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  2. Can someone take a quick search and post a link to my previous post about 32 v 64 for these folks, please.
  3. I am in byron ga I have regular lights and stripe pixel lights which i have no idea how to install
  4. Where in Georgia are you, I am in north Florida near Jacksonville and might be able to help, Give me a PM with a phone number and will see if we can help, I don't do RGB or pixels but can usually figure out the old stuff. A little more info would be helpful too, What type equipment and where are you in setup. There are a lot of good helpful people here, a little more info might produce a nearby experienced person to help, a lot like me should be complete or near complete with our own displays and can make time now. Keith
  5. I do have an electrician involved and he inspected everything and has sided with me this isnt my problem. City is just being jerks funny thing is they started getting everything marked and told me they was going to fix the problem and has since did a 180 they marked everything on 3 houses. and they put a meter recorder on all houses they even told me that during the show time I only am pulling 58 amps on everything show and what I have on inside the house. They even showed me the read outs. They even told me lines outside are failing underground feed
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  7. Don't know...they don't say anything about it. I wish they would offer a 64bit version the 32bit is slow and performance is lacking. I guess we should be glad it's not 16bit lol
  8. How many strips of pixels and how many strands is the tree? A tree is setup based on rows and amounts of pixels and folds within those rows.
  9. Thanks Jim !!! I would have bet a box of lights that you would be the one to answer first .. LOL .. We missed last year because of the weather... 70+ inches of rain from Sept to March !! .. YIKES ... So we are back ... Seems after setting up for 2 years .. almost EVERYTHING needed to be rebuilt, reworked or repaired .. 😞 .. Thanks again for the tip .. I'll make the update .. Bob
  10. Houses in the US have 2 phases (Red and Black is common naming). Your display may just be on the other phase if no flicker. The phase with the flicker is the one with the problem It may be that the entire neighborhood major loads have all landed in the same phase leg. Have your electrician swap Red with Black (DO NOT DO THIS if you have 3 phase equipment. very rare in residential. Motors could run backwards and break stuff)
  11. Is the prop(megatree) defined to the right channels and universes? You mentioned you bought a sequence, I can't imagine you can buy a sequence and it instantly works with your setup, something would need to be edited, no 2 setups are ever the same.
  12. That's the general idea. A couple things to remember. First is make sure that channel is NOT in any of your other sequences - and I don't mean, not used, I mean not present. Second, there seems to be issues with a channel that is 100% absolutely all the time. Set the first (or first couple) grids in the sequence at 99% and then the rest at 100%. You will never see 99 vs 100% on the lights, but it will cause the show player to send a lighting command periodically. And welcome back!
  13. Thanks Phil I was able to contact Ray Wu with that email . Dennis
  14. Glad you found a work-around. For now, subsequences in S5 sequences can only be in the S4 format (or playabck files as mentioned above). We are looking at supporting subsequences in the S5 (LOREDIT) format in 2020. Matt
  15. Wow... it has been a long time since I have been to the forum ... Greetings to ALL !!! We added a suspended wreath to the display this year. It is not part of the animation or musical sequences however I would like to simply turn it on at the beginning of the show and leave it on until the end of the show. Would a simple 1 LOR channel sequence 1 minute of ON long placed in the BACKGROUND section of the Show editor do the trick? What I really didn't want is it to turn off and then back on with each restart in the background. Like I said .. it's been awhile ... Thanks for looking .. and the help Bob Moody
  16. E1.31 can be sent either as Unicast (specifically sent to one IP address) or Multicast (broadcast to anything on that broadcast domain). Either one will work, although most networking people will think terrible thoughts if you use multicast. Both the sender (LOR in this case) and the receiver (the AlphaPix in your case) must be set the same way. I don't know much about the AlphaPix controllers. My screen capture above is showing Unicast. Make sure you are using the same format at both ends.
  17. Matt, Thanks for the info on the new release. I too am curious if that will included a fix for the delay in loading and playing times in the show player. Looking forward to hearing from you!!
  18. Which controller do you have? Are you using a computer (or laptop) to run it? You need to understand that right now is he busiest time for people to respond. If you're brand to this, you are late to be getting started for this year. You will find that people will help as they can.
  19. Same problem , but slight, The display makes our kitchen ceiling led's flicker a little. We had a complete new panel put in this year for inside the house. The outside ac outlets are on the main panel where the service comes in. I wouldnt think that would happen,but it does . No other lites in the house do it but the kitchen. We have a great electrictian and he will come by one evening when the disply is on to take a look see. I will keep yall posted. HMMMM when I was working on programming I had the four controllers plugged into an single outlet in our dining room and lots of led's connected and when I played a sequence for test , no flicker in the kitchen. HMMMM David
  20. Would you post the link to these from Amazon? I have 12 spare 12 volt DC outputs from my CMB24D and if you say they look good, I might want to add some to my display for next season.
  21. I thought this was strange too, but at 24 volts they do not light up. Even at 28 volts some of the LED strings were barely on. These lights needed the 29 volts. Switcher says output 29 VDC 0.5 Amps. Never saw anything like this.
  22. Awesome, thanks for the update Matt. Any idea when we will see the release?
  23. Ha Probably got them from you. I need to look.
  24. Help desk just emailed me today and said they have identified the problem and will be fixed in the 5.3.12 release.
  25. Glad to help, @dibblejr ! I know you haven't any plans to upgrade and I think if I had the number lights and controllers you have, I may have put it off until next year. I'm only at 3 AC controllers and 2 Pixie IIs with only 10 sequences, so it's not as big of a deal for me. I DO plan to spend the time over the next year to REALLY set it up the way it is intended to be used and to make it MUCH easier to add sequences. I do find that like most software, the more you use it, the easier it gets. Again I think that at some point in the future, there won't be additional upgrades to S4, so you may not have a choice. I'm sure I'll be picking your brain!
  26. Dang. You think you could create another LMS file, Delete the sequence timings for the singing faces, then send me that file? i know that’s a lot to ask. But never hurts to ask! thanks so much for the response!!!
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