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  2. Hi! I would be glad to have a copy of any sequence you have for a any size of pixel tree 9006822@gmail.com Thanks!
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yhqtkrw4x1ncxn8/christmas vacation.lms?dl=0
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  5. Alan, great video thanks. In previous versions I would have to move the MP3 for a play back file from my edit computer to the show computer and point the play file to the MP3 using the show computer SE. I do have 5.3.6 and in this new version do I still have to move the MP3 to the show computer and point the play file to it or is the MP3 and all other attached files now embedded in the play file?
  6. September 19 is National "Talk Like a Pirate Day" Just a reminder, Have Fun all you pirates at heart. So talk like a pirate anywhere and everywhere today {if'n ye be so inclined!}
  7. May I please get Let it Go Thank you chazjr@cox.net
  8. can I have a copy please kakulp62@comcast.net Thank You
  9. Please, could I get a copy? Thanks so much paolo_gaboardi@libero.it
  10. may I get a copy also. thanks drmm1956@yahoo.com
  11. may I get a copy please of both. thanks drmm1956@yahoo.com
  12. Back up everything.
  13. Thanks Doc, I've been scratching this old bald head trying to do the same thing...nailed it ! Jim
  14. Yes, put the extra jumper from the bag on to JP5. Go in and try to set the color order and see what happens. You should then be able to remove the jumper. I will check back in the AM to see how it worked, if you got this in time to try it JR
  15. A wiki type link to further pixel description discussion. http://www.doityourselfchristmas.com/wiki/index.php?title=Different_Styles_of_Pixels This either aids. contributes or confuses you further, YMMV. Jim
  16. Thanks JR. I followed the tutorial previously. It was a well written, easy to follow process btw so thankyou! When I update the RGB to GRB that step looks OK as I receive - "Device has received option settings". When I test it is still RGB, If I return to the drop down RGB is back as the default. When I repat the above and click Update Unit I get - "Unit did not respond to the Option Settings, Retry Command" This issue looks very familiar to this post however, I have 2 x new pixie16's and they are both behaving the same way, so chances it is a hardware fault in both is low but not impossible. I am also using Ray Wu lights. I think you are right that it may be a jumper setting. The manual reads; Jumper (JP5). These jumpers are used to force a configuration for the RGB IC, color order and pixels/string. If your board has a jumper, you can transfer the settings of this jumper into the configuration EEPROM by changing any parameter on the configuration page or by changing the unit ID. Once you have done this you can remove the jumper and the Hardware Utility will be able to change any parameter. The units arrived without a jumper installed. Is the highlighted the correct orientation on C47? The manual explanation on J5 doesn't make perfect sense to me but I am thinking that putting the jumper pin in, connecting to the HU and trying again might help? I was able to change the unit ID by setting the dip switch to 0 and use the HU without a jumper pin but maybe I this is worth a try? Thanks again Steve
  17. Yes, is it not possible ??? As written above, I have little experience and I am always asking everyone for help. Taking and never giving, it's not nice, I can't give much, I have very little experience, I've used LOR for 4 years, only RGB for 2 years, just last year I started making pixels, but I don't know how I did it, in fact, dibblejr, helped me remotely to set the tabs that didn't test the lights, then after almost a day of work with him, I realized that pixels make sense of the data, I attached them backwards, so you can to understand ...... I think they ought to make him a monument for all the help he, and so many others that I am slowly getting to know by reading them on the forum. I also have another situation, say unpleasant, I understand a little English, I translate it online, it helps me, but certain technical terms, or ways of saying for me, are incomprehensible. So looking for sequences known here in Italy, I thought of doing something for the community in my own small way. If I was wrong, tell me. However, they are not complete sequences, only the singing faces. Let me know, bye
  18. please pierpoolbat@gmail.com
  19. It's been so long since I've been looking for it, thanks pierpoolbat@gmail.com
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