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  2. Hmm....can you attach a screen shot of the prop configuration?
  3. The card is registered as unit 9 (confirmed on HU). I put the prop as a 180 tree and it automatically read 9, 0A-0F and 10. I set it to recognize as rgb pixels with no motion effect rows. They are ccrII ribbons.
  4. In the preview for the props connected to the Pixie8, are all channel sequential in hexadecimal?
  5. Is the Pixie8 on an enhanced 500K network? You uisng the "red" hi-speed LOR adapter?
  6. Have you switched the port connectors to see if you switch a correct working port/ string to the suspect, if the problem follows and the suspect string acts the same on the other port. While helping 100's of people and the ones that have these problems either have bad connections at the terminals, sequences with over lapping unit ID's or a bad node/ string. If switching the bad to a good port by just unplugging the green terminal and plugging it in to a know working port the lights act the same way, this would indicate a problem with the string itself. If the good working string plugged in to the suspect port and the problem is still there, that would indicate a sequence/ controller problem. When you say you fixed a couple but "one stayed n after a few mins" that was the very key to your problem and you found bad wiring. There is no telling what bad wiring could do other than create issues with the string. If I were you I would 1- Open a brand new sequence 2- Create a test sequence - color fade tool dragged from one end to the other (not a copy/ paste from another sequence) It takes about 30 seconds to create it. 3- play the sequence. If you watch the video in my pixie16 config thread I show you how I test. That ensures you have no other sequence of any kind on that unit. JR
  7. So I had all my songs from last year on computer A. I redid 9 songs with s5 software on this computer. I simply copied the timings from all songs from the previous year (opened them up in s5 and it recognized them, etc.). I then created entire new files using the preview and props and everything s5 had to offer. The only thing I copied from my old songs was the timing grids. Well nothing was working with shows and lights were wonky, etc. So I was wondering if that could be an underlying cause.
  8. Are you running from PC or Show Director with SD Card? What version LOR? S5.3.12 Pro?
  9. Yes. They also run just fine from the HU.
  10. How would I reroute where it reads from? I saved the file with music together in the default "sequences" folder in light o rama.
  11. Do all the pixels work when you press the test button on the Pixie8?
  12. So I posted before about a power supply issue to my pixie 8 controller, but it did not fix my issue. Right now when I run a sequence through my controller, ports 1-4 light up correctly, but ports 5-8 only light up the first 3 pixels in the strand. I have 2, 200W power supplies, each feeding one side of the controller. I tried resetting my controller and putting the latest firmware on it, but it still does the same thing. Not sure if it is a faulty card, or if something is wired incorrectly. I cannot attach a picture, because the file is too large. If you need to see the picture of my card, please message me. Any help is appreciated, I almost got through all my bugs with updating my show and christmas is 10 days away!
  13. Hate to hear stuff like this. Did you place the order to get your arch going again? When possible I order spares to allow quick replacement in a running show.
  14. I also have several strips fail with nodes out on them that were new last year. Wayne
  15. There is no way to open a .lms file in Superstar. You will need to go back to the vendor and ask for the .sup file.
  16. One of my 4 channel controllers isn't behaving correctly. When I turn all the channels on in hardware utility mode only 2 of the 4 channels come on but they go out in a couple seconds. When I plug it in directly with cat 5 cable they all work ok. HELP!!!
  17. The lights are staying on or off random. I did find two loose connections, which I fixed. But, one of the ones I fixed stayed on after a few sequences. Def a mystery...
  18. agree, just open and let the migration do the work but if you actually copied, watch out for the paste by setting near the top of the page, which defaults to cell, which means it pastes 1 cell from the copied data to one cell in the new sequence. if the original had a variable timing grid and the new one has a fixed grid for example, it would paste 1 variable cell into 1 fixed grid cel which of course would be no where near what you wanted. Be sure to set paste by time to get an exact match Also, useful when copying from s shared sequence when you don't have the exact grid.
  19. I bought a sequence from a vendor for my 16 ribbon tree. It is an lms file and it looks like it's all dmx. I need a way to open this in superstar and import it into s5. I know that there is a way to do it because I bought sequences from him last year and I have them in my show. I'm just drawing a blank on how i did it. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks
  20. Today
  21. I would also like a copy please kcurryb7@gmail.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share.
  22. Since you can't have S4 and S5 open at the same time on the same PC, how did you copy timings over. It is much easier to upgrade the whole sequence by simply opening the .LMS sequence in S5 and upgrading using one of the options offered. At this stage of the season, I would stick with what you know in S4 until the new year. S5 is a big leap from S4 and takes a while to get the hang of.
  23. Some of these might help. The paths to your documents can change with Windows version Did you copy the ENTIRE contents of the LOR data folder including \commondata and lorinternal, Is the preview present and displaying. You may need to reassign it on the new machine if the paths are different. Is the adaptor and drivers installed, and on the same Com port, look in Device Manager. Did you open each sequence, reassociate the audio, and save. You may need to recreate the play files by running a show on demand, (takes a while) watch the LOR status log to see if any errors are happening in the show.
  24. I believe you are exactly right with my problem. I'm still not getting a correct file name to be found. How do I know the music format? This is how it is listed in my LOR file. C:\Users\Douglas\Light-o-rama\audio
  25. An uninstall/reinstall will not remove your data files and folders. That being said, you should ALWAYS have a backup of your data, just in case.
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