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  2. Well we had a good little rain last and two of my floods went out. After a closer inspection it looks like the cables have split on the floods so it looks like I will be opening them up today to replace the cables.
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  4. Can I get a copy please and TY Ken kenlytle@gmail.com
  5. Can I get a copy please? TY For your time Ken kenlytle@gmail.com
  6. Can I get a copy as well? Thank You Ken kenlytle@gmail.com
  7. Could I get a copy as well please? And ty for your time Ken kenlytle@gmail.com
  8. May I get a copy Please. Thank You JR davejones_136@yahoo.com
  9. Hi Jr, May I please get a copy of this. Thank You as always. Dave davejones_136@yahoo.com
  10. Hi James, May I please get a copy of this/ Thank You. Dave davejones_136@yahoo.com
  11. Not like I plan on ever moving to S5 was just curious. For me my entire show runs on S4 with minor aches and pains now and then so if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I love the visualizer for what I use it for. JR
  12. The mega tree I mention is 25’ ground to tip of star JR
  13. Huh? Wrong thread? Edit: just realized you quoted something from 2018
  14. Do you have it for AC lights? if so send to ericmeyer211@yahoo.com
  15. Are you trying to control the PixCon16s via Ethernet using e1.31, or via a LOR network?
  16. Yes, I know I can pull a ticket with LOR. But I just would like the part number for Mouser for the surface mount RJ45 sockets. All I can find when I search for any part number is people telling people to pull a ticket.
  17. I searched and nothing really came up except some really old posts. For Christmas vacation and It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas by Johnny Mathis, if anyone has them please email to Ericmeyer211@yahoo.com thanks in advance..
  18. Having issues sequencing my living light shows boyosco snowflake.. Need help!!
  19. Out of curiosity, how big is your mega tree?
  20. You can add to it. I made one with all of the pops and groups that I knew I wanted, then made a copy of it and added in the new stuff I thought I wanted to add.
  21. James, can I get a copy please? Tbuff23@msn. Com thanks
  22. We had some great snow a few years ago. Made the show look even better. Last year we had some -5 temps- yes here in Central Al. It was so cold the drone could not take off and my pixels actually appeared to freeze up. They worked the next day once the temps got in to the 20’s+. The city created flooding in my yard has been my major issue so I use various things like the buckets to keep my cables and excess lights in. This year using a trampoline base as my mega tree base to elevate it. (Cut down to 18” height. The city’s drainage system in our nh is to small to keep up with the water flow and it happens to run diagonally across my yard. Last year was torrential record breaking rainfall Halloween night through after New Years. No more than 2-3 day spells without rain. JR
  23. Its a heck of a learning curve. I went from S2 to S5. Started using superstar and added in RGB arches and mini trees. Plugged it all in the other day and found out my first LOR controller that I bought in 2007 will not support the motion rows in all of my sequences. Greatly appreciate the folks around here that have helped me figure this stuff out!
  24. Phil- based on this statement does that mean adding props/ controllers on the fly is gone with S5? I add something spur of the moment every year , even before my LOR forum days. So you have to make a preview. Can you add to the preview like vis or do you have to build everything over again? JR
  25. Based on his statement the email probably comes from being a shared sequence sent to him, in his statement Ice I’ve Baby was probably sent from James or I. He then downloaded it to his sequencing computer and edited it to his config. He then used “save as” and transferred it to his show computer and didn’t re sync the audio file by playing each seq for a short period, hence the the problem. I may be wrong but I don’t think he was trying to play a sequence from an email account. Even if he did it prob would bet him no or very few lights to match his config. JR
  26. Yes and don’t forget to add “how old you feel as well”. JR
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