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  2. If the white bar is there for an effect, just double click on that bar and it will open whichever effects generator created it (SuperStar or Motion Effects).
  3. I think I need to go back to the tutorials and help. When I load the sequence, select the pixel element (Effects on) and time, right click and insert SS effect, there is nothing there. Book learning tomorrow. Thanks
  4. If you are operating in the S5 environment, you should not be trying to open a .sup file. The exception is if you are doing (as I am at the moment), opening one instance of SuperStar directly (NOT by way of S5 Sequencer), and then copying effects from that instance of SuperStar into a second instance of SuperStar via Insert SuperStar Effects.
  5. I am experiencing a problem reloading a SS5 .SUP file so I can modify it more. For example, I have an effect that the timing is 7.55 sec to 26.80 seconds in the sequence. When I select the time in S5 and then select insert SS effect, i have to open the .SUP file. However the beginning of the effect in SS5 starts at 15.20 seconds. I have to 'Nudge Length Left' to move the start back to 7.55 sec. So there sure is a learning curve plus when something isn't working the way you think it aught to, are you doing something incorrectly, is it a 'feature' or something that will be added in the future. I will also be interested in hearing others techniques.
  6. Look at your software. Near the upper left corner, it will tell you what version and license level. The version and license level shown here in the forum is whatever you set it to. Of course the recommendation is to set your forum profile to the actual version and license level match reality. If you are using the Pixcon 16 in E1.31 mode (as I recall, you are), it consumes ZERO LOR Unit IDs. It will however use DMX universes - often one universe per output, but it does not have to be that way. There is no relationship between LOR Unit IDs and DMX Universes.
  7. (A) I thought i was at the pro level but here it tells me that im only at advanced. (B) I think i will just keep them separate for now. So , with the Pixcons using 16 unit ID's/controller does that mean that my next unit ID's need to be above 32?.....16 for each Pixcon? And can the CMB24 still be Unit ID# 01 because it is coming from the serial port?ANDDDDDDD i also bought 2 PIXI 16's which will eventually run 10 box's of SMart Pixels 2811 CCR-II's so they are gonna need 32 more unit id's . Correct?
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  9. If you have any problems PM me and I will provide my contact info. Pretty straight forward with the video I provide in the link. Thanks Jim K6CCC for providing that. I have a lot going on these days. I can make you a CCR tree in a matter of minutes for the visualizer if needed. JR
  10. As dgrant mentioned you must set the Unit ID on the CMB24 by using the dip switches on the board not the HU. All controllers on your E1.31 networks are identified by IP addresses, all controllers on your RS485 networks will be identified by Unit IDs. Unit ID settings can be found on page 20 of the CMB24 manual here: http://www1.lightorama.com/Documents/CMB24D_Man_Web.pdf The CMB24 and CTB16 use one Unit ID per controller. The Pixcon16 and the Pixie series controllers use as many sequential Unit IDs as the controller has ports. A Pixcon16 and Pixie16 uses 16 sequential IDs, a Pixie8 uses 8 sequential IDs and so on. Keep in mind that if you ever want to use your Pixcon16 on a RS485 network then you will need to upgrade your license to a Pro level.
  11. dgrant, o.k., here is what I have so far that I do know about. I have two Pixcon 16's . Coming off my laptop running windows 10. I am going out to my Switch then Feeding Pixcon#1 and a separate line from the Switch to Pixcon #2. there IP Address's are and respectively. I am aware that they are separate from the CMB24 which I have plugged to a usb port then to the RS485 then out to the CMB24.We did the Addressing for the Pixcon's in Network preferences. and then I have been going to the Hardware utility to configure the CMB. Whenever I open the hardware utility it tells me that there is something running already on Com 3. and that it has to stop the Com listener (I THINK) Im writing this from work on my lunch break so im not home to look at it more closely. I can get the spots to chase in the Hardware Utility so im sure they are working. Im just doing something Stupid and don't know what it is yet. I once again want to thank each and everyone of you who chime in here. As this will only be a great learning experience. I was a lighting guy on the Road for 13 years really big tours 20 trucks and Bigger Mostly all DMX. So in order to make those shows happen on time. everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING was marked and color coded. Once I get thru this little hiccup, I will color code everything and label as I go. thanks again all.
