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  2. Hi James, if you still have this Sequence could you share? Thanks. Joedingledein@yahoo.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share".
  3. Hi James I would like a copy Please Thank YOU tom Terpening wnkrwnkr@gmail.com "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share
  4. I am only seeing 1 model with 20 effect rows when I imported it. I understand why so many effect rows as it makes it easy to program certain parts of the spinner. What are these submodels you mention? Why are you grouping anything when it's only 1 model? Are you trying to expand all the channels inside of the editor?
  5. I found someone had done an xmodel based on the same design. I can import it fine into S5 and I can control how the pixels are mapped out... All good... But, the xmodel has submodels for the spokes and stars, but when it imports in the preview, I get effort rows for each section of lights within the single object. I can group the whole object but I can't group the sub effects groups. I can create multiple objects, and delete the effect rows not needed but that seems like it is creating more work than needed. Again, looking for suggestions if anyone has done this. SpinnerStarFlake.xmodel
  6. So I found a couple of props in the default set, a "spokes", and "star" and also worked out how to group them with overlay to get a shape that matches what I want. But there is one thing I can't figure out. In the spokes prop, it only allows specifying the number of spokes, and pixels per. So for 16 spokes, it comes up with 16 channels with just the 12 pixels each, but I would like a better pattern, using like a 12 out and then 12 back. so I still come back to creating a custom one or importing from xlights if I can find one closer to what I want. Just want to make sure I haven't missed something.
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  8. Greg- I tried James Matrix i made for him. ebrown1972 - I followed all directions. All worked good in xlights. Followed the latest tutorial but it didn’t work. I just get pics of the props and draw the lights on the screen then move where needed in the vis. It’s easy for me. I was just trying to be lazy, I have a lot of singing faces. He also tried and had same results. It’s all good, I rebuilt all day mine in my new vis to import to S5. JR
  9. It's easy in S5. Just download the xmodel file and under preview just click add item and choose to add xmodel. If the props were built with sub models in xlights, just add a group under the preview and all of the sub models will be there. You can download all of Gilbert engineering models on their website.
  10. Shouldn't that be an ETD?🤔😀 Better start planning and getting that final magnanimous display up, it can come at anytime and many times without warning!
  11. Light strands are alive I tell you, they ARE ALIVE!😮😛🤣 Although sometimes when we think something can't survive on an inanimate or non-living thing, we get a surprise and find out it can, sometimes a tad too late too! Yikes!
  12. Guess I have been lucky with the Xlights props that I have imported. They all came up as custom inside of S5 and I was able to do what I needed to get it to work with my pixel configuration. Can you send me the xlights prop you are working with and I will try it.
  13. Exactly the same problem I had while playing with xlights. Made me scratch the idea of creating the props in xlights which was simple and export in to LOR. Gave up on the thought of xlights and started touring S5. Would have been nice since xlights offers a lot of pre defined props. S5 should get there eventually. JR
  14. Is there an ETA when we will all die? I need to plan my biggest light show prior to that.
  15. Toying with S5 on another PC, not certain if/when I'll make the switch. I was able to get the prop into S5. Is there a way to get this visualizer from S5 to S4?
  16. My wife works for the CDC, she gets a daily brief on this thing.
  17. I'd check to see if you can send it back in to be fixed if you're not comfortable soldering.
  18. Just for the record. Covid 19 does not survive on inanimate surfaces for more than a few hours.
  19. I'll have 10 Made in China 5VDC RGB Light Strands and a side of Coronavirus will be added at no extra charge.😮🤨 Sorry, just couldn't resist it, the temptation was wide open.🤪🥴
  20. Last week
  21. Chinese New Year ended Feb 8 but as you stated some factories are converting productions and many are just keeping workers at home.
  22. Even without the virus impact, much of China is closed for business during most of February due to Chinese New years celebrations. I suspect the delays will be felt soon. I have several items on order, and am mildly curious as to when they might appear. Apple can't get its new Iphone out and I heard that Foxconn had repurposed its plants to make surgical masks for the crisis. Now that's what I call manufacturing agility.
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