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  2. Preview has a mind of its own

    That seems to have helped. I'll update if it does it again.
  3. Loose Comm ports

    No joy on anything today. Question on the phone cord. When using that connection do you have to use it throughout the whole daisy chain? If so, I didn't do that. If not, then the phone cords didn't fix the issue either. Hated to do it, but opened a ticket to see what/if anything else I can do. If I can get an 8th controller working, I can run my show and not lose much. If I can't, then I lose a nice portion of my show. Learning lessons right and left this year. I'll be grabbing an extra controller or two in one of next years sales. I appreciate everyone's help. I'm hoping the help desk comes up with something we haven't thought of or provides a good next step suggestions.
  4. Pixie Controller Setup Advice/ Tips

    If the OP turns the dip switch off it allows the end user to set the unit ID and will retain that ID. Unless/ until the dip switch is turned back on, then it will revert to unit 1 every time powered. At least that’s what the pixie16 does. PM sent, have question for you. JR
  5. Pixie Controller Setup Advice/ Tips

    I don't have a Pixie so I'm not the expert here, but as I understand it, the newer Pixie controllers that have DIP switches to set the Unit ID. On any of the controllers that have DIP switches, if you set the ID with the Hardware Utility, it will generally revert back to the DIP switch setting when the controller is power cycled.. So, if your new Pixie controllers have DIP switches, use them...
  6. Pixie Controller Setup Advice/ Tips

    If it is 2nd Gen it has dip switches. I’m setting up props so can’t read manual but I would ensure all dip switches are off. I am assuming it is currently finding only unit 1 in HU Not knowing how many dip switches there are just look for one that is in opposite direction. Id take a pic of it just in case you get interrupted or something you can revert it back. Pm me a phone # and I can call you while I set up props JR
  7. Dimming Curves/Firmware

    The reason that you can't use the newer G3 firmware in the old hardware is that the hardware is different. The old hardware is not capable of using the new firmware. This is nothing unique to LOR. The situation exists for almost any hardware that has firmware. Eventually new features are added that the old hardware simply can't support. One of the more common reasons is lack of memory.
  8. Pixie Controller Setup Advice/ Tips

    Hey JR - thanks for the tips. I have a Pixie16 already setup but bought two more Pixie 2. They won't seem to keep the channel I want to assign to it. I have a jumper in the box and I see the dip switches but I can't tell from the instructions if I need to change anything. Pixie 16 ends at 19 and the next channel is 1A but won't hold that. Any ideas or advise?
  9. SPT 1 OR SPT 2?

    Looks like somebody else around here used to watch officers Toody and Muldoon.
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  11. Xmas Rhapsody

    sent if you dont have super star dont use the first one i sent the second one I sent is LMS only no super star
  12. S5 Questions

    I am having a problem getting my pixel sequence to transfer over when I use the Show Builder. I am using version 5.0.14. The rest of my show works just not anything with the Pixels. I use an G3-MP3 Gen 3 for my shows and am using NET 2 in enhanced mode for the pixels. The pixels are a Tree Kit from LOR and I have tested it and programed it to be Unit 5 (since I already have 4 controllers) on Aux A. It is also selected with the prop in the sequncer
  13. not playing after merging the intensity file

    and 1 more showing the intensity file did come in, and the controllers are correct.
  14. not playing after merging the intensity file

    Thank you Matt, i did not see that before, but everything is matching what it said. I've attached a snip of the props and the network config.
  15. Dimming Curves/Firmware

    So, are there no dimming curves for the 4.xx firmware?
  16. Dimming Curves/Firmware

    Yes, they are all 4.40, 4.30, or 4.32. I guess that eliminates changing to G3 firmware. Well, that's the pits! Thanks for your help!
  17. not playing after merging the intensity file

    Have you reviewed this document? http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/PEwithPixelTree16x25-RevA.pdf Can you post a screen shot of your Prop Definition screen? Matt
  18. Preview has a mind of its own

    If you make the changes to the preview with no sequence open, does that make a difference? Matt
  19. Getting Non Pixel props in to PE...

    In your preview, you can define props that are part of your Sequence Editor sequence. Just make sure the channel assignments match and that the Sequence Method field in Prop Definition is set to "Sequence Editor". This has 2 benefits: 1) those channels can be displayed (read-only) in the Pixel Editor's sequence grid 2) the props will be displayed during playback You may need to click on the "Props" button above the Pixel Editor sequence grid and select those props for them to display in the grid. Matt
  20. not playing after merging the intensity file

    OK, I don't use PE, so you just answered my limit of usefulness.
  21. SPT 1 OR SPT 2?

    Just Standard Hardware issues: Too Long or Too Short IMHO get som Flag Zip ties and a fine point Sharpi. Labee both ends, even if it is just a unique number. saves 'follow that cord' #54 where are you (plugged in)
  22. not playing after merging the intensity file

    Yes, they are enhanced, they are pixie 8 controllers, on a new high speed usb converter just for them. I can control them from sequenced editor if I use sequence editor to sequence them, but no output from the pixel editor or the merged sequence editor.
  23. Background Images

    Sounds like the old Animation window background. Ignoring the error is one option or you can remove it as follows. Open your sequence and select Tools/Animation. In the Animation window select Remove Background ( lower Left) and close the window. Resave your sequence.
  24. not playing after merging the intensity file

    Is the LOR network set for Enhanced mode, and are the controllers Gen3 (enhanced capable)?
  25. Is there any way to copy the event timings of a non pixel prop in the sequence editor to a pixel prop in the pixel editor? I know the general timings come over but any way to get the actual event copied over?
  26. I'm having trouble with the preview seemingly changing things on its own. I set up my preview and did all of my sequencing. After testing some things on my lights I needed to make changes to the preview. I did so and saved my changes. Then I needed to make some more changes. I did that and saved my changes. Now if I close my sequence and reopen it, it will revert back to a previous version of the preview, not the current one. I don't have confidence that when I go to play my show it'll actually use the most current version of the preview with all of my changes being up to date since It seems like every time I reopen the sequence I have to redo all of the changes that I did last time I opened it since it doesn't seem to make those changes permanent. Do I need to just start from scratch with a new preview?
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