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  2. As I mentioned above - if its a pixie16 you will be REQUIRED to have the red adapter and a Pro License. There is no way around it. If you have a pixie16 you will find my tutorial both written and video very helpful. If you have a black adapter you can configure and test the pixie16 however for a show you will need the red adapter. This will get you from box to lights as long as you do not skip around.
  3. Do you have a Red (HS) adapter. You will need one. period.
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  5. This is a quick video of explaining how the Spiral effect was made. I also have included the .lee (SS Vis File) and a sample SS effects file. It might be easier to watch the video then experiment with an example. Hope these help. If not, let me know. Alan... Right Click, Save as 32 spoke prop sharpin.lee blade spinner sprials.sup (Sample SS effects file)
  6. Yes a pixel controller.. built a tree, well trying to. buddy of mine said this was plug and play feel like i jumped in without thinking this through. lol pro here we come.
  7. Weve all been there. What kit? If its a pixie controller you will need a Pro license and the red HS adapter. JR
  8. I just did the video. Going to eat and I'll post it tonight, soon. This effect is for my spinner. I will include the .sup and .lee files so you can see the video, then load it into SS and see it for your selfs. Hopefully this will be helpful for you. Alan...
  9. The short answer is - it's possible. My first suggestion would be to get a replacement USB to RS485 adapter. Even if you don't need it, having a spare USB to RS-485 adapter is likely the most important spare part to have because without a working adapter, you have no show. The most likely failure is with the RS-485 chip on the the CMB24 and the flood. That's an educated guess BTW. If it is the chip, it can be replaced.
  10. You and I both. Took Alan a few hours, we gotta step up our game. LOL JR
  11. I have spent 4 days trying to get that blasted spinner going and learning S5. But I am onboard!
  12. Can you use a picture like in the video? Alan used a gif of a picture similar to his avatar pic. JR
  13. Thanks Alan. That is one of the best tutorials around. Much needed to get my feet started with S5. Breaking it down to 50's is a great way of thinking as I get ready to convert my faces to RGB. Wish I knew someone with a machine local I could take them to and have them cut the pixel holes in my coro. Any recommendations of the type of business that may have one of those cutters? I tried sign shops last month, none around here. I'm gonna lay my current props minus the led lights on my new coro and mark with a sharpie at 2" on center and drill away. Got me some10mm color coro coming in from Canada so that my props will look like something on the day time. Now we gotta get Greg on board. LOL JR
  14. @default Can you do a video on getting the galaxy spiral on it? That is the one effect that I am after and can't figure it out.
  15. Pixels and Enhanced mode = PRO Advanced would run Pixels, but not enhanced mode
  16. Do I have this right? The 50W flood is on the same LOR network as the CMB24 (dumb controller) . You cut the Floods AC cord (ONLY)? I was going to say No, but then I came up with a really off the wall scenario : You cut the Green and white before the black. The black connected to th LIGHT SIDE green for an instant. As I said OFF THE WALL
  17. HA! That's my tombstone spinner that looks like a snowflake at night.
  18. @k6ccc Thanks for the quick session Jim. Just built my spinner as a custom 1 prop and it works perfectly. The motion effect applies evenly now and looks really neat. That is 1 more thing off my list. I may have hair left on my head after all.
  19. Which snowflakes are those.?? Very cool setup!! — CHUCK
  20. HI All, I moved last august and threw my plan out for RGB conversion for 2019. I struggled getting show up but made it. Now a new home and new layout in progress. Plan on installing RGB pixels Icycles up on house using the boscoyo strips. 7.5 ft=15 drops of 7 pixels per strnd, 12mm holes(I have 280 Ln Ft) . Will LOR pixels fit? Who uses them? and if not what do you use?
  21. dibblejr, King of the Circles. looks good. Alan...
  22. Damn! that is a sharp picture. Looks good, almost running out of room. Alan...
  23. That animontronic kid riding the bike was awsome ! 😂 lol looks good. Alan...
  24. In this tutorial, I show a walk thru of how I make a prop for S5 using a picture as a reference. Using a detailed picture helps you create props that are more visually accurate. In the video I show a prop design using high end software, this isn't necessary, as any picture will do. The software I use allows me to space the pixels at exactly the distance I want, and creates a layout I can put toolpaths should I want to cut this prop on the router. My rental version doesn't allow me to apply toolpaths, but is very handy in the design of props. I have had requests from people to help them use a prop they downloaded that are hard to understand pixel layout. I do not understand the concept of designing a prop with a number of pixels that is not divsible by 50 (common number of strings per strand) I always try to use every pixel on a strand, even it means redesigning a prop. This is what I have done here. I have included 3 .lpeprops. The original 208 pixel layout, an adjusted 208 layout, and a Pixie4 Friendly version using 200 pixels. Feel free to download them and experiment. The size of the props is roughly 33" x 33" with 1 1/8" Pixel Spacing Alan... These are what the .lpeprops look like in S5 Prop Design. You willneed to edit network, unit id's and start / end circuits Snowflake Spinner 208 Pixels Original.lpeprop Snowflake Spinner 208 Pixels Cleaned up.lpeprop Snowflake Spinner 200 Pixels Pixie 4 Friendly.lpeprop
  25. @k6ccc YES! That is exactly what I was after. Need to make a note on this one as I am sure to see it again.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Here's the story: Two devices on the network for our general landscape lighting in the off-holiday period: CMD24D and one of the 50W floods. Doing some yard trimming, the power cable to the flood gets cut, with some sparks. Afterward, the CMD24D appears fried; no blinking light on the board, though if I unplug it for a while and plug it back in, it will flash once and go dark. I have done a couple proper resets using the pin, to no avail. Verified that the AC outlet is live. Have tried connecting boards/devices to the USB485 directly, but while the Comms Listener sees the USB485 (I see "COM3 Opened as part of REG with speed 57.6k"), none of the devices register on the network. Yes, I've rebooted the computer more that once to restart the software, and plugged the USB485 into different USB ports (and plugged other devices into those USB ports to make sure THEY weren't fried). Through what I've tested, all I can think is that somehow a power surge ran up the ethernet cable from the 50W Flood, through the CMD24D (frying it), and up to the USB485, damaging it as well. Is this even remotely possible?
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