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  2. can I have a copy please kakulp62@comcast.net Thank You
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  4. Hello everyone. I am slowly but surely moving my show over to RGB. I have some incandescent props for sale. I have four 8' columns, each with 800 red and 800 green lights wrapped around 2 pieces of 1" PVC. Basically you are able to wrap the column with the lights and secure to the column with either zip ties or bungees. Each column has four 2' sections with 200 lights of each color in each section. Each color and section can be controlled individually, so each column requires 8 channels of control. This has enabled me to have some really cool cues with these four columns. I have also wired extension cords using zip wire and vampire plugs. Two of the columns have all plugs terminating at the top of the column and two of the columns have all plugs terminating about 8' distance from the top of the column. This allows you to place a controller at the top of one column and as long as the next column is within 8', you will not need any additional extension cords. I can literally have these columns setup, plugged in, and ready for show in about 5 minutes per column. I also have four arches built with incandescent bulbs. I also used both red and green. Each arch has 8 segments, with 100 red and 100 green lights per segment, so each arch needs 16 channels of control. Having both colors allows some really cool chasing cues and gives a lot more depth to show design. The light sections are wrapped around 14" sections of 1" PVC which is then mounted onto a 10' section of 1/2" PVC. I drilled some 1-1/4" holes on on angle into some treated 2x4's that are 8' long. I can place the end of an arch in the holes of the 2x4 and it makes a perfect arch. I also built extension cords for the arches, so all 16 channels terminate at one end. If you place the controller at the end of the arch, you will not need any extension cords for these either. This makes for easy storage and quick setup for the show. I built them three years ago and they have been used in three seasons. The incandescent strings are commercial and as of yet I have had no problems with any bulbs. There is some fading of the colors, especially when compared to RGB, but they are still quite bright and would perform quite well in an incandescent or mixed show. I am willing to sell just the props or can also sell the props with controllers. These items are located in Northeast Arkansas, and depending upon the money involved, I might be able to meet someone part way. I am also willing to ship, but given the length, that might get somewhat expensive. I have a lot of time invested in these props and just hate to see them go to waste as I replace them with RGB. I do have some video I can email anyone that is interested. I can also take pictures of anything you would like to see and send to you. Hoping someone can use these!
  5. Anytime. Haven't been on the forums in a bit so I def. overlooked it
  6. Thank you my friend. I just posted up yesterday I was looking for some sequences for floods. JR
  7. Somehow I either missed this request or sent the sequences and forgot to reply here. Either way I sent you both of them Enjoy JR
  8. Steve, I meant to comment on your thread the other day and I got distracted. I am curious as to why you would copy everything from your development pc to your show pc. It is not necessary and would seem to me to be confusing in terms of having them both sync'd for editing changes on one or the other. Your profile says you are using 5.2.0. Note - there is a major change between that version and the latest 5.3.6. More on that later. IIRC in 5.2.0 you can Create Playback Files via the File tab in Sequence Editor. Is this is the case, all you have to do is to Create the Playback files on your development pc, then copy these 3 files to a directory in your show pc. yoursong.play.lms.lcs yoursong.play.lms yoursong.play.lms.pe.lid Run Show Editor on the show pc and select the songs to be in your show from the directory where you put the 3 playback files. (Note you can place all of your playback files for your entire show in one directory) Save the file from Show Editor with a file name, Then run Show on Demand on the show pc and run the previous named file saved in Show Editor. Obiviuosly you must have LOR installed on your show pc, however you don't need every picture, avi, movie, loeredit, etc copied there. When playback files are created all of the pictures, gifs, movies, etc. are gathered together and placed in the yoursong.play.lms.pe.lid file. You will still need any Audio files used in your show to be transfered to the show pc. I have run my shows every other weekend this summer, so I know this works and there is no lag between songs. In 5.3.4 (I think) things changed, the Create Playback Files option went away in the Editor, and now the Playback files are created when the show is played. You can either choose to have all the playback files created before running the show, or have each file create, then play that sequence, then create the next file (wait) then play that sequence, etc... If you go thru this once, and don't make any edits, then everything will play proper from that time forward. However if you make an edit in a sequence, new playback files will be created and you are stuck waiting for that to happen. Kinda of annoying IMHO. If you decide to update LOR be aware of this change. I use a workaround that allows me to create the playback files on my development pc, then transfer them to the show pc, much like what was available in 5.2.0. There are other threads here where this is discussed. If you need help, just ask. Alan...
  9. Are you sharing flood sequences? If so I will take whatever you are sharing. dibblejr@hotmail.com Thanks JR
  10. Sent, enjoy Please follow the instructions JR
  11. Sounds cool. Any pics or vids of them?
  12. Circles are awesome and if you really wanted to can be sequenced as arches. My viewers come for the singing faces however most say they are mesmerized by the circles. They are also very easy to make. JR
  13. A hint - click the Intensity Icon. I know of 3 different ways to add fades to a motion effect. The newest method call Drag Edges is very handy. It is shown last in the gif below. Hope this helps... Alan...
  14. Good day, As I'm upgrading certain pieces from incandescent/LED to pixels I am looking to change out arches next year. Of course these are standard fair for Christmas but do any of you use them for Halloween? Jim
  15. Kevin Strickhouser has like 100 strings of each color on the Facebook page for sale
  16. May I please have a copy sevierholidays@gmail.com Thank You
  17. Jr, May I please have a copy sevierholidays@gmail.com Thank You
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