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  2. Matt Brown could answer this more definitively, but I believe there may be a bug in the Sequencer when you define a controller to "Normal" mode and have one Unit ID for both strings. It ends up not ordering the channels correctly for the second string. If you define the controller to "Dual Normal" then each string will have its own unit ID and I know that the Sequencer handles that properly. By the way, what version of S5 are you using?
  3. You are correct Jim. I have my older CCB100D Controller v.1.21 set up as Normal mode. And the numbering is 1-150 for the first string, 2nd string is numbered 161-310. So that is correct. It could be a config issue in the way he has it set up in the HWU{if S5 still has an HWU?}. Here's a screen shot how mine are configured below. Maybe this will help him out. I'm using S4, so not sure if S5 still has the Hardware Utility program, if so, this is how mine have been set up since day 1. Never had any issues with colors being changed like the OP has. Always gives me the same color on both strings using these settings {again, in the screen shot below}.
  4. Does anyone have any Easter themed sequences they would mind sharing? My trim, window frames, and pixel tree is running to spread the light. I am thinking of keeping them on for the month as Florida is on Safer at Home for April. Stay safe everyone! shaynet@tampabay.rr.com
  5. Any chance of getting a copy sent to lanopie@xplornet.com Thanks!
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  7. do you guys have a video to this? I would love to see this in action!!!
  8. TRY buying some Bifen XTS or just some Bifenthrin 7.9 and spray around your place. it works GREAT for me. our neighbors get carried off.... we dont!
  9. I am just in the process of converting to S5 and that is something I am loving about it. In S4 I had some sequences that I did using the pixel editor and a couple that I did at the pixel level but I was always disappointing that you couldn't use both. With S5 that is no longer an issue.
  10. Two possible issues. One is that the color order of the strings is different. If they are REAL LOR CCBs, that is not likely the case, but easy to test by physically swapping strings and verifying if the problem follows the string or the outlet it's plugged into. Second is a channel config issue. I have a bunch of CCP strings - which configure just like the CCBs. I use mine in "Dual Normal" mode so each string has it's own controller ID rather than the "Normal" mode that you are. However my recollection is as you list it that the second string does use channels 161 - 317 when operating in "Normal" mode. A quick read of a couple doc files did not confirm that however. This may help troubleshoot. Write a quick sequence with all 50 pixels of the second string to come up with Red for 30 seconds, then Green for 30 seconds, then Blue for 3 seconds. You are looking for two things. First: what color lights up, and second: do ALL the pixels light up - the first and last are the ones that may not.
  11. There is a place for both. If all you do is let the automation do it's thing, I agree you can end up with everyone looking similar. If you let the automation do little pieces of it mixed in with your own work, you can end up with stuff looking very unique, and still save a lot of effort. For example, how much effort would it take to put scrolling text on a matrix doing it one pixel at a time? But both SuperStar and Pixel Editor (now Motion Effects) can do that task in seconds. Vince beat me to that by seconds...
  12. Hello, I recently upgraded to S5 PRO from A4 Advanced. I have the SuperStar 2 CCR add on. I have the following controllers: 1 each 16PC-G3 Version 1.04 on regular network, 57.6K 5 each CCB100 Version 1.21 on Aux A, 500k, enhanced 1 each CMB240 Version 1.05 on Aux A, 500k, enhanced My problem is with the colors of the second string (161-310) of the CCBs when I insert the SS data into SE. There isn't a problem with the first string (1-150). I want both strings to be the same color. If I program both strings to be the same color in SS, the color of the second string changes in SE Preview and then on the actual lights. Example: if I program both strings to be red in SS, the first string is red in SE and the second string is blue. The result is the same if I program them together or individually, red becomes blue for the second string. However, if I program them both to be white, they stay white. I am entering SS through SE. Thanks, Val
  13. IMO there is no replacement for pixel level sequencing right down to the RGB channel level. I never use the color picker unless forced to. All my sequences have precise timings and intensity effects at those timings. I am sequencing Tools' Descending now and probably will be for the next month, but I will have the satisfaction of knowing that every drum beat, guitar lick and base note is where it is supposed to be. Now, having said all that I will probably add a few motion effects in places, my pixel tree for example, but it will be sparingly done. It is far too easy to throw a motion effect at a prop for the entire song and let the viewers brain do the syncing. I was once asked how I got the house down the street with a static but flashing display, to sync with mine. Very depressing......... May be old school, but then, I am old.
