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  2. A couple members I helped sequence or set up their controllers use their displays on boats. And another member had his in a parade float. Maybe they will chime in here and inform others how they do it. Very nice displays. JR
  3. Can't be one of those 'cheap-o" inverters, I'm talking an inverter with a cost of at least a minimum of $125-$200 for it to be able to run a controller like a CTB16PC and the lights off a 12VDC Vehicle battery. I used one once, paid around $150 for it and it worked fine as long as the vehicle was running. If the vehicle isn't running, it may drain your battery very quickly depending on type of lighrs used {Incandescent bulbs, mini's C7, etc.} or L.E.D. strands or retrofit L.E.D. C7/C9 bulbs, the drain on the battery won't be as significant with L.E.D.'s, but it'll still drain the vehicle battery over a little time if the vehicle is not running. But, yes, it can be done.
  4. May I have a copy please sevierholidays@gmail.com Thanks Mark
  5. May I have a copy please Thanks Mark sevierholidays@gmail.com
  6. May I have a copy please sevierholidays@gmail.com
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  8. I downloaded the newest version of LOR (v5.3.6) and everything changed! It is much clunkier than ever and am racking my brain how to figure things out. I am trying to add a fade to my motion effect and I cannot add to the end. I cannot click on the previous timing mark and click on down to make it have the same color as the motion I clicked on. I have to right click and add motion or another affect, what am I doing wrong. Did everything change so drastically, we have to relearn everything? The interface looks so archaic as well, looks like LOR is going backwards not forward. Please help!
  9. Totally agree, I have five of the red adapters and I don't even run pixels or even high speed on the RS485 network. However, I do have them just in case, you never know when you may need them.
  10. OK, sorry again. I need to connect the Pixie to get the actual readings of how I did because I changed the Logical Resolution and wanted to get it right for you and it's still packed away. You still have to do some sequencing. I wanted to have the effect of 8 light on each arch. That gives a good effect. SO, The Ribbon has a logical number of 50 lights (150 individual pixels and you need to control a Red, Green and Blue together, so logically you have 50: 150/3). If you divide that in half, you have 2 sets of 25 "lights." Divide that by 8 and you get 3. But you can't change the logical resolution to 3 and 5 is too many. So I changed it to 2 (2x8=16) and that is your 8 "lights" of 2 logical pixels each.. So for one arch, you have 9 left over (25-16=9). The way I built the PVC for the arches, there is a space in between them that hides part of the ribbon, so you can't see those anyway. And there is a small area in the beginning of the arch and the end of the second one that also hides part of the ribbon. In the sequence, I started on Channel 5 and continued through Channel 20 for Arch 1 and then continued with Channel 30-47 for Arch 2. This leaves a small gap at the beginning, and larger gap in the middle and a small gap at the end. No cutting required. Maybe the photo will help you see how I built my 2 arches.
  11. i have spoken via phone, text and face to face about setting up your pixel controllers. The one item that most people over look when purchasing the new controllers are the RS485HS Red adapter. These will solve a lot of your issues as we have discussed. As far as that goes any controllers. Since the sale has been extended - thanks Dan, I would recommend that if you do not have one or two of these that you jump on them during the sale. They are backwards compatible so no need to worry about the old black RS485 black adapters. As mentioned above anyone running the pixie series or any LOR pixel controllers should have 1 for ea h network and at least 1 for a spare. JR
  12. Hope someone can help. On the mini director I use the different channels to have the ability to play a looping set of song sequences that can be interrupted with an open/closed switch ( I use a door bell button). This trigger a second sequence. When that sequence is over the director goes back to playing the looped set of songs again but it always starts at the beginning. I’m wondering if there is a hack for the code that would allow the mini director to go back to the looped set of sequences where it left off. Any ideas? Or downloads someone would share?
  13. Looks like Dan has extended the sale through the End of Sunday 8/25. You have a few more days!
  14. James, could I also get a copy of this too? Thank you! Lcripe12@aol.com
  15. Could I please get a copy of this? Lcripe12@aol.com
  16. May I please have a copy? Thank you in advance tvincek@twc.com
  17. I asked a similar question about this issue on August 16th in this thread. "Copy files from development machine to show machine" Also still wondering what is the best way to handle the new design Steve
  18. Glad you got it to work. Every time I attempted to update I would spend precious sequencing hours or days trying to figure iut the problem. Then spending time reverting to what was working. Now I go back to my age tested saying "if its not broke don't fix it". Of course when updating hardware sometimes as in your case you have to update to get the software to recognize the hardware. If I recall your other thread you have a pixie16. If you need help setting it up refer to my long writeup stickies at the top of the General Hardware section. You can skip down to the video but if you get stuck go back to the steps I provide. BTW- my fastest laptop runs my show -Allienware gaming (Dell). My sequencing laptop Dell Gaming and my old Inspiron laptop never could use anything over 4.3.18 not sure if there is something with the Dell Inspiron series since all 3 are but the fact they mine will not work well with any updates newer. JR
  19. I got 4.3.18 to work so I'll just go with that.
  20. Dell inspiron 1525 with Windows Vista, yes I have admin rights.
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