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  2. Thanks tlogan. I have found the setting and it does fix the previewer. Hope it works on the props. (Can't test yet they are in storage still) it does sound like the right kind of thing.
  3. Man! It must've been an eventful week. I really need to check in more. Kinda hate I was busy sequencing and building props. ๐Ÿคจ
  4. Maybe try searching the sharing threads. There are not that many sharers for all of those around here and two of us who used to share a lot are rethinking our game because of members with a loss of respect and integrity. I wish you the best. If only it was last week. A lot of them can be purchased at Holiday Sequences and Light O Rama. JR
  5. The red RS-485-HS is backwards compatible. Will work with gen1 and up. But will be needed with the pixies and its best to have a spare just in case one gets ran over by a car. JR
  6. My friend, are our MIIP accounts active yet? JR
  7. Could I please get a copy kristopher@decaigny.ca Thank You
  8. Would love a copy please kristopher@decaigny.ca
  9. Hi James, I would like a copy of your Jingle Bell Rock thanks dan dr.konabear@gmail.com
  10. Hello, I currently have S5 Advanced (32 channels) and was wondering what the advantages would be to upgrade to the Pro version? Also, how much is it to upgrade? Thank you!
  11. When it comes to MIIP, I may be ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. I am revising my statement. I opened a sequence in S5, it asked me if I wanted to use an existing preview from last year I created. I opened it, saved it as a new version 2019. Then continued to open the sequence. I then re-saved the sequence in a new folder labeled 2019. I was hoping it was that simple. Well, I created a new show file, added that sequence and it played through once then I got playback errors in the log console. YIKES! FYI. I plan on running the show from my laptop using S4. However, I would still like to learn how to properly import (I assume I am doing something wrong) and learn to use the software over the next month or so. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  13. (the CMB will run at 57K, but why keep it there when you have multiple devices on THAT network? everything there will do 115K ) Does HU find the CMB24? Does it have the latest FW (1.05)?
  14. I am using Windows 10, and did last year as well (no problems). These lights/controllers have worked fine the last few years using S4. The only thing is that I changed this year is to upgrade to S5. The lights I am referring to that don't work are the dumb RGB light strips I bought from LOR when I purchased the CMB24D controller and the CCR strips (version1). I believe I have always run my regular network at 57K with no problems. But I will try stepping up the speed to see what happens. I am using the red RS485-HS high speed dongle. The CMB24D is unit 5, the CCRs are 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  15. Yesterday
  16. PhilMassey is correct. It looks like you currently have the 2 CCR license. To export 2400 channels you would need the 8 CCR license.
  17. No expert on SS myself but it sounds like you need a higher licence level, or possibly do it in smaller 600 channel chunks.
  18. I have S-5 pro license, but I get the attached error when trying to import a SS effect. How do I fix?
  19. And you will need a Red 485HS adapter. (you may be able to use it with you CTB16PC if it is a Gen 3, but you can always run 2 adapters) for the Pixie/Pixcon.
  20. You must be mistaking a preview for Visualizer. In S4 the Visualizer is optional, you don't need it to create a sequence. However, in S5 you must create a preview in order to create a sequence. S5 istotally different then S4 so if you have been using S4 in the past then wait until after the Holidays to convert to S5.
  21. No. You need a pixel controller, such as the pixie. You will also need an enhanced network (red adaptor) and a pro software license.
  22. Hi all, looking for this sequence to add for Christmas, saw a couple older posts where James had replied but they were locked so I couldn't make the request there. Going to use it with a modified version of the song that has The Soldiers Silent Night overlaid to it. Any number of channels or pixels welcomed. Thanks in advance as always, JerryG jerry.gilley.jr@gmail.com
  23. If you mean delay between sequences, then yes some of us are having the same issues. If you are using the show editor, try in options, "sequences are loaded before all before any are played" Play the show through once to make sure the playback files are created, after which it SHOULD play OK. Another option is to revert to 5.2.4, manually create the playback files in sequencer and try that.
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