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  2. From learning the basics of video to a matrix, I found that the Motion Effect "Movie" function, does this for us. It will send a video signal/images to a projector by using the video output that you choose. Now saying that, it means that you probably have to have a dual output card or more. I'm using a quad output card but its suited for workstation use and not video, but it does work. Once you obtain the desired video on the desired output port, you'll need to get that signal out to the projector. Doing a lot of research on this, I found there's really only two ways, hard-wired cable such as a long HDMI cable or using something like an HDMI transmitter/receiver to the projector. I don't own a projector yet so I've not actually tried this but the idea is very interesting...using both VDO Mapping and switch back to just normal things like pixels, strings and so on.
  3. My efforts with this topic were to show some of the usual problems when the casual users, attempt to do something within and while learning S5. Hopefully Matt is taking notice and will look into the aspects of making things more user friendly. Even though I finally won the battle with Phil's help and Matt's, seems like too many limitations to make it work easily. As for the S5 learning curve, of course I've not used every possible programming item in there at this time so, much more learning ahead for me. I know there will be more updates coming so it'll be interesting to see what capabilities come with them. Thanks again to both of you and Jim too!
  4. Have you launched the LOR "Control Panel"? It is the program that sends the data to the Pixcon16 and all other DMX/E1.31 controllers. It will launch and just sit on the task bar and requires no other intervention.
  5. Mr. P. i dont think i know how to keep it simple. LOL. Like i said in earlier posts. i have gotten the pixcons working. NOW my problem is with the CMB24 for my Flood lites. I still dont understand the Addressing process or the unit ID's i think. In the hardware utility i can discover the CMB24 . I can get the Controller to test the Floods but play back is not happening.
  6. Gator tail... (at least I think) It does have a chicken like taste but much tougher meat. It takes some getting use to but it's actually not bad with honey mustard dip.
  7. Would love a copy of this. Was just sending JR a message about it lol. Moving to a place on an acre of land so the show is about to get much larger in the next couple years time. Nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  8. Could I also get a copy of the audio, lms, sup files. You really did a good job, excellent work! Thanks! lanopie@xplornet.com
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  10. All of the vampire plugs are out of stock. BUMMER
  11. James, Could I get a copy please? tbuff23@msn.com Thanks,
  12. James could I get a copy please? tbuff23@msn.com Thanks,
  13. I’m traveling this week. Will be a bit, but sure. If you haven’t seen it after next weekend, I forgot about it - so remind me then.
  14. dgrant

    windows 10

    It’s nice to have the extra resources so that you don’t get stuck “wishing” you had the extra when it’s really needed.
  15. Im looking for winter palace by TSO is anyone has to share. Thank you in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  16. I like having "extra" ram, 64GB on this machine. If its getting used is it really too much? This snap caught 7zip using 41GB of ram ultra compressing a backup. I also find it used when I generate effects with SpEx and other programs which build large clipboards.
  17. My backup setup includes NAS which detects file changes and backs them up immediately. For offsite storage, I zip sequences using 7zip with a password and FTP the compressed file to my webhost. My offsite storage is very erratic and usually only happens when I see threads like this. This time I noticed something new to point out. The 7zip program has a new ultra compress option 7z LZMA2. Released in Feb this year I think. It took about 40 minutes to ultra compress 74 pixel sequences from 2018. The result file size was only 54 meg which is incredible from 10.1GB uncompressed. The file took about 3 minutes to upload and is smaller than one average uncompressed file.
  18. Jesus saves. Buddha makes incremental backups
  19. Or a fire, natural disaster, burglary, or many other things.
  20. Any chance I can get your THX intro? Anderson372008@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  21. Can I see these if its not too late? Anderson372008@gmail.com Thanks Mike
  22. Last week
  23. And thumb drives fail without warning 😢. Make multiple copies and keep them in different places (fire or water can happen).
  24. +1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Can't state it enough.
  25. + about 10 million!!!! As my standard mantra - Backup, Backup, and off-site Backup! Back up your files in more than one place, and AT LEAST one location that is off site. Whether it is cloud based, or taking drives to another location, keep at least one Backup at another location. If you want to read all about what I do, you can read this post:
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