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  2. Yes, the connectors were the biggest waste of money. I used Ray for several builds and then he changed Mfg’s. This was before LOR would sell them with the pixies I started using HC extension cables as my pigtails and soldering the opposite end to the pixel strips or nodes. That can be seen on one of my build videos. No purchased pigtails needed for that. JR
  3. I sent you a PM Changing the LOR pigtails is a simple process. If you have the prebuilt pixie16 you will need to go to Lowe’s or HD and get some larger cable straps to replace the smaller ones used on the white cables. Look in the bins, they are normally white. If I find the bag I will send you a part number. JR
  4. i will take a copy speedym@gmail.com Many Thanks
  5. Vimeo has become some of our go to site for storing videos. Youtube has far to many bots. I even received a warning do Thin Blue Line in which we had authorization from the author and his manager. Rather than appeal I just made all of my videos private and started using Vimeo. JR
  6. That’s similar to my bucket technique. For my large singing props I cut a flap in the side and tuck in most excess lights. I drill drainage holes in the bottom for any moisture that gets in and put the top on. I then hang it hidden behind my singing props. Last year with all the rain all buckets were practically dry. Controller enclosures do not need covers. JR
  7. James may I have a copy of this also. mgraf28@yaoo.com Thanks
  8. Something I have seen people do, and have considered it myself, is using tupperware. You can take the lid off, cut a minor hole in the top for an extension cord to fit through, then make your connections in the piece of tupperware and put the lid on it to keep the snow/rain off it. I know this doesn't necessarily apply to the controller boxes and those cords, but could be useful for the connections in the yard.
  9. Well, here is my song list . Enjoy. I have a home brew led animation using 6 channels. Thriller, Ghost busters, Bad Guy - Billie Eilish, The hearse song -Harley Poe, Heathens - 21 pilots, Mephisto’s lullaby - Xtortion Audio, Nightmare -Vairo, If I we’re a Zomby - Stephanie Maybe, Spookie Jack - Razihel & Varien, The Purge - Macpro... hope this list helps someone out... Video is posted on Facebook under Jan Young Findlay Ohio... i tried to post video here but didn’t, take, file to large, any thoughts on how to share this?
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  11. May I get a copy of this? mgraf28@yahoo.com Thanks
  12. They didn't have a lot of each color ,that,s why I whined all the way home, maybe I will make a sneak attack. My husband loves me ,he lets me buy all the led lites I can hide. Yes nets are very expensive been looking all over and when I saw these I almost passed out , ok now I am getting my courage up , Walmart is open till 10 pm, it's on the way home.
  13. Wait, what? Solid color net lights? At Walmart? I did NOT see that in my Walmart last weekend. Guess I need to stop in there again, but it looked like they had pretty much everything out. I don't know why they are so hard to find and so expensive when I find them online.
  14. Sure you can, you can use any three wire plug you wish. just make sure you get the Pos, Neg and data wires correct. Tip: pick one vendor for plugs and always stay with them as there is no standard and most of them are not compatible.
  15. The pixels I am wanting to get from HC have an "Easy Plug 3" on them instead of the LOR plug. When I asked HC about the compatibility, they suggested I get their female pigtail which has a connector on one end and 3 wires on the other end that would connect directly to the pixie board (I assume). I was hoping I could leave the pixie board alone and just change out the connector and use one from an extra LOR extension that I had already. Sorry! I hope that makes sense. Thanks for all the help!
