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  2. I use Bullets on 4" centers. 50 are a bit over 12' when mounted, 24.5' per 100 I happen to us plastic plumbers tape that I enlarge the needed holes to 12mm. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zhA2WHA2l75gs_YzWjuDUqjxITdjKPbX (I added 25 nodes to the original 75.) I have no finished the electrical part. Note the simple tape splice. The tape was rated at 20 lbs BEFORE I did the 12MM holes.
  3. The stock clips and bases that come with the GECE bulbs. The only mod do is clip off the round part that clips over a gutter. Those have both a top and bottom button that clips into the base on the bulbs. One word of warning about those. They do not handle UV light very well. Make sure they are 100% covered by paint or else they get brittle pretty fast. I can post a photo of the stock and modified clips this evening if desired.
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  5. I think it was me... I grabbed a test sequence that had the spiral tree channels messed up. I did it on another one and it worked fine. I was freaking out as that was a ton of work on my sequences. It may be time to walk away from the PC for a bit.
  6. My spokes are made with dumb RGBs, wish there was a way to make them spin with an effect, so far I have not found one. I just have to go old school programming and chases.
  7. what kind of clips are you using?
  8. I am not sure how to word this... I was cleaning up my preview design and removed my spiral tree channels. I created it in the the S4 animation screen. So when it imported into S5, the channel count was huge in the preview design. I then created a new spiral tree using the add item create prop with a built in shape inside of the preview design as it supports an RGB spiral tree now. Well my sequence still had the old tree channels listed, so I added the new RGB spiral tree. It will no longer allow me to copy the sequence from the old tree to the new one. This is really annoying as all my sequences have a spiral tree. How can I copy the old spiral out to the new one? Copy Paste DOES NOT WORK.
  9. I have created a new animation sequence with 16channels lor and 1 ccp 2-50 light strings now what I am at a standstill what is my next step? i would like to set up a prop does any one have one with 50 pixels
  10. The "spokes" prop does not match a Boscoyo Spinner. I had to use a custom prop for these. Still need additional effects that can be used with this prop as well as snowflakes. Thanks
  11. Holiday Coro clips - for my longest run I used 6 clips Most other runs are 3-4 they count as one pixel/ yes one channel about 10’ if I recall one strand goes end to end on my 10’ sections of PVC i have 152 on my longest section they are a tad over 3” spacing every lightster around me likes them. JR
  12. Guys, thank y’all so much!! This is exactly what I was hoping for. I can put a package together. I know what controllers I need to order, how to mount them, had someone recommend what style lights to use, and very good videos, thank you all very much!
  13. Thank you also! that was one of my other questions about power injection locations.... and also, lol my bride wouldn’t let me leave them up on our shingles all year. I could if I have facia at each part, but since the top is 100% shingles. She wouldn’t let me, lol I know this.... simplicity in setup/tear down will be very important. Along taking up room of my shop during the off season.... I need my shop, lol “currently dropping a 5.3 Chevy in a 88 T too mustang” 😂
  14. What are HC clips? And how many of these lights can run/output? What is the spacing on them/how long is 1 strand And.... each set of 3 nodes are 1 channel?
  15. Thank you!!! Amazing!I REALLY WASNT LOOKING FOR ANYONE TO HELO OUT THIS MUCH! God bless y’all!! And.... also... would either of these two ideas include having to use any power injection points? And for the columns, do you think 1 strand of 100 nodes would be okay going down each column?.......
  16. My prop was built in the animation screen under S4 and brought over to S5. I then took the channels and made it a group called "Group - Spinner" I don't see a way to modify the group with the prop definition. Also my prop is 8 spokes. 4 of the spokes are 27 nodes and 4 of the spokes are 21 nodes. So it's not even. In the center of my spinner is a circle that contains 16 nodes.
  17. I do, but just my year round landscape lighting. The Red, White, and Pink scrolls slowly across the wall. Otherwise it's static.
  18. Does anyone light up for Valentine's Day? If so do you have any sequences for it? I have been slow to tear down so my pixel tree and house/window outlines are still up.
  19. CMB24D is sold. Still have G3-MP3 if anyone is interested.
  20. I have gone through the effects generator looking for a spoke shape. Can I get more information on where this shape is?
  21. I pretty much put one pixel on each band [-red white red white] Up one side and down the other
  22. If you use the "Spokes" shape, then many of the effects produce nice results, including spiral. Matt
  23. After being out of the game for a couple years I did manage to get Halloween up and Christmas everything now is pretty much put away. Now to plan next year. I have two sets of cosmic color pixels which would be two controllers for strands of lights. I have been able to give them a unit ID. One set I am putting on a 5 foot municipal candycane. My problem right now is I don’t know how to get started with these pixels this is my first attempt into pixels and I am lost. I have an adequate license I’m running 4.4 I just don’t know where to start like I said this is my first dabble in the pixels any help to get me started will be appreciated larry
  24. I want the effects. That's all. It's a spinner... should be able to make a simple spiral.
  25. I'm just the opposite. The xLights "absolute channels" makes no sense at all to me. But maybe it's the techie geek in me - I want to have control of what is happening... It also locks you into one brand of controller. Granted that the Falcon controllers are really nice from what I have read, but I for example already have six SanDevices controllers, four LOR pixel controllers (two types - one of which can not be run on DMX), and a bunch of RS-485 controllers (yes, they can be run on DMX). I wish LOR would come out with a P5 / P10 panel driver board so I didn't have to run FPP for my matrix panels.
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