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  3. Looking for some recommendations on power supplies. I am adding 2 CMB24 controllers to run RGB dumb strips. The total length of the runs is about 75m. The longest single run is about 45 feet. The spec sheet says output is 74w/5m. Is that the same as power draw? Specs also stated 1.2A/m. Any help is appreciated.
  4. So... As I understand your messages both here and the other thread you have a Pixie 8 with 50 Pixel strings? That should give you 400 pixels, yet your 12 X 25 prop you have is only going to use 300 pixels, leaving 100 not used ? If you made a 16 X 25 prop it would use all 400 pixels. Better yet you could make a 12 X 33 pixel prop (a little bigger prop) and only have 7 left over, not used. If you have reason for this, then ok, I was under the impression you were trying to build a matrix using all your pixels. I may have misunderstood your intent. Either way, I tend to use pictures of words created for the size of my matrix using a paint program. I find I can get a bigger size than what Sequence Editor or Supertar offers and it shows much cleaner. Based on your above matrix size of 12 X 50, I made some pictures for you to experiment with. I also included a short gif of how to apply them in S5 Sequence Editor using the Motion Effect. Right Click and Save As I also included a short gif of how to apply them in S5 Sequence Editor using the Motion Effect. Hope this helps Alan...
  5. Is their a viz file for the 16 CCR tree w/ RGB Star. I know their is the one with the 6ch white star. I got the CCP + during the sale it has 2 100 CCP strings. how do i convert the 6 ch to this if their is not a viz file.
  6. Here is another Forum user who has a trailer setup for a parade. He does not mention details but I am sure if you pm he would offer his knowledge. Alan...
  7. Has anyone sequenced the Billie Eilish song, Bad Guy?
  8. Could I please get a copy of this? This would be a hoot for my Halloween show this year! email: deervalleylights@gmail.com Thanks!
  9. This would be awesome to have! Could you send this to me as well please? email: deervalleylights@gmail.com Thanks so much!
  10. Hawk7 is the user name. Here is the link to his story.It was for controllers on his fathers old military 5 ton. JR
  11. I am trying to figure out the face sequences I did for the member that used on his truck in a parade. I will pm you the user name once I figure it out and you can ask him for advice. Its been quite a while and 100’s of sequences since. JR
  12. If you go to SuperStar Lights website Brian has the prop file already set up. All you have to do is download it and add it to your SS vis files. JR
  13. Doesn't most Fire trucks HAVE 120V outlets? Or are the a thing of the past (when Incan floods were king). LED makes high power portables easy. No messy cords
  14. Yes to both. It can be done in SE but I have never done it because I have Superstar. The only problem will be quality. If you can find a gif image that is the same size or very close to your matrix size it will be better. I google “mini gif” when I am looking for something for any of my matrix’s. I cannot tell you how to do it in SE but it is much simpler now in SS than it was in the past. You would have to buy the SS correct CCR license. Also I am on my phone and cannot see your license level buy for pixies you should have a pro license level. If you can use MS paint or another program you can set the pixel grid up to your size and create your own gif images. JR
  15. You are welcome. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Either here or private message. JR
  16. Thank you Alan. OP- my tune to sign is 8 x 14 pixels. the 14’s were cut from other various pixel props strings so it worked out well. I don’t have luck with gif images with that size- but if you use a paint software and can make your own pixelated images like stick men, they look nice on that size coro. Happy you found the pixie thread useful. JR
  17. Once we have a Pixie matrix running, is it possible to create a customimage/ pattern to scroll across the matrix ? Exemple: I now have a matrix 25 pixel wide x 12 pixel high and would like to have a pumpkin scroll on the matrix, is there any way to accomplish this without the Super Sequencer ? Is it possible with the super sequencer ? Please advise
  18. Thanks for the replies. I am using the CTB17PC. I am actually wanting to use it on a firetruck in a parade. All of our local departments compete for the best decorated firetruck in our Christmas parade.
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