17. Sorry, had a duh attack....lol. Elor as in Enhanced LOR. For some reason I remember Elor being a device of its own a few years ago. So yes, I'm setting up for a high-speed LOR network to the outside in addition to the "Regular" LOR network. Question, will the standard RS485 network splitter, work with the high-speed input therefore outputting high-speed?
  18. You would need to manually put in the blink. In the default images each mouth position includes all elements of the face. You could change that to not include the eyes. Then you could add an image action of the eyes open for several seconds, and then add a short image action of the eyes closed. Then you could copy/paste that and add it end to end and the eyes would blink every several seconds. I suppose in a future release I could have the software "semi-randomly" blink the eyes every several seconds.
  19. What is the easiest way to make the eyes blink when doing auto sequence on the singing faces?
  20. Last week
  21. So day one is done but what a great time it was. Plenty of "eye candy" in vendor hall but kinda disappointed that it's rather small with low ceilings. Would rather have high ceilings so the big guys could have there larger trees in there. Too bad Christmas Light Show isn't at this show, I needed another pole pin. So far the best classes have been the one's done by Aubrey Kall titled Music's DNA. Wow, I learned so much from her and looking forward to trying her technique for sequencing. Saw some people I know, got to meet some new people and even had the pleasure of meeting Walter and Jackie Monkhouse! They are awesome and very friendly. If you're within driving distance of Daytona Beach you should stop by! Got to go now and do some sequencing. Have a blessed evening everyone, Al
  22. i will take a copy please speedym@gmail.com Many Thanks
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