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  2. Ours been out for almost a month luckily I have more of their lights in stock than they do. JR
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  4. Someone call my Walmart and tell them they are behind the game here. I went there Fri-Sat-Sun and they don't have their Christmas items out yet. 🤬😡
  5. Have read a while back but realized I never thanked you...Thank You All.
  6. I've been running my shows for years, and got the DO NOT TAPE YOUR PLUGS thread early on. I've never had a problem leaving them untaped and the weather here in November/December can be pretty wild. I have yet (knock on wood) to experience an issue doing this. All my controllers have the rubber insert and I hang them up off the ground with some PVC stands I built myself, but I'm anal and put a tarp over them spreading it out and staking it down, but leave the sides partly open so everything can "breathe".
  7. Your wife goes by CFO? How lucky, mine calls herself god. Pixels next year for me as well. 🤣
  8. James if you're still sharing Snoopy's Christmas I'd like a copy. Regards, Mike A. hjuska@gmail.com
  9. Good, thanks. Trying to keep within the CFO's(wife's) budget :-) I'll get the pixels next year.
  10. Any smart rgb strings, bulbs, nodes, ribbons will work on the tree but may not have the same affects. Not sure if any pictures would look as good as strips or nodes but the bulbs willl still work. JR
  11. Uqepi Yup, I tell everyone to rely on HU very little. Best to use a test sequence to test the colors. It’s simple to create a test sequence. Glad it worked for you. JR
  12. I have lost work even prior to my last save. Just the other day while importing a channel config, saved, copy pasted four rgb rows and tiger the dreaded SE auto shutdown. I lost the channel config and the work I did with the import along with the 4 rows I was working on. JR
  13. Yes, if SE unexpectedly shuts down then you lose the work back to the last save. Maybe they could incorporate a configurable auto save for those of us who get so into the sequencing that we forget to stop and save our work every now and then. Sorta like a sequencing babysitter. 😁
  14. One thing to remember. Around here at this time of the year a lot of us are setting up displays and not on as often. It may take a while but someone will eventually see your question and assist. Patience. JR
  15. Controllers are already built weather tight so nothing else needed as long as you keep them off the ground. Same for the connections, if they are hanging then the water will drip off the bottom and air dry. Covering or wrapping with anything other then a weather proof type box will just hold what moisture gets in and prevent them from drying. I always try to hang any connections that I have by hanging in a tree or bush. Connection that are out in the open I just elevate off the ground.
  16. Just keep them off the ground. I use the spikes from Lowe’s and zip tie the plugs to them. If my yard floods like last year I use a. 5 gallon bucket with notches at the bottom and cover from the extra heavy rain. Then I drill 2 holes in buckets and spike them down. They are only used for my singing faces since they can be hid behind the props. Seall or no seal I have not done anything extra to controller enclosures. Just be sure to close and tighten the screw that secured the door. A lot off mine are outside year round and never a problem. JR
  17. I heard guys were using the child safe covers. Like James said I would not tape. If the opening is facing down I would not worry about covering at all
  18. Even the unused ones? Like I have 3 way plug adapters and might only use two. I wonder if one of those child safe outlet covers would work for that.
  19. Do not tape extension cord ends will keep water in them won't dry out tried some after rain the ones not tape dry the ones taped were wet when it gets cold tap ones will hold moisture in
  20. Do the controllers need covered to prevent any weather from getting inside? Mine will be up off the ground mounted to small posts. I noticed a couple boxes have rubber seals, but a couple don't. Also, do you guys tape up or cover your electrical connections (extension cord ends)?
  21. Would you mind sending me a copy PLZ. My email is seahawksruleman@sbcglobal.net Please don't let the football team detour you, haha. Thank you, Andy
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