  12. Had a 440V 3phase contactor blow up in front of me on my navy radar set. The only thing that saved my face from molten metal, was the 100A breaker was in front of it. Ears rang for days.
  13. You can follow his post here:
  14. Ain't that the truth. I did a main panel replacement and a major re-wiring of my garage last year. That first time energizing the new 100A subpanel from the main was nerve wracking! At least I got rid of the old Zinsco main panel! At work, most of the electrical I do is 48V DC - but at high current. At this location there is 3,600 AH of battery with a short circuit current capability of at least 50,000 amps. Don't get your wrist watch across that!
  15. It had to be that simple... i was way overthinking it thank you!
  16. As always, thank you for sharing and all your help over the last 3 years
  17. Sure. Go into the configuration of the Pixie in the Hardware Utility and flip one of the strings.
  18. Just curious if anyone has sequenced the faces for this song. I checked around in the forums but I do not see it anywhere. Heard it on the radio the other day and the background noises seem like they would fit a Halloween display perfectly. If anyone has the faces and willing to share, It would be greatly appreciated. nwgraphix2@yahoo.com
  19. So i got my pixie 2 setup and working. My question is there a way to change the direction of the lights on port one without manually adjusting the channel numbers? The lights are going from the pixie 2 to the end of the lights. Id like one to go opposite so that it has a true left to right feel Thanks Mike
  20. JR Could you post a link to this write up please? I am running the v4.4.2 Pro version. I am adding a 16x50 Smart Pixel Tree to the show this year, and am just learning the PE. I am at the point where I have programmed some basic effects on the tree (in PE) and the prop is now added to the SE, and saved as an intensity file. I would now like to add this prop to see on my visualizer. The tree wizard only allows CCR and DMX Pixels. Is there a way to add this Smart Pixel Tree as a prop in the Visualizer, or would using SS be better? Ultimately I am just trying to see my entire layout as I am programming the pixel tree. Thank you for any help! Raine
  21. For those that use SuperStar, and are now using S5. Looking for opinions of the better way to use "Insert SuperStar Effects" in the S5 Sequencer. Are you using a separate Insert for each effect or small group of effects, or do you use one Insert for either the entire song, or at least large portions of it, or some mixture? For a little background, as many of you know, I essentially sequence everything in SuperStar - and have for quite a few years. Although for 2018 I ran my show entirely in S5, it was somewhat of a hybrid. The 2018 show modifications were all done directly in S5 SuperStar using visualizations created in S4 Visualizer. When completed, the sequences were exported in "legacy" format into Sequencer. Then I added my P5 and P10 Tune To matrices using Motion Effects. This year, I am starting a migration to "proper" S5 by using Insert SuperStar Effects. For the most part, I am grabbing fairly short segments of time for each insert. Then I copy and paste from a second instance of SuperStar that is the source, into the instance of SuperStar that is opened via the Insert. There are a few that have been longer. but most are under five seconds. The opposite extreme would be to have a single Insert for the entire song. One of the big disadvantages of short segments is that I will end up with hundreds or maybe even thousands of .avi files that go along with the sequence files. Opinions?
  22. Keep in mind that some colors may look different on your home. Adjust where necessary. The CF50’s are great. I have 8 now. Had 4 for two years. JR
  23. Do as my great friend James said. Another note, you will want the smallest resolution images that you can get. I will not use anything larger than 150x150 or less. Usually I will google “mini gifs” to get the smaller resolutions. JR
  24. Last week
  25. Thought I had this all figured out. I had completed a SS sequence for my 4 circles and then based on what I thought I had learned here and playing with Visualizer, added my spinners to the Vi. I then imported the new visualizer file to the existing sequence. This did not result in what I had expected. I had hoped all I'd have to do is to sequence the spinners but no, SS took my existing sequence and applied it to the spinners, leaving many of the circles not seqeunced. SO, I went back to the visualizer and changed positions of the spinners and circles (two horizontal rows of the props) and imported that Vi file instead. Same thing. How do I take an existing SS sequence and add new props to it without disrupting the existing sequence? I know I can merge and the import into SE, but was hoping to avoid that
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