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  2. Hello I'm looking for sequencing of "Trance Attack - Pour Elise [State Of Trance Remix]" I would like to have a look how you did that, it's a great piece of music. I still have some problems with the Pixel LED's. Would be great if you could possibly provide me with your sequencing and send. Thank you
  3. Where in So. Cal. are you? Should be able to help. A phone call would likely be easier. I'll PM you a number.
  4. Hello to anyone who can help. last year i finally bought my 1st AC controller and software. I didn't have too much trouble getting up and running. Im a retired roadie (LIghting and rigging mostly) everyone from Michael Jackson to barbara Striesand and years with REBA BROOKS and DUNN. I have invested in 2 pixcon 16's and 2000 pixel bulbs , 10 boxs of ribbon and the ribbon controllers. I am in the process of building my first window matrix 25 pixels up and 23 strings across. im not having trouble programming in the preveiw but my questions are about addressing and play back. I can get the pixels to turn on in the network prefferences but have yet to be able to program and see playback of what i built. Any advise and help would be appreciated. once i get one done then im sure i will be off to the races.Its not letting me upload pics for some reason so ive got 150 pixels per port using 8 ports for the first matrix. Thanks in advance. Yours truely, Mark L. Swartz. P.S. I'll be in the Garage working on this.
  5. I also hope that eventually that capability will come back.
  6. HI Everyone, I'm sure most of us do our over the top displays and light shows because we enjoy seeing them and our family members do too but you never know who will stop by out front of your house to see your lights. My wife and I, unfortunately, recently were at our bosses mothers funeral. Her husband hired us over 20 years ago and he passed away in 2013. He was a great guy. The lovely lady that recently passed was one of the sweetest and kindest persons I have ever known. Anyway, while at the visitation before the service we were talking to our bosses wife, we have been friends with the family for many years. In passing she said they took her out to see our lights this past season. We weren't home otherwise they would have stopped in. She then thought about it for a second and told us she's pretty sure that was the last thing they did together as a family before she got sick (again). She battled cancer extremely bravely for about 8 years. She's with Jesus now because we learned she accepted him as her Lord and Savior more than 10 years ago! It really hit me latter that our Christmas light show was there so this family can have that as one of the last fond memories of her. True I love making the lights blink but I absolutely love knowing that people are enjoying our show. If Chuck Smith hasn't told you or you haven't read it in his magazine articles let me tell you this. What we do matters! Yes, have fun but it's also a bit serious. Remember you are making life long memories for the people and especially the kids watching your show. Know that 10, 15 even 20 years from now some person will ask their mother or father "Hey, remember that house you took us to back when we were kids?" "We loved doing that!" I don't mean to bring anyone down just wanted to share something that touched my heart and really made me feel good. Hope everyone has a blessed night/day Thanks, Al
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  8. I am adding moving heads to my display this year. The way I approached it was by physically mapping where I wanted the light to point (specific props or locations in my yard) or the path I wanted it to take. This took about 30 minutes with a long tape measure. Then with Excel, determined the DMX values for the PAN or TILT the head to get to a specific point or path using Trig. My moving head, for example, can PAN 540 degrees with 0 - 255. so I know that each degree of movement correlates to 2.1 DMX values. I calculated the degrees in Excel using a right triangle and then using the 2.1 DMX value per degree, quickly calculated on the Horizon (PAN value) what I wanted and where. For a sweeping motion I grabbed a handful of points and used the "FILL" feature in LOR to fill in between the points. On the bench, looks great. Just hoping my math is correct as I do not want to re-do the "course" of the moving head once the display is up. I will probably put 1 light up, as a test, and run it's course as soon as the summer evenings kick in
  9. I'm adding moving heads to my display this year and the heads will be mounted on several poles I use for other props as well. In reviewing all the options, I will either use a "kiddy" plastic snow discs or fabricate something similar out of galvanized steel if I can't find them before Halloween. The diameter of the sleds are large enough that it will act as a large umbrella, in fact so large, may end up trimming them down. We don't get snow in our area of California,. but the rainy season is during the holidays and get some pretty heavy windy storms and feel confident this will work just fine
  10. Not possible with S5. I miss this capability too. There is no way to preview an entire show for example.
  11. In the past versions of the software (S3 and S4), I was able to watch the "visualizer" from my computer while a show was running. In S5 I can see the preview fine while sequencing, but is there any way to see it while the actual show is playing? I liked to watch it from time to time during the show. Is it just a setting I can't find, or has that capability been removed from S5? Thanks!
