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  2. With all that have been said, can I run a show from my PC that includes the two 1602g3mp3 controllers?
  3. What boxes are you guys putting them in?
  4. Thanks. Even though you can't see it in this video, there is an 8 foot high, 12 strand pixel tree bringing up the rear of the truck. Sort of a surprise after the truck passes by.
  5. https://www.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/58912-3-car-driveway-arch/&tab=comments#comment-660614 An idea
  6. A solution that i found easyer I took the boscoyo snowflakes and then added 70bulb c6 colored strands to them and mounted them on pvc pipe. I think i bought 24 in ones. These are drilled for pixles but the c6 bulbs pushed right through. https://www.boscoyostudio.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2_59
  7. My thoughts EXACTLY! And I was one of those Cobol guys!
  8. My email is ffsanders223@hotmail.com
  9. Today
  10. You can go in and un-archive the ones you want. The archived ones are preceded by the "@" in the grid view. This where using the same channel config and preview for every sequence pays off. Once you set it up, and un-archive all the ones you want, you export the channel config and then re-import to new sequences and you should be good to go.
  11. Dearest Helen Keller [Ha!] You should give a TED talk. I marvel at your story... Kids today want to hold onto victimhood & quite frankly it's whiney & futile. I saw a story on TV a few weeks back about a fella w no arms who's become a world champ archery specialist. His story, much like yours, was so uplifting & inspirational & truly a breath of fresh air. Anyway I got hit w a lousy flu a few days ago & been down for a bit. Today I am able to sit upright. [Whoo hoo!] I updated my profile... Las Vegas Nevada... [Moved here from Hollywood Ca. a few years ago.] Let me know how to PM u & I will gladly do so. Incidentally… do u do Facebook? I post 5 artworks a week & 5 funny tweets as well. I think u might enjoy them. Type in 'Timothy Simpson' in the Facebook search. I'm the one holding the umbrella during a brainstorm. T.
  12. I had this issue. Pixel 8 of a 50 pix string stuck on red. Pixels 1 to 7 display proper program Pixels 9 to50 stuck on random color. This only happens in rain. Goes away after it dries up. Diagnosis. Pixel 7 or 8 is bad and not passing data I examined 8 the next day and found evidence of water intrusion. As a temp fix I applied some hot melt to try to seal it up enough to get through season. Not rained again so far. We'll see.
  13. @TheDucks I went silent for a week because the display started working after I had reduced the cabel length. HOWEVER, I think it was more attributed to the recent lack of humidity and no moisture/rain. The failures had occured the night of, and day after, a rain fall. It has only failed occasionally, but running 90-95% accurate. It is targeted at 100% chance of rainfall tomorrow... so we will see if the failures increase. If so, I think it may be the LED Strings. With possible moisture getting in via the wires into the LED Square housing. If so, I may unplug 1 Arch at a time to see if I can isolate a strand that has break in moisture seal? Will let you know just to close this thread/report.
  14. I would like a copy sent to dmkhobbs@comcast.net "I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share". Thank You Kindly
  15. Wow... a lot happens when u r down w a flu for a few days... thx for letting me know about these components... and they seem to b gr8 prices. I need to do a little more homework to know what I exactly need to be up & running... Looks like u got some hits nonetheless. Thx... I will get back 2 u when i'm a bit smarter on this. T.
  16. Yes, they did not over use it. I was quite close and they were modulating the music onto the lightening strikes. You could make out the song.
  17. I tried a simple name "new", which did not work - same error. By the way, this sequence has all green check marks - no errors or even warnings. I haven't come across this error before but it's very frustrating because I still have two more songs to add to my set.
  18. I doubt it's the hyphens - ALL of my sequences and most of my previews have hyphens in the name.
  19. Yep, that was cool, but I only saw about a second of it before it shut down - it was directly behind me.
  20. Try getting rid of the hyphens and other punctuation in the filenames.
  21. Couldn't believe it myself. When it came up out of it's box I thought "that looks like a Van De Graaff generator."......... surely not
  22. Further - whenever I create a new musical sequence, if I assign my "2019-11-20" preview (attached), I get the error: AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE CHANGING THE PREVIEW. YOU SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CLOSE THE SEQUENCE WITHOUT SAVING. Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow. This same preview works with all of my other existing musical sequences. 2019-11-20 BC.lorprev
  23. I find motion effects to be a double edged sword. On one hand, there are amazing effects, easily accessed, and incorporated into a show. On the other hand I find myself feeling guilty that it is just too easy to throw an effect at a sequence and let the viewers brain do the sequencing. One of my friends once asked me how I synced a neighbours lights to mine, a static display with twinkling and flashing strings. Of course I was not.
  24. So did I 😛 Actually, they released Pdox DOS 4.5 in 95, but they also released Win 4.5 (the first release kept the compatible DB structure numbering to avoid confusion)
  25. Awesome, they didn't have that last year when I went. 😩
  26. That product faded away in 1994!
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