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  2. Next door neighbor is going to love this one! Please! cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks once again!
  3. Yes! great song cswisher@kmwperformance.com Thanks!
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  5. I never heard them called a "catch" diode. In all my years of electrical engineering I called them flyback diodes or snubber diodes. From Wikipedia: This diode is known by many other names, such as kickback diode, snubber diode, commutating diode, freewheeling diode, suppression diode, clamp diode, or catch diode. A 12 volt DC relay can generate a voltage in excess of 500 volts - and as Mr. D said - will likely kill any electronics attached to it. They are most effective connected directly across the coil and not at the other end of a 50 foot wire.
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  7. BoscoyoStudio has faces as well. The mouth movement is 4 though. I wish I would have known before buying the singing light bulbs from them. I think the 4 mouth movement do not look as good as the 5. Companies need to make standard singing faces. This is getting crazy with the sequences being made for 5 mouth movements.
  8. If he’s looking for the LOR rgb faces they are only 4 lip movements. I believe all HC are 5. JR
  9. Check out Holiday Coro they have singing trees, with or without controllers
  10. If you still have and are offering...I am looking for any 16x50 pixel tree sequences. I have a few of your singing faces and they are awesome!
  11. Looking to see if anyone has any 16 strand pixel tree sequences they can share for Halloween? I already know about the pay sites. I offered to buy 10 of them if could get a slight discount and they turned me down. Thanks in advance! michael@hillcountrygardener.com
  12. Here it is. My 2019 LOR Show https://youtu.be/PCsgh6IMnU4 https://youtu.be/PCsgh6IMnU4
  13. I am looking for baby shark if anyone if will to share along with some more kid friendly sequences. I have some of mine own but trying to make things just a little easier this year. Please let me know if you can help and thank you in advance. My email is Andyt2852@gmail.com
  14. A 'Catch' diode is simply a diode, backwards (to normal current flow) across a DC powered coil. Inductors hate change, and will try and generate voltage from a collapsing internal field. This 'spike' can kill electronics, thus the reason to 'catch' and clamp it.
  15. Thanks Mike for the response. This will be my first year of using S5 which is how I found it. I'm not using ELOR though, rather a "red" high speed adapter for this network and I'm establishing a path to the outside for it. Yes, I did assign a motion effect to this CCR so I suppose the explains the need for an enhanced network.
  16. i'll take a copy too please! and thank you! thomasmule81@yahoo.com
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