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JRW13 - Using preview that was created by importing Visualization error

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This issue was originally posted in this forum post in the PE section, however for consistency, I am creating a bug report here for better tracking:

This has been observed both on a Windows XP desktop and a Windows 7 laptop using Beta version 5.0.0.

When importing a Visualization file into the Preview Editor, all appears to work properly.  However when using that Preview, some of the channels are missing.  Here are the details.

When I use the Preview created from an imported Visualization to create a new sequence, all the single channel elements (traditional strings for example), and single bulb RGB (either dumb strip or RGB floods for example), are shown as "no matching" in the Prop list in the S5 sequencer.  I originally discovered this error in PE version 4.3.18, but it is essentially the same in S5 beta 5.0.0

If I use the newly created preview to open a musical sequence (legacy format export from SuperStar), I get different results.  The single channel strings and bulbs work fine, but the RGB channels are in an error list indicating that they have been moved to the archive section of the sequence.

At Matt's request, a bunch of screen captures have been sent to him.


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Another occurrence here.    I suspect the error was caused by the ampersand in the name. 

channel correct



Preview did not pickup the channel.


.lee file source




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