  14. great point, i think its a place for both. People get into this "hobby" with different skill levels and a lot of them just want to get some results to start. My whole display as a single motion effect was nothing like what i put together because i do worry about little things like should this be red or off-red. But to someone that is taking a first step, it gets results and quick and then they can start to worry about how to make it personal.
  15. Watch out for wire colors being different (It does not matter when used as extension because it is pin to pin) I bought some LOR 10W flood extenders to use as dongles on alternate CMB24. It turns out the colors on the original Flood dongle were not the same pins. The cable were not bad, just different Buzz out your creation to be sure (Tag the differences if found)
  16. I kept searching and may have found the answer to my needs. In another thread I spotted that LOR sells a 5V 5 foot extender cable located at: Extension - 5V - 4 Pin - Black . That seems to be exactly what I need. I'm not really going to be extending my strings (have seen all the warnings about 5V CCB not liking extension cords). I'm just working on an idea for implementation in a unique environment. Thanks anyways for looking at my first thread. Ed
  17. I am working on an idea that would benefit from having some additional sets (male and female) of the original 4 pin waterproof connector that used on the "old style" 5V CCB 50 bulb strands. Is there a source for these, or at least an industry standard name for the connector that was used? They look like this (grabbed the image from another thread): Thanks for any advise you can share. Ed
  18. @TexasLights I keep trying to use motion effects, but I find myself reverting back to doing it at the pixel level every time. My biggest fear is that everyone will start using motion effects and all shows will look the same. Much like in Xlights. There will be no creativity with a lot of the shows out there if it turns out like that.
  19. Sorry, that was meant for the original poster Acton Christmas that started this topic. I didn't catch the name wasn't the OP when I entered that response. My bad.
  20. This is not a commercial for S5 nor am I affiliated with LOR in any way but I do work in computer software. We recently released a version which can really change the way people do things, although a majority of our customers still do things the old way. What takes them minutes to do, knowing how to leverage the software, it could be done in seconds. I bring this up because S5 and motion effects compared to S4 is the same situation. I still use a lot of the features just like i did in the past and that still works well. Looking back, i had to decide how each light was going to work. Just for fun. i recently created a group called thewholething which as you guess was every light I had. I added 1 motion effect row and added some simple effects and that quick i was done. Of course, I get a lot of enjoyment out of the little details, but for someone just starting out, you can accomplish a lot. I read a recent comment that someone calculated the hours put in per minute of sequencing produced. You don't have to do that with S5, but you can.
  21. Hey Orville, I do know how to run mine. I've used them for two seasons now. Yes, I could alter things and make various facial movements if desired but I personally think its going overboard, but still doable.
  22. When you set the anchors in the driveway, drill deep enough that the top of the anchor is about a quarter inch below the driveway surface. Then countersink the hole. After setting the anchor, insert a flathead bolt into the hole when not being used so that you don't get the anchor full of dirt. When you need to use the anchor, unscrew the bolt and the anchor is ready to use. Obviously you would have to determine how big of a countersink bit to use and how large to make it and how deep to set the anchor, but if you do your planning, it should work fine.
  23. If that's what they are you can use any AC Controller {CTB16PC type} to control them. You just have to set up the channels to match what the configuration of the tree is. Example would be: Channel 1 Tree Outline, and depending on how the eyes are {lor's only open/close}, but DIY trees usually have more movement, so you could have a channel for eyes left, a channel for eyes right, a channel for eyes straight ahead, a channel for eyes full open/closed, a channel for each mouth movement, etc. So depending on the tree configuration that could be anywhere from 8 channels to how many you'd need to make it have the eye and mouth movements you wanted. It's actually quite simple using the AC Controllers. Smart RGB gets just a bit more complex. You should have gotten some form of documentation for the trees you bought from HolidayCoro that would note all the channels required and for what each would represent for any animation for the trees. When I bought there Baby Sidewalk Coro Arches years ago, they came with documentation on how to place the bulbs and channels needed depending on how I set the bulb counts per arch up. I used 3 channels per arch, but it could have been 6 channels per arch. It was all covered in the documentation that was sent with the Coro Arches I used. Of course they no longer offer these any longer. But they worked for me for many years.
  24. Think of it as video editing. I sometimes use two motion rows for the same prop and swap between them to do dissolves between effects for smoother transitions.
  25. I'm glad you both knew better than I! I've only got holidaycoro trees therefore mine are just regular led strings.
  26. Do you happen to have a picture? Thanks
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