  16. Yippp heee ,this is third year for me , this year added 32 more channels with kits I built from the sale, at 64 now. In the spring I re lit five wire six foot snowflakes with new led rope one run of pure white and one of blue so yes I did it twice they go up on the roof, Thank you Val at Christmas-LEDS.com. I also added blue leds to four four foot plastic snow flakes which were already in white ,so all that ate some channels. I also added four new wire trees covered with c9's which will go in the bamboo stand at the drive. Two more wire trees for the front yard with multi/white led's,which makes five in a row, three blue dimmable flood on the palm trees in the front and in front of the house. To that I am adding four 7 1/2 fake trees to the front of the house each tree will have three sets of led's ,multi /white/a solid color, more channels three for each tree. Plus three star showers aimed high at the tops of the palm trees I found I can control them with LOR,just on/off. We were at our walmart here in fort lauderdale they have all their stuff out. This year I found solid ,blue , green and red net lights 150 lites led 4x6 for $12.96 I wanted a shopping cart full but the warden said no. Guess I will have to take a chance on some being left for the 50 off sale I need 35 sets. Right now the living room is full and I am programming and just added the Hippo song to the existing song line up which I had to go thru and add the other channels to all the other songs. Thanks to all for the help I have received from the learned group on the forums, there is always someone with the answer,you guys the best !! Lite it up, play it loud, and makem smile !!!!! David PS: I will be using the bubble machine again this year, the kids loved it ,especially me, hehehehehe!
  17. So any idea when the new release will be made available for download?
  18. Just curious to see (vids) what folk might have done since it is spooky season
  19. My 12V HC pixels work on a Pixie. LOR Dongle? You had LOR Pixels before? I would avoid cutting if possible as it voids the warranty. HC pigtails/extensions are reasonably priced FWIW I double lugged some of my Dumb (CMB24) RGB so I had both LOR (10W floods) and HC dumb on a couple of ports of each controller
  20. Mouser part number from LOR support: RJ45 socket through hole: 571-5556416-1 Triac part number: 511-BTA24-600BW
  21. No sampling, just whole sequences. There is no easy way to make a sequence that way either. You would have to prepare the audio mix then sequence to it. You could copy and paste segments of timing and content, but syncing everything up would be a chore.. If you wanted to just select songs on the fly, you could take a look at BobO's Miip which allows your guests to choose which song plays next via smartphone.
  22. If I am understanding what you are asking, LOR cannot play samples, it will play whatever sequence you load. Lets say you have 10 sequences and want to play samples from all 10 then you would have to create a remix of the songs, sequences and combine them in to one sequence to be played.
  23. I think the key is to install the software in each machine using the default settings and locations. That way, you don't have to worry about the directories being different from machine to machine. I learned this back in the early days of desktops and adding peripherals like sound cards and CD/DVD players. You used to have set IRQ and LPT, etc. to avoid conflicts, like every time you move the mouse the sound card stops. The thing was, most manufacturers agreed on the default settings for a particular peripheral, so as long as you let the install use the default settings, pretty much everything played nice. I remember reading the Q&A section of (I think it was) Computer World and there would ALWAYS be questions from guys (usually guys, anyway) trying to get help figuring out how to resolve these kinds of issues after they went in and mucked around to make it better or faster by overclocking the CPU. Just use the defaults!
  24. You're on! I'm already adding 16 more and a Pixie II this year, so it will have to wait until I get everything out there. You know, in a month or so.
  25. Looking to uncover a feature or perhaps identify a workaround: I have a bunch of musical light sequences (Thanks to the generous sequence sharers here on this forum!). Full songs...singing faces, etc. I'm wondering if there's an easy alternative to having to play an entire song... is there a way to do a continuous sampling/mix of all different sequences via the software show building? Or would this be something I'd have to custom build new blended sequence()s consisting of smaller, blended 'clips' of those full song sequences? (I searched forums but my thoughts not mapping to any posts I could find... apologies if this has been asked before... would appreciate any guidance/ links to prior posts on solutions if they are out there.)
  26. There's always room for jell-o, I mean more props. Start stacking vertically. 😂 Show me a picture of your yard filled. I'll show you another spot for 16 more channels.
  27. You can use any pixel type that the Pixie supports. LOR current pixels are WS2811 so as long as the HC pixels are WS2811 then you will be fine. The pixie can only use one IC type for the entire board at a time.
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