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  2. I agree with you so much Ceegars. With out their help and support my show would not be as great as it is. I could not do it with out them
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  4. A big thanks for sharing your hard work to us.
  5. Sounds like something may be running on the background. Check Task Manager to see what might be taking cpu cycles.
  6. No I double checked that just now. I did notice that the com LEDs on the controllers start flashing when it drops out. This different then before where they were on steady. So it seems that I am losing communication with controllers during the times the program stops scrolling through the sequence. I have two LOR 16 channel controllers. I even swapped out the usb 485 adapter. No change.
  7. What kind of help do you need exactly, need more info.
  8. Added singing trees to the display this year. Found out I’m just plain awful at sequencing faces! Jumped on the forums for some tips and found these guys. JR sent me a couple of face sequences and WOW...amazing! Knowing there is a community like this with the quality and generosity of JR and James makes me love this hobby even more than I already did! Thanks guys!
  9. Don't know if this is what you are looking for, 1. on the right side of the screen you will see the box called "Type"(Channel, Color, Motion, Superstar), click on Color 2. under the "End Color" (Choose, Random, Copy, Ignore) click on ignore if you want only one color 3. click on sample and choose the color you want and click OK 4. click on a color in the row you want to change and press R to choose the whole row 5. right click on the row and choose Existing Effects (foreground) and choose Apply Toolbar Hue That should do it.
  10. Does anyone have Katy Perry Darkhorse Sequence? Again thanks in advance Tenni07@gmail.com
  11. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. Different versions of Windows use different file structures. If one computer is Windows 7 and another is Windows 10, and a third is Windows XP, the directory structure is different on all three. I take a different tactic. I map a network drive (even if it's on the same computer) as L:\ LOR is setup to use L:\ on every computer. Does not matter if L:\ is a local drive, a network drive on another computer. For example, what this computer knows of as L:\ is really D:\LOR on my server.
  12. That is not making sense. My guess is that you have something configured wrong - most likely in Network Preferences. Can you post screen captures of the LOR and DMX tabs of Network Preferences. Here are some examples. Note that these are from several different versions of LOR software, and the universes shown on the DMX tab are not the same as shown in the detail in the third screen capture. I just happened to have these captures on my website.
  13. It's fixed, sort of as of 5.3.0. You have to turn it on in preferences. You can set colors, but the effect type is only set by one row. It works but is a bit half baked.
  14. e1.31. So I have 2 networks configured -- the old LOR plus the new e1.31. The e1.31 works fine until I re-enable the LOR network. Then the LOR works fine, but the e1.31 stops responding. thanks,
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