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  2. SuperStar Auto face is not meant for normal LED;s, Its used for the RGB nodes. Still mw be a learning curve there even if you get the RGB LOR faces. And great advice from my friend Mr. P JR
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  4. ELL's cannot do high speed so that would take pixels out of the picture all together. The LOR singing trees use pixels but there are other singing trees from other vendors that use standard led lights and can be run off a CTB16 or even dumb RGB which can be run off a CMB24 for lower speed networks with your black adapter and ELL's. When you hear the word pixels you need to think high speed network, pro license and red usb adapter.
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I think you have convinced me the Pixel Tree & S5 are out for this year. That got me thinking in another direction. Would a Singing Face be an easier route to go at this point? Reading through LOR store info, it seems like that would be a possibility. I should add too that I use 2 ELL's with a black adapter to get my signal out to the yard. I would stick with S4 and then maybe upgrade my license to get Super Star which I think would make sequencing the Face easier. What are your thoughts on this line of reasoning?
  6. Has anyone sequenced faces for Footloose?
  7. Just a quick update. i finally was able to figure out why the flood light was not working. i have been adding the cmb24d controller wrong into my sequences.
  8. I am sorry to hear that i know you put a lot of hardwork into what you do. If you do open up a shop i will be sure to come to you. you do amazing work and to be honest i feel you should be getting something for all the work you do. Jason
  9. Since no one had addressed this one, yes SuperStar is an ADD-On and will require a new License. However, I think you might have to upgrade to a PRO license before adding the SS License, as the Pro license is an upgrade from any lower license levels{cheaper to upgrade than buy a new license}. I don't think just by adding a SS license will get you to a PRO license in the LOR Software Suite. And Pixels being what they are, if smart, a strand of 50 Pixels would = 150 channels {I think a dumb strand is the same}, the difference being that smart pixels you can control the color of each bulb independently from each other, where dumb pixels the entire strand can only be one color at a time. So depending on the total number of pixels that would make up the channel count, that is what would determine which license level you will need in SuperStar, if you opt to go with the SuperStar add-on. I don't use S5, but I have 5 RGB Controllers and 10 strands of 50 pixels, which = 1,500 channels and I just use the current Sequence Editor {SE} in my current version of the LOR software and works fine. Also depending on how old you CTB16PC Controllers are, if PRE-GEN3, they can't be used on an High Speed, 500K Network, only Gen 3 CTB16PC's can be. But Pixels usually also need an Enhanced Network. I'm not sure if the G3 CTB16PC Controllers can use the Enhanced Network, someone with those type controllers would have to chime in on this part of the equation. My current set up is 4 older CTB16PC {V2} Controllers on the old USB485B Black adapter {Regular LOR Network, 115K}. whereas my 5 RGB Controllers are on a Red HS Adapter using AUX A Network, 500K and Enhanced. And S5 is far too late in the season to change over and learn at this time of the game to put on a show. Very steep learning and it is very complex. Yes it has more features {bells and whistles} but will take some time learning to use it. S4 is so much easier and simpler, so if your using anything Pre-S5 I'd stick with that for this years show and after the season, switch over to S5 at that time.
  10. CCR's don't run at 57K, but a CMB24 does. What firmware on the CMB?
  11. As an UPDATE - I did open a Trouble Ticket and have gotten a fix. There was a bug that was identified and appears to have caused my problem. When I used the updated program Tech Support provided, this works properly. THANKS :Support - you ROCK.
  12. Have you taken a look at Xlights? I wouldn't recommend for this year as its getting late. FREE software is a plus. You can import LOR sequences as well. I just started from scratch with Xlights when I made the jump from 100% incans to 100% RGB.
  13. As PhilMassey has already stated, S5 has a steep learning curve and it is a big jump from incans to pixels. My suggestion would also be to stay with the earlier version and incans for the rest of this season and start playing with S5 when the pressure is off. Pixels and pixel controllers are much more complex to setup...having said that, the S5 software with make programming pixels easier. Good luck for now. Jim
  14. Which lights are you referring to and a bit more on your configuration would be helpful. Also, how is you S5 Preview set up? What version of Windows? Several possibilities with S5.3, not playing nice in windows for some reason... silence from LOR on what to expect other than something is haywire.
  15. I am interested in this one, too. not sure if anyone has this one. if i don't find it soon, i might program it myself
  16. Using S5.3.8 with Pro license. All controllers work when testing through the Hardware Utility. When I run a sequence, AC lights running through CBT16 work fine on the regular enhanced network, as do all the pixels on my E1.31network. I have a CMB24 on the regular network and those dumb lights do not come on during playback, neither do the CCRs (type-1). I've double checked and the unit IDs in the preview match what the the hardware utility says. I'm stumped. Why won't these ribbons come on during playback?
  17. Beamer

    Star Wars

    beamerii@yahoo.com and thank you
  18. Thanks for everyone's input. I greatly appreciate it. Some good news to report. I decided to try one of my kid's laptops instead. Slower machine but I thought try. In short, all is working great now on the older laptop. I'm guessing there is something running on my laptop (not on my kid's) that was blocking/inhibiting some network traffic to the controllers. Just a guess. Anyway, now at least I can move forward getting ready for Christmas now that Halloween show is working.
  19. It's really late to try to grasp S5, let alone pixels this year. I would put on a downsized version of your existing show, and plan on stepping it up next year. S5 is a steep learning curve, and pixels, even pre programmed, still need to be integrated into your setup.
  20. You will need a pro license if you want to run a pixel tree. as the controller will use 16 ID's just for the tree and a Standard license only supports 8 ID's. If you figure in your other four controllers then you are at 20 ID's. You will also need a high speed network so a Red USB485 adapter will be required.
  21. Ok I need some help. I have been doing LOR for about 7 years and have gradually gone from one CTB16PC controller to four controllers, all the while simply using old fashioned strings of incandescents. I have expanded my show from 2 songs to 7 songs and done most of the sequencing on my own. Well, now we have moved from the open spaces of snowy northern Minnesota to the sunny gated communities of SW Florida. Our home here is substantially smaller and I think I could do a nice show with 2 controllers and 32 channels of incandescents. But I am thinking now might be the time to start the switch to pixels. Just need to know some of the basics. Can I just buy a Plug-n-Show Pixel tree and use that controller on my network with one more controller to control 16 channels on the house? I just downloaded S5 and my license supports v5.3.8 Standard. I have never even looked at Super Star but have a feeling now might be the time to learn. Is SuperStar an additional license fee beyond what I have now? Do I need it to run the pixel tree? Sorry for the probably simplistic questions but it is quite confusing for me. Thanks in advance.
  22. ill take a copy of it if you don't mind just to see how it look landonwebster123@gmail.com thanks in advance
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  24. Create a show of all your sequence loredit files. Play it as a show on demand. Go to dinner, it may take a while to create the playback files. In options choose to "load all files before play. If you find delays try load as needed. After it has run through once, it SHOULD play with no delays between songs. There is little documentation on all this yet, just what is being talked about in here. All the playback files will be created in the Lorinternal folder. Good luck Getting that groundhog day feeling again.
  25. Hi James - can you send over the sequence of this one (and audio) to make sure its the same one I'd like to sequence...please thanks!!!
  26. That's fine but I was giving direction based on the behavior of 5.3. Glad you got it working.
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