  12. That did it. I went back into the HWU and got the controller set up to drive the 100 pixels. I went through the various documentation again knowing what I was looking for and found the information on the settings. I thought it is less than obvious. Thank you TexasLights
  13. I just went through the same thing, the pixie8 is defaulted to 50 lights per string,. And it behaved exactly as you said when set to 50 pixels. However, once I made the change to 100 pixels, and set them all on, it worked and from then on, it has worked perfect. Mine is also 8D v4. Make sure the hardware utility is saving the change to the pixie.
  14. Last week
  15. Bob No help here, but I also am feeling my choice to buy a Pixie8 (to replace a Pixie4 v1) was a bad move. ` The Pixie4 had no problem with strings of 80-90px on some ports. 65px is pushing the port fuse (100px is almost 6A) of the V2 or Pixie8 I would like to know the fusing current (the current where the trace starts to fail) to see if I can bum some fuse sizes. Also, a simple layout change of where each bank is fed, would increase the bank capacity 400px is not an unreasonable 12V load expectation IMHO
  16. I have a Pixie8, firmware Ver 1.04. There are no jumpers connected to any of the pins. The printing on the board says Pixie8D V4. I've connected 4 strings of 100 pixels to my Pixie8. The strings are connected to ports 1, 2, 5 and 6. Only the 1st 50 in each string light up. With the HU, selecting All Ports 50 Pixels Per Port, the 1st 50 in each string light up. Selecting 100 Pixels Per Port, the 1st 50 in each string light up. If I select Port 1, 100 Pixels Per Port, the 1st 50 on Port 1 light up and the 1st 50 on Port 2 light up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob W
  17. OK, think I have this figured out now. Placement of fixtures in the Vi vertically determines placement of the fixtures on the grid in SS. I have it in proper order now, but to do so, had to place all 4 circles in the same horizontal plane
  18. FYI: As I said, Ginger and I will be at expo this year. If you want to look at my 3 while I am there, let me know. I'm happy to give you a tour. If you are looking for it in the parking lot, it will be at the VERY BACK away from everyone else. I like to try to keep her ding-free . Just be aware that 'Sentry Mode' will be active Brian will be driving his Model S over from Texas. While I can't speak for Brian, I'm sure you could probably talk him into seeing his Tesla as well.
  19. I made my own .lee , 4 separate 100 string RGB pixels, placed them in the order I want, 1,2,3 & 4 and imported it into SS. In SS it appears but the sequencing grid is not in the order conducive to easy / logical thinking when sequencing. They appear with #1 on the bottom, #4 above it, followed by 2 then #3. I don't really care if #1 is on the top or the bottom, but need the other 3 to show sequentially
  20. You can copy the individual mouth channels to your channels and see how it looks. At least you will have lights to the words. JR
  21. In SS you need to use the 4 circles . Lee file in the samples folder. JR
  22. Please could I have a copyof this Please i am desperately looking for this for my faces many thanks in advance pclarke34@hotmail.com
  23. I am adding 4 100 pixel circles, each 10' in diameter to my display. They will be positioned horizontally, end to end, with the middle two being offset vertical 1/2 their diameter. I set this up in visualizer, circles number 1 thru 4, left to right. When I load it in SS, they appear with #1 on the bottom, #4 above it, followed by 2 then #3. It would be far easier is SS positioned them the way I drew them. I imported them using sequencing grid Horiz and 100 length.
  24. Just an FYI, what you want to do is trivially simple in SuperStar.
  25. true but I actually want the letters to be on their side as opposed to on top of each other.
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