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  2. Quick question for those who use 1" pex tubing for arches- When you buy the 100' roll from Lowes/Home Depot, how are you straightening it out? I have started playing with it today, but it looks more like a mushroom than an arch as the bottoms are trying to turn in making a circle. I bought a 10' section for testing which made a nice arch, but I need pieces that are 10' 6".
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  4. Love this show, the setup everything is great, I would love to use it, but don't have nearly what you do! Awesome job
  5. I am just starting out this year, so no mega tree or pixels, just 32 channels of lights. My foster daughter would love this setup as well as the neighbor kids! thomasmule81@yahoo.com
  6. Easy way around that is don't add a device in the channel config. Instead you can add a device by right clicking on the last channel in SE and adding the device by name. This will populate the correct amount of channels according to the device you are adding.
  7. Your sequence may have a messed up channel configuration. With your sequence loaded in SE: Tools: channel configuration: Scroll thru the list: pay close attention to Unit and Circuit numbers. Red is always in the same place 1,4,7,10,13,16,19,22 Green is always next, Blue after that. (1,2,3) For some reason,when you add a RGB device, you don't get a choice of 24 channels (only 16 or 32). Pruning errors bit me
  8. Smelling another good rock classic here...... ndutton<at>the-brit.com
  10. Yeah I meant the 6th flood. Still getting used to the lingo. I tried the configuration and the flood acts like it is supposed to during the test. Im not 100% sure how anything would have changed in the configuration but I will check it out. Jim, I have emailed you the sequence. Thanks for the help all! Mike
  11. Does anyone have Those Blinking Lights singing faces sequence? Brian Kinder is the artist. Appreciate it if someone can point me to the store or share the singing tree sequence. Thanks, Keith kapkirk07@gmail.com
  12. Last week
  13. First of all, you said it was on channel 6. Can I assume you really mean the 6th RGB flood (which is really channels 16 - 18). Can you send me a sequence that has the problem and I'll take a look at it. This strongly sounds like a mismatch between the actual channel configuration and the sequencing configuration. This would confirm that it is or is not a wiring error or possibly a controller issue as opposed to a software configuration error. Let us know the results.
  14. So you have a CMB24D with eight floods, go into the HU and test the channels. If the channels work properly in the HU then check your config and sequencing.
  15. If different sequences are giving differing results, there must be something different in their config. If you right click on the channels in the SE and choose "turn physical channel on" for each color channel you can check if it is really doing what it's supposed to on lights or the visualizer. That trick only works in S4 though.
  16. Im using S4 not sure why my profile says otherwise. These are the ready to go floods from LOR. As a test, I copied the sequence to a string of RGB pixels and it does the same thing. but not on every sequence which is the really odd part. And only on channel 6.
  17. These are Smart RGB? What is the length of cable (will call it Distance) to the first node? What is the VOLTAGE reaching the first node (thinking a corroded contact here)
  18. I do see one interesting thing now however. In your ticket you said you were using LMS files which are S4. However your profile here says you are using S5. Which are you actually using?
  19. Is this a dumb flood on a CMB24D? If not what flood and controller.
  20. Hi Mike. I am the one working on your issue and I have not been able to duplicate it yet. I'll update your ticket when I find something. Please don't be upset, diagnosing these issues can take some time.
  21. Has anyone ever created a sequence for floods or CCR strips and have one channel go rouge? That is the issue I am having with some of mine. Contacted LOR Help. They sent a new controller and I have the same issue. It has been a week since the help desk has responded. Basically the colors get out of sync on channel 6 of my floods. White turns red, blue is green and red is pink. I have deleted the whole sequence and rebuilt it and still the problem is there. This is only on a few sequences which makes it even stranger. its almost as if it is trying to play a different channel at the same time. Verified the channel configuration is correct. Anyone else ever see this or can offer a solution? Its getting frustrating. Thanks Mike
  22. OK I uninstalled LOR and then reinstalled version 4.3.24 and it worked Upgraded to 4.3.26 and that still worked Upgraded to 4.3.34 and that did not work...……. tried 4.4.4 again and that did not work either
  23. The workaround is a Windows operating system thing. If the workaround doesn't work it is a Windows operating system issue, I don't see how superstar could effect things. In other words, if the operating system is not even trying to launch superstar then it indicates that Windows never recorded the "Use this app for .sup files"
  24. The following presentation talks about setting up the Pixel Tree kit with the S4 Pixel Editor, but it is much the same in the S5 Sequencer. http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/PEwithPixelTree16x25-RevA.pdf Matt
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